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The Google Summer of Code 2012 (GSoC) program has been announced. The Scribus Team is going to apply to participate this year. Please contribute ideas to the ideas page to help us out.

GSOC2012 in a nutshell

  • Undo and usability :
 * Student is Chelen; mentor is a-l-e; 
 * GSoC_2012_Usability_Improvements ; on the google site
 * blog
  • new XML file format for Scribus document files
 * Student is Prokrammer (Parthasarathy); mentor is Andreas Vox 
 * GSoC_2012_XML_File_Format ; on the google site)
 * blog
  • Project manager core :
 * Student is Baazigar (Rajat Gupta), mentor is Craig Bradney
 * GSOC_2012_Project_Manager_Core ; on the google site]
 * blog
  • Project manager front :
 * Student is Invercity ; mentor is Malex ; 
 * GSoC_2012_Project_Manager_Front  or GSoC_2012_Project_Manager_inversity  on the wiki ? ; on the google site


  • Warming up for GSCO2012 with Scribus by a-l-e
  • [Create-good-diffs how to create good .diff files, easy to read and analyse before testin,g the patch] (page to be found or created)

General GSOC Google pages :


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