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In an attempt to make it easier for reporters to find prior reports related to certain inssues in the bug tracker, we have started creating metabugs. Before filing a bug, please search the metabugs first. They are especially created to avoid duplicates and unnecessary work.

Id Category Severity Status Updated Summary
0002228 Internal feature acknowledged (avox) 2015-10-07 Metabug: New text layout system
0002438 Internal major acknowledged 2015-10-03 Metabug: Cases of extreme memory use
0012500 Undo/Redo minor acknowledged 2015-09-23 Metabug: Undo/Redo (1.5.0.svn)
0003965 NLS feature acknowledged 2015-09-09 Metabug: Support for non-latin languages
0004004 Fonts feature acknowledged 2015-09-09 Metabug: Typographic spacing
0003812 User Interface minor acknowledged 2015-07-22 Metabug: Grouped objects
0005745 Undo/Redo minor closed 2015-07-02 Metabug: Undo/Redo issues
0002382 Internal major acknowledged 2015-06-29 Metabug: Code quality, structure, readability
0007647 General feature acknowledged (Herm) 2015-06-26 Metabug: Render Frames (LaTeX, GnuPlot, LilyPond, GraphViz, etc.)
0002935 Internal minor acknowledged (subik) 2015-06-21 Metabug: Guide Dialog
0012505 Graphics / Image Frames minor acknowledged (fschmid) 2015-06-16 Metabug: Drop Shadow (1.5.0.svn)
0003837 General minor acknowledged 2015-06-09 Metabug: Master pages/Page templates
0013013 Round Table minor new 2015-05-07 Metabug: Comics
0002932 Import / Export feature acknowledged 2015-05-06 Metabug: PDF Enhancements
0003896 Round Table minor acknowledged 2015-04-15 Metabug: Scientific Publishing
0012524 Import / Export minor acknowledged 2015-02-16 Metabug: Preflight Verifier (1.5.0.svn)
0002887 Import / Export major acknowledged 2015-02-02 Metabug: Color Management Fixes Enhancements
0012496 Story Editor / Text Frames minor acknowledged 2014-12-26 Metabug: Marks (1.5.0.svn)
0012521 Styles minor acknowledged 2014-11-25 Metabug: Styles (1.5.0.svn)
0002407 Usability major acknowledged 2014-11-20 Metabug: Misleading and wrong cursors
0003157 User Interface feature acknowledged 2014-11-20 Metabug: Cursor placement fixes
0004298 General minor acknowledged 2014-10-08 Metabug: LNM Suggestions and Wishes
0003171 - feature acknowledged 2014-09-13 Metabug: Selection improvements
0002931 Import / Export major acknowledged 2014-08-31 Metabug: SVG
0003828 Story Editor / Text Frames minor acknowledged 2014-08-06 Metabug: Hyphenation
0002464 User Interface minor acknowledged 2014-08-01 Metabug: GUI appearance
0002098 General feature acknowledged 2014-07-09 Metabug: New File Format
0007017 Internal minor acknowledged 2014-07-09 Metabug: Multiple instance safety / single-instance-per-user support
0004413 General feature acknowledged 2014-01-15 Metabug: Colors
0003831 PDF minor acknowledged 2012-11-04 Metabug: PDF Forms
0003813 Scripter minor acknowledged 2008-02-08 Metabug: Scripter
0003821 Usability minor acknowledged 2007-06-25 Metabug: Usability
0004475 General feature acknowledged 2006-11-03 Metabug: Printing from Scribus
0003838 General minor acknowledged 2006-07-04 Metabug: Scribus layers
0002251 User Interface major acknowledged 2005-08-14 Metabug: Vanishing or silently disabled UI
0002260 User Interface minor acknowledged 2005-07-25 Metabug: Long-running code that blocks the UI