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  1. TEST
Id Category Severity Status Updated Summary
0004884 Story Editor / Text Frames minor resolved (cbradney) 2015-03-05 Cursor in Story Editor always moves to top when switching window focus
0012458 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2015-03-05 X-Pos/Y-Pos shown in Action History do not correspond to Properties > X,Y,Z
0010973 User Interface feature new 2015-03-04 small GUI improvements of Annotation Properties dialog
0011700 Releases minor feedback (malex) 2015-03-04 Unmet dependencies using debian sources provided by scribus
0011605 Shape Drawing major new 2015-03-04 Shape Vertices Coordinates Error
0012828 Usability minor new 2015-03-04 Hanging indent is not respected in "link text frames"
0012902 OS-MacOSX minor feedback (cbradney) 2015-03-04 Installer: on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, the version check doesn't seem to be working.
0012940 General block resolved (cbradney) 2015-03-04 qHash() returns uint and Scribus stores item IDs as ints.
0001123 Printing feature acknowledged 2015-03-04 Save printer settings
0001898 Import / Export feature acknowledged 2015-03-04 Support saving, loading, and verifying sets of PDF settings
0000238 General feature assigned (cbradney) 2015-03-04 New CL option: scribus --to-pdf <scribus-file> <output.pdf>
0011994 Import / Export block feedback (cbradney) 2015-03-04 The GraphicsMagick plug-in doesn't recognise all supported formats, even though they can be imported
0012700 Color Management feature assigned (cbradney) 2015-03-04 Replace the default CMYK profile
0012907 General minor new 2015-03-03 Generate bleeding edge Scribus nightlies downloadable for testers
0003827 Releases feature feedback 2015-03-03 Create an MSI package for Scribus
0004187 OS-Win32 tweak assigned (jghali) 2015-03-03 (De)Installer removes files added by user
0002231 General major new 2015-03-03 We need an automated "black box" test suite
0001630 User Interface feature new (Tsoots) 2015-03-03 A macro recorder to build a script automatically from users actions.
0011182 Language Tools minor confirmed 2015-03-03 [Multi-threading] Launching the new spellchecker takes extremely long
0010703 Import / Export minor new 2015-03-03 Enhancement Request: Import Graphics via HTTP or URI/URL
0006829 Import / Export feature acknowledged 2015-03-03 Display resulting file size in the "Export as Image(s)" dialog
0004751 Usability minor new 2015-03-03 Some file dialogs use unreasonable default directories
0012525 Graphics / Image Frames minor confirmed 2015-03-03 GraphicsMagick won't export SLA because of SVG, "Failed to load an image mask"
0012797 Story Editor / Text Frames major confirmed 2015-03-03 Linking Text Frames in specific order (2nd>3rd;1st>2nd) leads to wrong linking (1st=3rd)
0011365 Undo/Redo block confirmed 2015-03-02 Convert to Symbol is not recorded by Action History
0012500 Undo/Redo minor acknowledged 2015-03-01 Metabug: Undo/Redo (1.5.0.svn)
0012917 Undo/Redo minor resolved (cbradney) 2015-03-01 "Swap with Page" action is not recorded in Action History
0012937 Download Manager feature assigned (cbradney) 2015-03-01 Add pop-up dialogs for licences to the resource manager
0012877 User Interface minor resolved (cbradney) 2015-03-01 weld and unweld in history
0012916 General minor resolved (cbradney) 2015-02-28 "Swap with Page" feature does not correctly enable/disable dialog spinboxes
0012901 Canvas minor new 2015-02-27 Rotated object after resizing incorrect x,y values
0012251 Undo/Redo block assigned (cbradney) 2015-02-27 Editing Inline Items crashes Scribus if Undo has to delete a Page
0012924 General minor new 2015-02-27 Dont jump to page 1 when applying masterpage with dragndrop
0009700 Import / Export minor feedback (cbradney) 2015-02-26 Import/Get Vectory File > .eps results in huge _additional_ frame with object in upper left
0012933 User Interface minor new 2015-02-26 Cleanup the "File > New" dialog
0012934 Import / Export minor new 2015-02-26 Wrong zoom behaviour with import formats
0012821 Usability minor assigned (FirasH) 2015-02-26 Hints in hyphen dialog
0012477 Undo/Redo block confirmed 2015-02-25 Undo/Redo crashes Scribus changing Text > Color
0012932 - minor new 2015-02-25 Provide an API for plugins
0003173 NLS block acknowledged 2015-02-25 Japanese (CJK) text in story editor is not entered into text frame. Frequent crashes.
0012929 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2015-02-25 Problems with EMF importer
0012921 Canvas minor new 2015-02-25 Snap to grid doesn't work if frame is partially outside page
0012931 General minor new 2015-02-25 what is the "Feedback" status in Mantis?
0011106 General minor feedback 2015-02-25 PDF toolbar disabled when in masterpage edit mode
0012068 OS-MacOSX minor confirmed 2015-02-24 [Qt5 BUG] Open file dialog doesnt remember bookmarked folders
0007202 Import / Export feature new 2015-02-24 Lossless exporting of eps files in vector format
0011132 Usability minor assigned 2015-02-23 Weld item don't follow correctly
0012658 Qt5 Port block assigned (fschmid) 2015-02-23 Activating colour management and/or preview mode for colour blindness is extremely slow and a resource hog
0009820 Import / Export block new 2015-02-23 Crash on import of ODF document
0010332 Fonts major new 2015-02-23 Kerning is incorrect when "All Caps" is applied
0010975 User Interface minor resolved (cbradney) 2015-02-21 Attributes not retained correctly through cut and paste operations
0003965 NLS feature acknowledged 2015-02-21 Metabug: Support for non-latin languages
0008828 User Interface minor new 2015-02-20 correctly parse % when doing calculations with measurements
0003837 General minor acknowledged 2015-02-19 Metabug: Master pages/Page templates
0012641 Import / Export minor new 2015-02-19 Picture Browser creates empty image frames when vector drawings are inserted
0001899 Internal feature assigned (jghali) 2015-02-19 Clean up pdfopts.cpp / tabpdfopts.cpp
0002154 Import / Export feature assigned (jghali) 2015-02-19 PDF Export: improve font embedding options
0002276 Usability major assigned (jghali) 2015-02-19 The register "Fonts" in the dialog "Save as PDF" is quite confusing (and has a bug).
0002144 User Interface tweak assigned (jghali) 2015-02-19 PDF dialog needs to be clearer about PDF/X-3
0001900 Internal tweak assigned (jghali) 2015-02-19 Convert PDFOptions, PDF dialog, and related to use enums not magic numbers
0010468 General minor new 2015-02-18 "Lock object" option to Duplicate action, as a way to emulate editable parts in masterpages
0010453 Usability minor new 2015-02-18 masterpage edit : keep position when changing masterpage
0010272 User Interface feature new 2015-02-18 More versatile "masterpage import"
0011667 Usability minor new 2015-02-18 Page manager : provide visual feedback when draging masterpage on page thumbnail
0011601 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2015-02-18 IDML import : masterpages are not imported
0012158 User Interface minor new 2015-02-18 Masterpage names are not allways well described
0012738 PDF minor new 2015-02-18 Scribus should exit masterpage edit mode at real begining of PDF Export
0011409 Import / Export block confirmed 2015-02-18 crash while importing masterpage, with gdb backtrace
0011224 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2015-02-18 Undoing ungrouping leads to strange results
0010183 Properties Palette minor new 2015-02-18 PP erroniously represents multiple selected objects as one single object
0012710 Usability minor assigned (christoph_s) 2015-02-18 Preflight Verifier: Implement Tooltips (compiled on wiki page)
0011564 Usability minor assigned (fschmid) 2015-02-18 Missing gradient functionality
0012792 Import / Export feature assigned (fschmid) 2015-02-18 Support for Illustrator resources (ex. gradients and symbols)
0004379 Download Manager feature new 2015-02-18 Basic pattern sets for inclusion in Scribus
0012923 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2015-02-18 Multiple paragraphs with text style
0009528 Usability feature new 2015-02-18 Preflight Verifier: Automatic update of the Preflight Verifier window
0012882 PDF minor new 2015-02-17 Preflight Verifier sometimes doesnt check image file exists
0011129 Download Manager feature new 2015-02-17 image browser: support for libreoffice openclipart collections
0001263 Download Manager feature assigned (subik) 2015-02-17 OpenClipArt Integration
0012914 General block resolved (cbradney) 2015-02-17 wiki: restore the copyright information
0011373 User Interface minor new 2015-02-17 New menu entries: Resources and PDF Forms
0012920 PDF major new 2015-02-16 Scribus should ensure fonts are either embeded or outlined
0011013 General feature new 2015-02-16 When exporting to PDF the default should be to embed the fonts
0010770 General crash confirmed 2015-02-16 Preflight Verifier: warn if there are fonts that are neither included nor outlined (proof of concept included)
0012919 Usability minor new 2015-02-16 Image Cache in Preferences, does it really work?
0012514 OS-MacOSX trivial assigned (cbradney) 2015-02-16 Scribus Logo swapped for Qt logo on SLA window header
0009679 OS-MacOSX major confirmed 2015-02-16 Display issues in Style Manager dialogs on Mac
0012686 Download Manager feature new 2015-02-16 Opensurfaces - a large database of annotated surfaces
0012328 OS-MacOSX minor assigned (cbradney) 2015-02-16 Fix the eye dropper on Mac OS X
0002063 OS-MacOSX feature assigned (jghali) 2015-02-16 Integration into Mac Color Tool
0012612 Fonts minor new 2015-02-16 ignored font settings
0011369 Story Editor / Text Frames major confirmed 2015-02-16 Scribus doesn't show the search results (*outside* the viewport or outside of linked textframe)
0012524 Import / Export minor acknowledged 2015-02-16 Metabug: Preflight Verifier (1.5.0.svn)
0012918 General feature new 2015-02-16 Create a Preflight Verifier test .sla page
0012576 Canvas minor new 2015-02-13 limit the "size" of dropped vectors
0012915 - feature new 2015-02-13 pipette: if text frame is active, don't set the color on the background
0012911 Usability crash new 2015-02-12 Copy-paste the last paragraph: memory corruption
0011861 General feature new 2015-02-12 Allow for storing barcode-related data within a SLA file, so these can be edited after creation
0011507 Import / Export minor new 2015-02-12 Publisher test files
0011563 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2015-02-12 Incorrect rendering of Publisher file
0011943 Import / Export minor new 2015-02-12 Apple Pages test files
0011942 Import / Export minor new 2015-02-12 MS Visio test files
0011546 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2015-02-12 PUB import: Characters not imported correctly
0003589 Import / Export feature acknowledged 2015-02-12 Add Libwpd support (Word Perfect importing)
0012708 Documentation feature new 2015-02-12 Please install the supplied AppData file
0012687 Qt5 Port major assigned (cbradney) 2015-02-12 Inserting a barcode does not work when build against Qt5.3.1 & Qt5.4
0012905 General minor assigned (Kunda) 2015-02-12 wiki: improved the registration instructions
0012659 User Interface block assigned (fschmid) 2015-02-12 Totally odd behaviour of complex gradient fills
0012309 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2015-02-12 "Arrange Pages" changes to pages arrangement might lead to wrong behavior of Undo/Redo
0002262 Printing block confirmed 2015-02-12 Crash when build PDF-file from a A0 sheet
0012206 User Interface minor confirmed 2015-02-11 Bad display of Picture Browser
0009469 Plug-ins minor confirmed 2015-02-11 Picture Browser - Folder Browser - Missing Places
0012906 Usability minor resolved (cbradney) 2015-02-11 Document "Zoom - Stepping" value not less than 100%
0001050 Story Editor / Text Frames text acknowledged 2015-02-09 Greek Hyphenation
0007746 User Interface minor new 2015-02-09 [PATCH] Request+Implementation: Preserve current selection if it is at clicked location
0003096 OS-Win32 feature assigned (jghali) 2015-02-05 Network shares unavailable on file open/save dialog
0010855 OS-Win32 crash assigned (jghali) 2015-02-04 Attached TIFF crashes scribus
0011560 User Interface minor new 2015-02-03 "Is Locked" attribute functionality doesn't match documentation
0010883 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2015-02-02 Text frame with pattern as stroke type not always redrawn correctly.
0011559 User Interface feature acknowledged 2015-02-02 [UI Change Proposal] Move the PDF creation menu item to a more prominent position
0011647 Graphics / Image Frames minor confirmed 2015-02-02 Alignment functions don't work uniformally with lines of width greater than hairline
0011566 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2015-02-02 Undo after "Lens Effect" doesn't always work as you'd expect
0011567 Graphics / Image Frames feature new 2015-02-02 [Feature Request] Allow user generated dot-dash line patterns of any length
0010714 Graphics / Image Frames feature new 2015-02-02 Differentiation between default gradient color stops and user added ones
0003005 User Interface feature feedback 2015-02-02 Preflight Verifier: Show warnings for images in Get Image dialog
0001770 Internal feature assigned (plinnell) 2015-02-02 Preflight Verifier: Design a report for printing with the the new file tester
0011426 User Interface minor confirmed 2015-02-02 Preflight Verifier: problems with keys
0007563 Graphics / Image Frames feature assigned (subik) 2015-02-02 Preflight Verifier: report underfull image frames
0002887 Import / Export major acknowledged 2015-02-02 Metabug: Color Management Fixes Enhancements
0012892 Usability minor confirmed 2015-02-02 Color Management: Color Menu width increases with each use of Color Management feature
0002414 General feature acknowledged 2015-02-02 Preflight Verifier: Check for "No style"
0004640 General feature new 2015-02-02 Preflight Verifier: differentiate between PS levels and Other features
0006047 General feature confirmed 2015-02-02 Preflight Verifier: Flag for White Overprint
0007526 General feature new 2015-02-02 Preflight Verifier: report black text that is not overprinted
0002479 Story Editor / Text Frames feature assigned (cezaryece) 2015-02-02 Preflight Verifier: orphans and widows
0012480 General minor new 2015-02-02 Preflight Verifier: Warn when some image is outside "images" folder
0001155 Story Editor / Text Frames feature acknowledged 2015-02-02 Support non-breakable text blocks
0010623 OS-MacOSX minor feedback (cbradney) 2015-02-01 OSX Dual Screen bug: Starting Scribus results in the Properties Window being displayed with a position of -1280
0012414 OS-MacOSX major confirmed 2015-02-01 Qt Touchpad event: OSX two finger tap on mouse trackpad triggers a scroll event along with right click menu
0012731 Translation minor new 2015-02-01 "Default Paragraph/Character/Table/Cell Style" name should be translated
0008666 Translation minor assigned (cbradney) 2015-01-30 [PATCH] Docstrings in Python Scripter plugin are not translated
0012794 Shape Drawing minor confirmed 2015-01-26 It is possible to create Bezier Curves with only 1 node (2)
0012867 General minor confirmed (Kunda) 2015-01-26 Changing item level does not update text flow around frame
0012810 General crash feedback (Kunda) 2015-01-24 click on color pallete crashes
0012798 General minor new 2015-01-24 Mouse pointer keeps the wrong symbol (arrow pointer). Similar to #12740.
0012895 PDF major new 2015-01-18 When PDF text is reflowed in Adobe Acrobat XI, spaces are missing
0008308 Graphics / Image Frames minor feedback 2015-01-15 [patch] unload unused images from RAM and restore them silently on the next access
0012650 General minor new 2015-01-10 [patch] Make debug code in pageitem_textframe.cpp easier to enable.
0012889 PDF feature new 2015-01-09 New : Option to produce PDF without including images
0012887 PDF major new 2015-01-08 PDF Form error
0011420 Import / Export major new 2015-01-05 1.5 style management during page import
0012875 PDF feature new 2015-01-05 "two page view without scrolling"-option in pdf export
0012883 PDF minor new 2015-01-05 Missing image file sometimes blocks PDF export
0012874 User Interface minor new 2015-01-03 Provide keyboard shortcut for 'Weld' action.
0012872 PDF feature new 2015-01-01 Export Digitally Signed PDF
0011526 Graphics / Image Frames minor assigned (jghali) 2015-01-01 DELETE key in "Edit Image" mode should empty image frame
0011573 General major confirmed 2014-12-31 applying or deleting masterpages crashes with signal 11
0012766 Import / Export minor confirmed 2014-12-30 1.5 : Opening 1.4.4 sla that with path object
0012863 User Interface minor new 2014-12-29 Application preferences "Various" subtab could be avoided
0012496 Story Editor / Text Frames minor acknowledged 2014-12-26 Metabug: Marks (1.5.0.svn)
0012862 Story Editor / Text Frames crash confirmed 2014-12-25 Text shrunk and line broken
0010720 Fonts major confirmed 2014-12-25 Right-aligned text does not work as expected with some fonts.
0011995 Story Editor / Text Frames crash confirmed 2014-12-25 Bad layout : text shrinks when too tightly approached
0012329 Styles minor new 2014-12-24 some paragraphs do not align to Baseline Grid though they should according to style
0004773 Story Editor / Text Frames major acknowledged (avox) 2014-12-24 Text flow around shapes doesn't work correctly (Hyphenation issue)
0012861 Story Editor / Text Frames crash confirmed 2014-12-24 layout line break with no good reason
0010024 Story Editor / Text Frames text new 2014-12-24 In Linked Text Frame the Frame Break add extra blank line in the second frame's firs column
0011574 Story Editor / Text Frames crash new 2014-12-24 Usability : Pasting text should not paste the paragraph style
0011814 Styles crash new 2014-12-24 Managing styles when pasting an object coming from another document
0012276 Story Editor / Text Frames crash confirmed 2014-12-24 Undo deletion of more than one paragraph doesnt restore style
0001752 Story Editor / Text Frames major acknowledged 2014-12-24 search & replace improvement
0006241 Usability major assigned (avox) 2014-12-24 Not possible to make mouse selection through multiple linked frames
0012228 Story Editor / Text Frames crash confirmed 2014-12-24 Some accented characters dont get typed in text frames
0011071 Story Editor / Text Frames crash confirmed 2014-12-24 buggy behaviour with align-right tabs
0011283 Story Editor / Text Frames minor acknowledged (cezaryece) 2014-12-24 Footnotes frames are placed wrongly and extend into the wrong direction
0012860 Canvas minor new 2014-12-24 Windows > Outline may not set correctly document view importing pages
0011812 Story Editor / Text Frames minor acknowledged 2014-12-15 reference to item marks dont respect the secttion's defined offset for page numbers
0011765 General minor acknowledged 2014-12-15 crash when deletind footnote's text
0012851 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-12-14 User-defined 1-key shortcuts called when writing in text frame
0012573 User Interface minor new 2014-12-14 Double Sided corresponds to Double Page?
0012849 Usability feature new 2014-12-12 Different transparencies for text and background color
0012847 Graphics / Image Frames minor new 2014-12-03 Aligning Text frame bottom with picture frame top moves text
0012844 Usability feature new 2014-12-01 Text Indent value can not be set manually!
0012843 Usability feature new 2014-11-30 Show edited image name
0012835 General crash new 2014-11-29 It is possible to create invisible documents that crash on loading
0012834 User Interface minor assigned (cbradney) 2014-11-28 Ruler cursor persists even when it's no longer useful
0012831 Graphics / Image Frames minor new 2014-11-28 scrapbook doesn't work with images
0012521 Styles minor acknowledged 2014-11-25 Metabug: Styles (1.5.0.svn)
0012825 Story Editor / Text Frames minor confirmed 2014-11-24 Severe performance issue with layers.
0011626 Import / Export feature assigned (Chelen) 2014-11-20 [PATCH] Improve Import management
0004899 User Interface minor new 2014-11-20 Zoom focuses only on items, not on pages
0002407 Usability major acknowledged 2014-11-20 Metabug: Misleading and wrong cursors
0003157 User Interface feature acknowledged 2014-11-20 Metabug: Cursor placement fixes
0011665 Usability major new 2014-11-20 View Pan Bug At High Zoom
0003858 User Interface minor new 2014-11-20 Zoom doesn't recognise cursor placement
0008458 General minor feedback 2014-11-20 Zooming out: Shift+mousekey doesn't work with WACOM Graphics Tablet
0012822 User Interface minor new 2014-11-19 Hyphen dialog buttons / options
0012823 Usability minor new 2014-11-19 Hyphen dialog usability
0012820 Story Editor / Text Frames crash confirmed 2014-11-18 Crash when deleting inline frame
0010928 Usability feature new 2014-11-18 CTRL+CLICK n DRAG Text Frame while in edit mode should move the frame
0012816 Fonts minor new 2014-11-17 different layout for inline edit mode
0012811 User Interface minor new 2014-11-15 "Changed" indicator confused with inline text editing
0012800 Import / Export text new 2014-11-12 Loss of italics formatting after importing *.odt files and applying paragraph styles
0012809 User Interface minor new 2014-11-11 Style edit Dialog shrinks after deleting style
0011802 General minor confirmed 2014-11-06 Strange phenomenon: Page 1 text is reflected in page 3 or 4
0012551 Story Editor / Text Frames block confirmed 2014-11-06 Delete Reference to Item crashes Scribus
0012627 Plug-ins block confirmed 2014-11-05 calendarWizard leads to an endless loop
0011642 Styles crash confirmed 2014-11-04 Crash when opening document after editing enum style
0012804 Scripter minor new 2014-11-04 importcsv2table Script fails on certain csv files
0012656 Scripter feature new (Kunda) 2014-10-31 QML support for building layouts.
0011791 Graphics / Image Frames feature new 2014-10-30 [PATCH] Choose directory for missing image
0010995 General feature new 2014-10-30 Enable click and drag when importing a vector file (+ ability to set a specific size)
0004353 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-10-27 Add pattern scale, rotation and offset to undo/redo
0010589 General feature assigned (Kunda) 2014-10-27 Consider online translation /
0012725 OS-OS/2 and eCS block assigned (psmedley) 2014-10-27 Can't open big document created under Scribus 1.4.0
0012734 Canvas feature new 2014-10-26 [PATCH] improved Duplicate feature
0004454 General tweak assigned (malex) 2014-10-25 [Fix included] Bug tracker uses windows-1252 encoding
0005603 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-10-25 "No Style" quirkiness in Story Editor [patch]
0005609 Story Editor / Text Frames minor feedback (subik) 2014-10-25 Story Editor does not display correct properties on first open [patch]
0007759 PDF feature new 2014-10-25 [patch] New PDF form field: Digital signature
0007812 Internal tweak acknowledged 2014-10-25 [PATCH] Some source documentation patches
0007966 Usability feature acknowledged 2014-10-25 [PATCH] alert for missing images
0008056 Import / Export major confirmed 2014-10-25 [PATCH] Import pages with linked text frames will break the link across pages
0008444 User Interface feature assigned (pygmee) 2014-10-25 [patch] More template info needed
0008481 Usability feature new 2014-10-25 [PATCH] optimise Enable/Disable Preview mode
0008548 Canvas minor confirmed 2014-10-25 [PATCH]redrawing the canvas goes wrong when object moved with arrow keys forcing the canvas to scroll
0008957 Scripter minor assigned (jainbasil) 2014-10-25 [patch] Add setTextPreserveStyle() that wont default back to the default style. (Silimar to Scribus 1.3.3 setText)
0008968 Scripter minor assigned (jainbasil) 2014-10-25 [patch] add getArgv(num) and getArgc() api : Access the scribus started argument to do custom procesing
0009115 Scripter feature new 2014-10-25 [PATCH] new get/setUndoEnabled commands for scriptplugin
0009356 User Interface feature assigned 2014-10-25 [PATCH] icons for the properties palette
0009483 Shape Drawing minor assigned (ale) 2014-10-25 [PATCH] On ne peut pas choisir le point de référence pour un trait
0009799 PDF tweak assigned (jghali) 2014-10-25 [PATCH] autocroping images during PDF export
0009841 Plug-ins feature new 2014-10-25 [PATCH] svg plug-in doesn't import text as (editable) text
0009848 Styles minor new 2014-10-25 [PATCH] add controll for Hyphenation Mode property of Pragraph Style
0009890 Undo/Redo tweak assigned (jghali) 2014-10-25 [PATCH] text undo/redo ver. 2
0009955 Scripter minor assigned (ale) 2014-10-25 [patch] Scripter: after changeColor() the color list in the document is not updated
0010077 User Interface feature assigned (jghali) 2014-10-25 [patch] Add indentation control etc. to Properties Palette
0010289 Styles tweak new 2014-10-25 [patch] make shortcuts for styles working
0010409 User Interface feature feedback 2014-10-25 [PATCH] Improve access to contour editing
0010455 Usability minor new 2014-10-25 [PATCH] More efficient style import
0010517 Usability feature new 2014-10-25 [PATCH] disabling hyphenation for word by inserting softhyphen before it
0011059 Import / Export minor new 2014-10-25 [PATCH] Fix overprinting for 1-bit images
0011063 Import / Export minor new 2014-10-25 [PATCH] Support automatic line spacing in gettext plugins
0011163 General feature new 2014-10-25 [PATCH] Simplify and extend QString FormatsManager::extensionListForFormat()
0011207 Scripter feature assigned (ale) 2014-10-25 [PATCH] Scripter Python 3 compatibility
0011277 Story Editor / Text Frames feature assigned 2014-10-25 [patch] numeration and bullets
0011370 Styles feature new 2014-10-25 [PATCH] hyphenation control
0011374 Typography minor new 2014-10-25 [PATCH] typographic spaces
0011613 General minor feedback (cbradney) 2014-10-25 [PATCH] Same content, different layout
0011762 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-10-25 [patch] top line for footnotes frames
0011818 User Interface minor new 2014-10-25 [PATCH] No page range check in PDF export dialog
0012253 Graphics / Image Frames minor feedback 2014-10-25 [PATCH] Importing image in non empty frame.
0012516 General feature new 2014-10-25 [PATCH] Port BAlpha layer-option-text-always-flows.patch
0012518 Graphics / Image Frames feature new 2014-10-25 [PATCH] Port BAlpha auto-contrast.patch
0012655 General minor new 2014-10-25 [PATCH] FTBFS on arm[el|hf]
0011377 Usability minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-10-25 Improvements to Symbol Library dialog
0012788 PDF minor new 2014-10-24 Some fonts do not appear as searchable text in PDF
0012682 Undo/Redo minor new 2014-10-24 Undo/Redo buttons are partly enabled and partly disabled while in Preview Mode
0012789 Styles minor new 2014-10-24 Font Size changes of Paragraph Styles are not applied in some cases
0008997 Usability feature new 2014-10-24 Copy Page dialog should remember last used values
0012493 Import / Export minor confirmed 2014-10-24 Export to image doesn't remember prefix setting
0009741 General block new 2014-10-24 Crashes when opening a sla file with large TIFFs
0012544 General minor assigned (Kunda) 2014-10-24 [REQUEST] Augmentations to MantisBT
0012787 General minor new 2014-10-24 [Mantis] Clean up 'Scripter' category in Mantis
0011490 Scripter feature new 2014-10-22 Add commands like "getMasterPage() and setMasterPage()"
0010286 Scripter feature assigned (jainbasil) 2014-10-22 scripter: add functions to manage linked text frames
0012776 Import / Export minor new 2014-10-22 Opening vector and DTP files should trigger a dialog as to which colour profile should be used
0007881 Scripter feature new 2014-10-22 Duplicate & Multiple Duplicate and also getStyle
0002568 Internal major acknowledged 2014-10-22 Sanitise ghostscript calls
0010627 Graphics / Image Frames minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-10-22 Unable to open some PS images into Image Frame
0010697 Scripter minor new 2014-10-22 duplicateObject() does not return anything useful
0000967 Printing feature assigned (cbradney) 2014-10-22 CLI option -p
0002371 Translation feature acknowledged 2014-10-22 Split GUI and Scripter translation files
0012108 User Interface minor new 2014-10-22 Wrong caption for Edit Master Pages dialog
0012554 User Interface block assigned (cbradney) 2014-10-21 Improvements to the Context Menu for frames
0009764 General minor new 2014-10-21 Many images broken in documentation
0011857 User Interface minor new 2014-10-21 Inconsistent file listing in file selectors
0003207 Story Editor / Text Frames minor acknowledged 2014-10-20 Metabug: PDF Bookmarks
0012598 User Interface feature new 2014-10-20 [Proposal] Temporary (stackable) hint bubbles instead of unpopular popup dialogs
0012515 User Interface tweak new 2014-10-20 Suggestion to improve indication that Scribus is in Master Pages edit mode
0012779 Undo/Redo minor new 2014-10-18 Undo/Redo does not restore correctly items editing more Master Pages
0012015 User Interface minor new 2014-10-17 Multiple file selection in file selectors and the Picture Browser
0012773 Usability minor feedback 2014-10-14 Wrong text size in group after resizing.
0012513 Usability major assigned (fschmid) 2014-10-14 Signitficant data-entry speed issue when the page contains a shaded object
0011436 Styles minor new 2014-10-13 Change the default text line spacing.
0007713 Usability tweak new 2014-10-13 It should always be obvious if font size, weight or variant is present in the font file or made by the program.
0009124 PDF feature new 2014-10-13 add an option to allow producing PDF with fonts not embedded nor outlined
0009126 Story Editor / Text Frames feature new 2014-10-13 show text tab in the properties palette when getting into text edit mode
0012172 User Interface minor new 2014-10-13 Small size drop down menu
0011240 Story Editor / Text Frames minor assigned (Kunda) 2014-10-13 With or without crash; linked textframes unlinked
0012770 Import / Export minor new 2014-10-13 Patterns and groups in SVG import
0012771 Import / Export minor new 2014-10-13 Some patterns imported to bad level -> dont appear
0000131 General feature assigned (avox) 2014-10-12 Ability to have various typographic spacing
0009858 Import / Export minor assigned (pygmee) 2014-10-12 Character styles ignored/not-imported
0003746 Graphics / Image Frames minor feedback 2014-10-11 Ability to assign spot to greyscale instead of black
0009888 Canvas minor confirmed 2014-10-11 Wrong display of double sided document with bleed
0012765 User Interface minor new 2014-10-11 Search imagefolder dialog title should include searched filename
0003345 Story Editor / Text Frames feature new 2014-10-11 Paste text without formatting
0012761 User Interface minor new 2014-10-11 Move vector dialog lacks "OK" and "Cancel" buttons
0009365 Typography minor assigned (pierremarchand) 2014-10-09 The maximum ascent of the capital czech letters with punctuation (??ŽŠ?ÁÍÉ) behaves incorrectly
0007704 Scripter crash confirmed 2014-10-09 Unhandled exceptions in script may cause freeze
0008634 Scripter block assigned (cbradney) 2014-10-09 calendar script problem
0012455 Graphics / Image Frames minor acknowledged 2014-10-09 Default EAN13 number
0005320 Styles feature confirmed 2014-10-09 Copy/Paste between docs may create unneccessary line styles
0010133 Scripter feature assigned (jainbasil) 2014-10-09 scripter-ng: check if it would be possible to make the scripter access functions defined in plugins...
0004235 Usability feature new 2014-10-09 More options for the page viewing and zooming
0011142 Graphics / Image Frames feature new 2014-10-09 Fit image to fill frame
0010784 Tables minor new 2014-10-09 State of the Art of Tables in 1.5SVN
0009390 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-10-09 when you move a flowing frame out of a flowed frame, the flow is not updated
0008981 Undo/Redo feature assigned (Chelen) 2014-10-09 Consolidate Undo on "Move"
0012346 Typography text new 2014-10-09 (right-align) same bug as #10720 but concerning more platforms and more versions
0002545 Story Editor / Text Frames feature feedback 2014-10-08 Typography: Double empty spaces
0002089 Styles feature acknowledged 2014-10-08 Search on "No Style"
0012755 - minor new 2014-10-08 Metabug: Search & Replace (1.5.x svn)
0002635 Story Editor / Text Frames minor confirmed 2014-10-08 Special characters, when copied to search dialog and searched, are not found in the text
0000950 Story Editor / Text Frames feature confirmed 2014-10-08 non modal search dialog
0010477 General minor new 2014-10-08 Find and Replace function only on one side
0001460 Story Editor / Text Frames minor confirmed 2014-10-08 search & replace...replace (all) not possible before clicking on search.
0002575 Usability trivial acknowledged 2014-10-08 Search/replace dialog should warn when trying to replace by the same text
0005189 Story Editor / Text Frames feature confirmed 2014-10-08 Story editor and Search/replace should be separated
0001105 User Interface feature acknowledged 2014-10-08 Allow multiple Search/Replace at once
0009055 Canvas feature feedback 2014-10-08 item > search and replace
0009988 General minor new 2014-10-08 Search and replace doesn't ignore soft hyphens
0012394 General feature new 2014-10-08 Add advanced search for all document
0012272 Story Editor / Text Frames feature new 2014-10-08 Search/replace dialog: Collapse advanced search criteria
0010270 General feature new 2014-10-08 Search problems in story editor
0011402 Usability minor new 2014-10-08 replace font is very slow
0002924 Story Editor / Text Frames minor confirmed 2014-10-08 Search and replace: give feedback about how many occurences were found/replaced
0007873 Story Editor / Text Frames feature acknowledged 2014-10-08 Is it possible to make Search/Replace dialog in Story Editor modeless?
0008643 Import / Export minor acknowledged 2014-10-08 Ability to apply Character Styles and Inline Objects via Text Filters or Search/Replace
0007425 Usability minor new 2014-10-08 making use of Unicode easier
0003621 Import / Export feature assigned (Tsoots) 2014-10-08 Metabug: COSS text importer update
0002332 General feature new 2014-10-08 Add regular expression capability to Search/Replace
0004298 General minor acknowledged 2014-10-08 Metabug: LNM Suggestions and Wishes
0003455 Undo/Redo trivial acknowledged 2014-10-08 Undoing all changes should reset document status to "unchanged"
0011952 User Interface tweak new 2014-10-08 Character Palette UI enhancements
0011422 General minor new 2014-10-07 Scribus Indic branch is building fine but binary is core dump
0012667 General crash new 2014-10-07 Scribus Indic compiles ok. But on running segmentation fault + core dumped.
0012754 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-10-07 No "text align right" for last line of bottom aligned text
0011608 General major confirmed 2014-10-04 non deterministic layout / memory effect
0012565 Typography minor confirmed 2014-10-04 Right alignment of hyphens
0012745 Undo/Redo minor new 2014-10-03 Undo/Redo restores text of more Text Frames removed with "Clear" all in a single Text Frame
0003743 Printing minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-10-03 Colorize converts Spot colors to CMYK
0012712 Usability minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-09-30 Incorrectly displayed gradient (again)
0010557 User Interface feature new 2014-09-28 New "page dimension" buttons for multiple copy dialog
0012463 Canvas minor confirmed 2014-09-28 Multiple Duplicate does not place items on the correct page in Windows > Outline
0012726 Releases block feedback 2014-09-23 There is no installable package for Ubuntu 14.04 - please communicate about the problem, so we can help!
0012685 General crash confirmed 2014-09-21 Scribus crashes with "unexpected end of file" opening a specific document
0012720 Shape Drawing major new 2014-09-21 Text does not flow correctly when substracting two shapes
0009272 General minor new 2014-09-20 Preflight Verifier momentarily reports text overflow when checking script-created frames.
0010634 Styles major new 2014-09-20 Pasting text applies style to destination paragraph
0012120 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-09-20 Unusable import of VIVA XML files
0006506 User Interface minor acknowledged 2014-09-20 Dialog boxes should remember their settings
0011820 Graphics / Image Frames minor confirmed 2014-09-20 Workflow fix: Dialog path to 'unembed image' doesn't remember previously used image folder
0002438 Internal major acknowledged 2014-09-20 Metabug: Cases of extreme memory use
0012519 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-09-20 After VIVA XML import file significant slow down in Scribus response time
0012629 General minor feedback 2014-09-19 Copy/Paste will import a bunch of XML when pasting in to Scribus from certain sources
0011929 Scripter minor new 2014-09-19 FontSample script pushes the Scribus main window to the foreground under KDE
0009057 Integration minor confirmed 2014-09-19 Scribus floating toolbars are visible in other applications
0011378 User Interface minor assigned (cbradney) 2014-09-19 Move "Align & Distribute" to the Item menu
0011624 Usability tweak confirmed (cbradney) 2014-09-19 Scrapbook: name of element is too much summarized
0005708 Printing tweak new 2014-09-19 Does not print in landscape
0006230 Graphics / Image Frames minor acknowledged 2014-09-19 Feature request: alignment of images within an image frame
0010313 User Interface text new 2014-09-19 Cannot type between two consecutive Wingdings glyphs
0006643 Canvas major feedback (avox) 2014-09-19 Moving an item moves the page
0008914 Graphics / Image Frames feature new 2014-09-19 change image folder
0004882 Usability feature acknowledged 2014-09-19 preflight check: Implement name comparison checking for master pages, used images, etc
0010021 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-09-19 [REQUEST] indicating of number of suspressed spaces
0012446 Printing feature new 2014-09-19 Preflight Verifier - check for overprint
0008902 Printing feature assigned (jghali) 2014-09-19 Preflight Verifier - RGB black text
0003160 Usability feature assigned (ale) 2014-09-19 Add more status bar tool tips when tools are selected to give hints on usage.
0012195 User Interface minor new 2014-09-19 more progressive unzoom when < 100%
0010824 User Interface minor new 2014-09-19 there is odd terminology in setting the Zoom Stepping
0008630 Properties Palette feature new 2014-09-19 Create Buttons in Properties Panel
0001036 User Interface major confirmed 2014-09-19 Severe performance problem on documents with very large number of linked frames
0009296 General minor new 2014-09-18 collect for output files don't seem to save correctly
0009485 PDF feature new 2014-09-18 [OCG bug] : Can not edit layer content anymore and moreover OCG's state support is broken on the js side.
0003812 User Interface minor acknowledged 2014-09-18 Metabug: Grouped objects
0008826 Usability feature new 2014-09-18 Being able to scale object or group of objects to a desired percentage
0001915 Story Editor / Text Frames feature acknowledged 2014-09-18 Resizing of groups of object that contains text doesnt resize that well
0003423 Story Editor / Text Frames minor confirmed 2014-09-18 remaining problems with resizing multiple text boxes
0012448 Canvas minor confirmed 2014-09-18 Resizing of a Group + Item is not correct
0008430 Usability feature new 2014-09-18 Provide detailed feedback as to what's wrong when crashing when opening document
0005590 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-09-18 queer toolbar refresh issue in SE when applying a style to a selection
0009012 Properties Palette minor new 2014-09-18 Some usability suggestions for properties box
0008602 Usability tweak confirmed 2014-09-18 Master Pages don't respected linked text frames
0006243 Story Editor / Text Frames text new 2014-09-18 paste problems
0007594 User Interface minor new 2014-09-18 prédominance des repères sur les poignées de cadres
0011702 Integration feature new 2014-09-18 Integration with the cloud
0009826 Color Management minor assigned (jghali) 2014-09-18 [BUG] images load twice during opening SLA file when CMS enabled
0008808 Graphics / Image Frames feature new 2014-09-18 Resolution Warning "à la Text Overflow Warning" in Image frames
0012707 PDF feature new 2014-09-18 Display field names
0011513 User Interface major new 2014-09-17 Gujarati Language does not render properly on page.
0012697 Fonts text new 2014-09-17 CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) text not processed.
0008987 Story Editor / Text Frames text new 2014-09-17 some features not working with CJK fonts
0009507 User Interface minor new 2014-09-17 Modal dialogs block access to the Help Browser
0002169 Story Editor / Text Frames tweak confirmed 2014-09-17 Long pauses with new non-modal story editor when working with large amounts of text
0006509 Story Editor / Text Frames minor confirmed 2014-09-17 Pasting text in Story Editor is very slow
0002733 Story Editor / Text Frames crash acknowledged 2014-09-17 Scribus crashes when formatting large amounts of text In Story Editor
0004378 User Interface minor acknowledged 2014-09-17 Redesign the image effects dialog to be able to be kept open and have a friendly GUI
0009634 General minor new 2014-09-17 image manager should be non modal
0003494 Plug-ins feature assigned (subik) 2014-09-17 colorwheel: making the dialog non modal for the color picker
0012699 PDF minor assigned (jghali) 2014-09-17 Remove Custom rendering Settings from the Colour tab in the PDF Export dialog
0012701 Usability feature new 2014-09-17 Add frame type to document outliner
0012689 Import / Export feature new 2014-09-17 enable webpage as source for append text
0011282 Story Editor / Text Frames minor feedback (cezaryece) 2014-09-16 Footnote mark in original text frame cannot be formatted
0012696 PDF feature new 2014-09-16 provide video and audio import
0012695 PDF feature new 2014-09-16 Provide a simpler way to write text annotations
0003751 Usability feature new 2014-09-16 additional/clearer basepoint options for lines
0003752 User Interface feature new 2014-09-16 move or replace hidden line basepoint setting in properties
0003592 Usability tweak confirmed 2014-09-16 Setting line geometry properties display errors
0007287 Shape Drawing feature new 2014-09-16 Add to ability change basepoint of lines
0002550 Import / Export minor acknowledged 2014-09-16 can't import svg file created by lilypond
0007741 Scripter feature new 2014-09-15 Provide a way to run Scribus script from PyDev in Eclipse
0005689 Plug-ins feature assigned (subik) 2014-09-13 colorwheel: port colorwheel widget to Qt4 pie-model.
0008039 User Interface feature new 2014-09-13 3D Color Picker
0003999 User Interface minor acknowledged 2014-09-13 CMYK eyedropper
0003171 - feature acknowledged 2014-09-13 Metabug: Selection improvements
0005797 Import / Export crash confirmed 2014-09-13 big text files import crashes Scribus
0005534 PDF minor confirmed 2014-09-13 Exported PDF without fonts... larger
0004520 Graphics / Image Frames crash assigned (jghali) 2014-09-13 Crash while placing multiple large JPEG images
0004024 Usability minor confirmed 2014-09-13 Get Image Preview too slow for production machines, for magazine/publication etc - doesn't handle big tiffs well
0009607 Usability minor assigned (Herm) 2014-09-13 Scribus has a really hard time loading documents exceeding 20 pages with lot's of render frames (lilypond)
0006122 General minor assigned (ale) 2014-09-13 I prefer colour wheel and sliders than infinite long colour list
0005967 General feature assigned (jghali) 2014-09-13 Colour management and gamut warning for colour schemes in the colour wheel dialog
0012545 General minor assigned (Kunda) 2014-09-13 [REQUEST] Augmentations to IRC
0010503 General minor new 2014-09-13 key short cuts for nudging frames don't match.
0010303 Usability feature new 2014-09-13 keyboard modifiers to change settings in PP, as frame dimensions
0006729 User Interface feature assigned (cbradney) 2014-09-13 Feature Request: Configurable Nudge Keys
0012001 User Interface feature new 2014-09-13 Nudging (to actual grid units) and Pudging (adjust elements dimension + pudge to grid units)
0002389 Story Editor / Text Frames feature new 2014-09-12 Objects anchored to a text frame
0012505 Graphics / Image Frames minor acknowledged (fschmid) 2014-09-12 Metabug: Drop Shadow (1.5.0.svn)
0011561 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-09-12 IDML Import : problem with some images
0005272 General minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-09-12 Shut down and Co.
0012062 Scripter minor new 2014-09-12 Include scripts in Scribus distribution
0012683 Properties Palette feature new 2014-09-12 add width and height variables in the x-pos and y-pos fields of the PP
0002064 Import / Export major assigned (fschmid) 2014-09-12 Importing of cmyk tiffs with 16bit depth does not work
0002205 Import / Export feature assigned (fschmid) 2014-09-12 PSD import doesn't work if the image is grayscale or in 16bit depth
0012597 Canvas minor confirmed 2014-09-12 Cannot drag and drop images to the Scribus canvas in Gnome 3.12
0002737 Internal crash assigned (avox) 2014-09-12 Regression Loading large doc from 1.2.x
0004189 Import / Export crash confirmed 2014-09-12 big picture crashes Scribus on PDF export
0009666 Printing block assigned (cbradney) 2014-09-11 Scribus crashes when trying to access the properties of a non-connected printer
0012681 Graphics / Image Frames minor new 2014-09-11 Image editing doesn´t remain after saving
0012657 Import / Export block confirmed 2014-09-11 Crash after undoing AI import
0012651 Import / Export block assigned (fschmid) 2014-09-11 Complex AI file that can be opened/imported without issue in 1.4.x shows empty page in 1.5.0svn
0011683 Story Editor / Text Frames block confirmed 2014-09-11 Crash due to wrong management of Reference to Item Marks
0011134 Undo/Redo block confirmed 2014-09-11 crash after undoing vector import
0011871 Styles block confirmed 2014-09-11 Using bullets in Paragraph Styles cause crash by pressing Ctrl+Z in determined condition
0012125 User Interface block confirmed 2014-09-11 Foot/Endnote mark delete == Crash
0012194 Import / Export block confirmed 2014-09-11 Redo is not able to restore correctly an imported SVG removed with Undo
0012247 User Interface block confirmed 2014-09-11 Ungroup crashes
0012252 Import / Export block confirmed 2014-09-11 Wrong import of SVG gradient + Crash (file attached)
0012392 Undo/Redo block confirmed 2014-09-11 Undo/Redo crashes Scribus deleting a Group + Item
0012423 Undo/Redo block confirmed 2014-09-11 Undo/Redo crashes Scribus undoing conversion from Text to Outlines
0012451 Undo/Redo block confirmed 2014-09-11 Undo/Redo may crash Scribus if Edit > Cut is used
0012460 Undo/Redo block confirmed 2014-09-11 Undo/Redo is not able to manage more "Truncate text" actions
0012538 Undo/Redo block confirmed 2014-09-11 Undo/Redo cause crash if Group is used multiple times
0012559 Import / Export block assigned (fschmid) 2014-09-11 Weird Undo/Redo behaviour after Picture Browser drag'n'drop
0012155 Import / Export block confirmed 2014-09-11 Undo is not able to manage a group of shapes imported from SVG
0012270 Styles block confirmed 2014-09-11 Undo/Redo crashes Scribus if more Paragraph Styles are used in the same Text Frame
0012374 Undo/Redo block confirmed 2014-09-11 Undo/Redo crashes Scribus editing a Barcode
0012495 Undo/Redo block confirmed 2014-09-11 Undo/Redo crashes Scribus using Marks > Reference to Item
0012539 Undo/Redo block confirmed 2014-09-11 Undo/Redo crashes Scribus editing a group of Outlines
0012568 Undo/Redo block confirmed 2014-09-11 Undo/Redo crashes Scribus editing Groups as Inline Items
0012596 Story Editor / Text Frames block confirmed 2014-09-11 Using Undo/Redo while Story Editor is opened might crash Scribus
0012660 Usability block assigned (fschmid) 2014-09-11 Go back to default settings when the gradient type changes
0008995 General minor assigned (christoph_s) 2014-09-10 Create a Scribus datasheet for those who are interested in using and deploying Scribus
0010584 Usability minor new 2014-09-09 Keep insertion mode after inserting glyph
0011846 General tweak acknowledged 2014-09-09 [MANTIS] Add a Wiki link to Mantis Navbar
0012661 User Interface minor new 2014-09-09 Wording for "pattern" = "symbols"
0011837 General minor new 2014-09-09 footnotes_fix : crash when deleteing text of 2 footnotes at once
0010009 General feature assigned (plinnell) 2014-09-09 Add custom column in mantis for estimated effort for completion
0005322 Documentation minor assigned (cbradney) 2014-09-08 Hyphenation patterns distributed without license and copyright information
0012664 Shape Drawing feature new 2014-09-08 Full page shape/image frame creation button
0011926 Internal major confirmed 2014-09-07 It’s possible to create various objects with the same name
0012640 Import / Export minor new 2014-09-07 Black text in IDML files is imported as brown
0005140 User Interface minor acknowledged (subik) 2014-09-06 multiple column guides (regression to 1.3.3.x)
0012498 Story Editor / Text Frames minor confirmed 2014-09-05 delete after last char in frame deletes the frame
0012663 General minor new 2014-09-05 Ubuntu's Scribus friend PPA provide a broken scribus on current recent LTS
0012055 Translation minor assigned (jghali) 2014-09-04 "Back to previous version" label should rather be "Back to saved version" or "Restore from saved version"
0012643 User Interface minor new 2014-09-01 Picture Browser reports all files as RGB, even if they aren't
0002841 Shape Drawing minor confirmed 2014-09-01 start a selection and try to go beyond the visible page. scribus does not automatically scroll up/down
0003930 User Interface feature acknowledged 2014-09-01 Automatic scrolling
0012642 Usability minor new 2014-09-01 Unusable "Size" option in the Picture Browser
0012241 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-08-31 Undo/Redo behaves wrong while editing Inline Items
0012307 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-08-31 Undo/Redo records useless entries for Marks
0012397 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-08-31 Undo/Redo is not consistent with Multiple Duplicated items
0012422 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-08-31 Undo/Redo does not revert "Move Object" of Welded Items
0012427 Undo/Redo major confirmed 2014-08-31 Undo/Redo might lead to wrong results importing pages in a double sided document
0012481 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-08-31 Undo/Redo does not restore correctly items moved between Layers in Windows > Outline
0012299 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-08-31 Undo/Redo is not able to handle changes to Symbols
0002931 Import / Export major acknowledged 2014-08-31 Metabug: SVG
0012223 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-08-31 Undo is not able to restore properly a rotated Spiral
0012224 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-08-31 Undo duplicates a Spiral converted to Polygon
0010841 Import / Export minor new 2014-08-31 importing an SVG with rasterized effects does not work
0006993 Undo/Redo major new 2014-08-31 undo doesn't just undo, but changes contents in text and svg drawings
0012638 Import / Export minor feedback 2014-08-30 Exporting to an image can result in plain white blank images in certain circumstances.
0011988 User Interface minor new 2014-08-29 The preselected glyphs hint bubble should display the UNICODE NAME of the glyph and the name of the font
0012032 Usability tweak new 2014-08-29 Glyph/Character Menu/Window naming inconsistency
0011511 User Interface minor new 2014-08-29 "Corner Toolbar" visibility state amnesia
0011544 User Interface minor confirmed 2014-08-29 Docked palettes position / size is not saved between sessions.
0012633 Import / Export feature feedback 2014-08-28 Feature Request: Import/Export of EPUB3 file format
0010877 User Interface minor feedback 2014-08-28 "Insert 3D Annotation" is not available in the "Insert" menu
0011661 - major acknowledged (cezaryece) 2014-08-25 Numbering of all footnotes is zero
0008119 Story Editor / Text Frames minor confirmed 2014-08-24 All text Effects (like Subscript/Superscript) not working as expected
0007684 Language Tools major new 2014-08-23 Hyphenation setting in "Document Setup" -> "Hyphenator" jumps back to "English" after having started the hyphenator
0009120 Translation minor new 2014-08-23 Term for vector objects
0003612 Usability minor confirmed 2014-08-21 changing width and height of rotated frames via properties is inconsistent
0003667 Story Editor / Text Frames feature confirmed 2014-08-21 Item > Attach text to path, spacing not uniform in U curves
0012154 Story Editor / Text Frames minor confirmed 2014-08-21 "Adjust Frame Height to Text" inconsistent behaviour with Middle/Bottom Vertical Alignment
0003622 Documentation feature feedback 2014-08-21 Allow Scribus to search for additional directories for docs
0012626 Typography feature new 2014-08-21 Add dropdown to select a line style for underlining text
0012600 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-08-20 Undo/Redo does not manage Inline Items
0010539 Typography major confirmed 2014-08-20 Optical margins, protrusion into the left margin doesn't work
0012611 Graphics / Image Frames minor new 2014-08-19 undesirable lines at imported images
0010676 Shape Drawing minor new 2014-08-19 editing bezier curves may be impossible on some backgrounds
0002472 Import / Export feature assigned (fschmid) 2014-08-19 Tweaking Scribus to support the upcoming PDF-A Standard
0011003 General minor resolved (cezaryece) 2014-08-19 crash when editing notenumber reminder in note
0010983 General minor resolved (cezaryece) 2014-08-19 Delete text doesnt update display (in footnote branch)
0004422 PDF minor assigned (christoph_s) 2014-08-19 LinuxLibertine Bold Underline not correctly subsetted
0012295 General minor assigned (christoph_s) 2014-08-19 "move to another level" allows moving to "mp-item" layer
0007799 Canvas minor assigned (christoph_s) 2014-08-19 bigger canvas scroll area
0009551 Documentation minor assigned (christoph_s) 2014-08-19 Add the 1.4 file format specification to to the docs
0006428 General minor assigned (christoph_s) 2014-08-19 Line colour isn't displayed correctly if blend modes are applied
0011593 Import / Export minor new 2014-08-18 IDML Import : thin spaces are not imported properly
0012618 Properties Palette minor new 2014-08-18 Properties Window shows wrong text attributes
0008382 PDF minor feedback 2014-08-18 PDF Options -->Annotaion Properties
0012581 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-08-15 Complete failure of AI import
0012607 User Interface minor new 2014-08-15 Useless button makes UI complex
0012605 Language Tools major new 2014-08-14 Unable to switch to another keyboard language input
0012603 General minor new 2014-08-13 Edit > Master Pages... does not respect individual page Size/Orientation
0012602 Story Editor / Text Frames minor confirmed 2014-08-13 Some advanced text settings do not work correctly by unpredictably "hiding" text
0012024 Import / Export feature feedback 2014-08-13 Add a warning to the XPS exporter
0012190 Typography major confirmed 2014-08-12 Incorrect text align in textbox (final line).
0007801 Qt5 Port major feedback 2014-08-12 No accessibility in tab controls
0012250 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-08-12 SVG arrows not imported
0011572 Graphics / Image Frames minor new 2014-08-11 Explanation when double click on an image does nothing
0011255 Story Editor / Text Frames major feedback (fschmid) 2014-08-11 Imported *.odt list has invalid font name but rest of test is O.K.
0005806 PDF feature new 2014-08-10 PDF's generated using export are not searchable in Acrobat reader
0012593 Story Editor / Text Frames major new 2014-08-10 Text editor (ctrl-T) crashes consistently after edits
0009486 Color Management minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-08-08 PDF options are lacking tooltips
0012592 Graphics / Image Frames feature new 2014-08-08 Load image from screenshot/clipboard
0011634 Story Editor / Text Frames minor confirmed 2014-08-08 undo on endofparagraph delete
0011767 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-08-08 Text-delete Undo does not restore paragraph styles (nor paragraph styles elements)
0011809 Undo/Redo minor assigned (Chelen) 2014-08-08 undo pb with path operations
0012082 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-08-08 Undo does not work as expected with Spirals
0009588 User Interface trivial new 2014-08-07 Missing error message when pasting on locked background shape
0012187 Import / Export minor new 2014-08-07 SVG not well imported
0003828 Story Editor / Text Frames minor acknowledged 2014-08-06 Metabug: Hyphenation
0012588 Usability minor new 2014-08-04 Master Page import Improvements
0005941 Import / Export tweak acknowledged 2014-08-04 Add optional (geeky) extender for listing of unsupported SVG features that had been discarded on import
0003671 Properties Palette feature confirmed 2014-08-04 Enable changing baseline grid from the properties palette
0003448 Properties Palette feature assigned (jghali) 2014-08-04 Improvements to properties palette
0012207 Properties Palette minor new 2014-08-04 OSX UI themes (default and 'Macintosh') scroll bar blocks properties menu arrows
0012579 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-08-02 Undo/Redo records redundant actions using "Replace Colors"
0011649 Graphics / Image Frames minor new 2014-08-02 Feature : align / center, horizontaly / verticaly, image in frame
0003822 Fonts feature feedback 2014-08-01 Stroke of letters overlap the inside of the letters themselves.
0010651 Import / Export feature new 2014-08-01 Link text frame to SLA file
0002464 User Interface minor acknowledged 2014-08-01 Metabug: GUI appearance
0006044 Properties Palette minor acknowledged 2014-08-01 Properties Palette could use far less screen estate
0012204 Properties Palette major confirmed 2014-07-31 Opening/Closing Properties palette tabs moves the view to the first document (2+ document Tabs)
0008697 Import / Export feature feedback 2014-07-30 Suggested Improvement of RTF Import with UNRTF
0011800 Canvas minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-28 Sending items to "Inline Items" causes bad canvas render
0009451 Plug-ins minor new 2014-07-28 Image Browser - Can not multiple select images
0009452 Plug-ins minor new 2014-07-28 Image Browser - Can not drag and drop images into collection
0012561 Story Editor / Text Frames minor confirmed 2014-07-28 Inconsistent spacing in Story Editor
0002935 Internal minor acknowledged (subik) 2014-07-27 Metabug: Guide Dialog
0011932 Canvas minor new 2014-07-27 Snapping to guides doesn't work at high zoom levels
0010573 Usability feature new 2014-07-27 Guide Manager should allow more choices to apply guides
0008646 Canvas minor assigned (subik) 2014-07-27 Horizontal / vertical automatic guides can't be selected as references for Align and distribute
0012534 Import / Export minor new 2014-07-26 native FileDialog
0008636 Canvas feature new 2014-07-26 Drag and Drop content placement with media browser
0012557 General minor confirmed 2014-07-26 Transformation does not work with Lines
0012499 Build System feature feedback 2014-07-26 [Proposal] Display versions of all libs used by Scribus in Help > About
0008136 General feature assigned (Herm) 2014-07-26 XeLaTeX
0009786 Styles tweak feedback 2014-07-25 Style manager always opens to the right
0010084 General minor feedback 2014-07-25 Frames snaps to non existing margin
0012553 Build System minor new 2014-07-25 Please add Large File Support to scribus
0005802 Scripter feature assigned (jainbasil) 2014-07-25 Two more script command would be nice : getObjectType and getTextAlignement
0010707 Styles minor new 2014-07-25 copies of styles hidden returning occasionally
0011114 Undo/Redo major new 2014-07-25 Undo deletes text after changing text properties
0002932 Import / Export feature acknowledged 2014-07-25 Metabug: PDF Enhancements
0011876 Usability minor new 2014-07-25 line widths of outlines are changed when resizing a group of objects
0012118 Canvas minor confirmed 2014-07-25 Resizing rotated Frames/Polygons behaves strangely
0011279 Graphics / Image Frames major feedback 2014-07-24 Image links get corrupted when symlinks involved
0011117 Graphics / Image Frames feature new 2014-07-24 Convert inline graphics to files
0012492 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-07-24 the hyphenation tool is too hard to discover
0011682 Story Editor / Text Frames major confirmed 2014-07-24 Wrong managment of Variable Text Marks
0012147 User Interface minor new 2014-07-24 Inconsistent behaviour of marks editing/managing
0011037 Styles feature new 2014-07-24 align (and distribute?) by the baseline
0011084 Build System minor new 2014-07-24 Placeholder variables or #defines for the branch name and for the svn or git repository
0011696 Build System minor assigned (plinnell) 2014-07-24 Scribus does not show up when searched for in Gnome Shell
0010213 User Interface minor confirmed 2014-07-23 horizontal scroll sometimes not there for main window
0012494 User Interface minor feedback 2014-07-23 + and - should be the default keys for zooming in and out
0012550 Usability minor new 2014-07-23 Display printed page number too wherever internal page number is displayed
0012134 General minor feedback 2014-07-23 Opening the Master Page dialog is recorded as a document change
0009078 Import / Export minor confirmed 2014-07-23 Incorrect Import of SVG File.
0012043 Story Editor / Text Frames feature confirmed 2014-07-22 Undo on cutting text
0012510 Import / Export minor new 2014-07-22 Keep SLA and PDF sync
0012169 - major feedback 2014-07-22 Strange behavior on setting pagination to anything other then Arabic numerals
0006609 Plug-ins feature assigned (subik) 2014-07-21 Improve barcode generator with more paremeters in dialogue
0008727 PDF major confirmed (jghali) 2014-07-21 SVG and SVG.gz vectors aren't correctly imported and exported to PDF
0006069 OS-Win32 feature feedback 2014-07-21 Respect HOME variable or allow customisation of preference location
0002646 General feature assigned 2014-07-21 Mirror master pages
0011181 Language Tools minor new 2014-07-21 Impossible to switch the spellchecker language
0011854 User Interface minor confirmed 2014-07-21 Scrollbars don't adjust to objects inserted outside the page area
0008378 Graphics / Image Frames minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-21 PDF/EPS image scaling depends non-portably on gs resolution preference
0010735 Graphics / Image Frames major new 2014-07-21 Duplicate image frame shown but not printed/exported or printed exported at wrong size
0010670 General minor assigned (malex) 2014-07-21 [WIKI] can't upload SVGs
0010545 General minor confirmed 2014-07-21 [Mantis] Forbidden access to trivial, minor, tweak filters
0008860 General minor confirmed 2014-07-21 using alt+arrow to resize a rotated frame leads to funny results
0012543 General minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-20 Picture Browser: Tagging selected images is impossible
0012541 General minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-20 Discrepancies between PP and "Colours and Fills" dialogue
0012308 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-07-19 Undo/Redo records useless entries deleting guides from Guide Manager
0012425 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-07-19 Undo/Redo records wrong entries using the Guide Manager
0005283 Story Editor / Text Frames trivial feedback 2014-07-18 Cursor doesn't follow text outside the frame.
0012269 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-07-18 Cursor disappears at EOL with optical margin correction
0011754 Story Editor / Text Frames feature new 2014-07-17 Story editor does not have undo feature
0012288 Usability minor new 2014-07-17 Guide Manager do not accept negative numbers, under certain conditions.
0012219 General feature feedback 2014-07-17 PDF expor dir presets
0003426 Internal minor confirmed 2014-07-17 double clicking a sla file when scribus is already opened opens a second instance of scribus
0012531 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-07-17 Undo does not respect "Override Master Page Sizing"
0012020 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-07-16 Undo does not restore Page Properties
0012527 General minor confirmed 2014-07-15 "Image Scaling" in Preferences/Document Setup not working
0012520 Releases major assigned (malex) 2014-07-15 Ubuntu-repositories
0008769 Import / Export feature assigned (ale) 2014-07-15 Export to e-book formats
0002225 Internal major confirmed 2014-07-14 PDF export needs to check for errors and abort export with an informative message
0006689 NLS text confirmed 2014-07-14 Parentheses inversion when I'm import hebrew text
0011855 Story Editor / Text Frames minor confirmed 2014-07-14 Character Styles in text fields are shown but not saved
0005363 Import / Export minor confirmed 2014-07-14 get text removes auto linespacing modes and causes display error in PP
0002762 Story Editor / Text Frames major acknowledged 2014-07-14 Unable to set text justification for RTL text
0011974 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-07-14 Removing a paragraph via backspace in the SE switches a previously "styled" paragraph to "No Style"
0012355 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-07-14 numbering by creation time and not by position
0012339 Story Editor / Text Frames major new 2014-07-14 "Restart" in Paragraph Effects does not work
0011410 Styles major acknowledged (cezaryece) 2014-07-14 bullets from different font don't survive restart
0011953 Styles feature new 2014-07-14 Ability to control bullet size
0012466 Styles minor confirmed 2014-07-14 Imported style cannot be used
0007628 Shape Drawing major new 2014-07-14 Manipulating a Line/Bezier Curve causes change in XY postition
0012007 General feature new 2014-07-14 [MetaBugPatch] Port BAlpha new features to 1.5 so as to merge them with SVN
0012236 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-07-14 Undo/Redo is not able to manage the conversion of a Polyline to Polygon
0010182 General major feedback 2014-07-13 Wrong update of properties information at window which opens with <F2>
0011247 Undo/Redo minor new 2014-07-13 Redo doesn't re-create vector imports as groups
0012512 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-07-13 Redo does not restore "Move" of Split Polygons
0011789 Story Editor / Text Frames feature feedback 2014-07-13 Change fonts with arrow keys
0012393 General major feedback 2014-07-11 Severe structural problems when saving/opening a document
0011901 Import / Export minor new 2014-07-10 Add XPS/OXPS profiles to the Preflight Verifier
0002753 Import / Export feature new 2014-07-10 Provide an option to not change the page size in Page Import
0003489 Import / Export major confirmed 2014-07-10 Page import changes page size
0011989 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-07-10 Undo/Redo does not record Glyph insertion
0012508 PDF major confirmed 2014-07-10 Grouped Items might be wrongly exported/cropped to PDF
0007106 General feature new 2014-07-10 missing 3state buttons for selection properties
0010868 Story Editor / Text Frames minor assigned (Chelen) 2014-07-10 3states selectors for search dialog
0008356 Usability major new 2014-07-10 Left/Right masterpages are misplaced after page insert
0011235 General major new 2014-07-10 Master page side bad applied
0012027 Import / Export minor confirmed 2014-07-10 Wrong import of SVG file
0011550 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-07-10 Undo/redo missing for table editing
0012248 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-07-10 "Smooth Path" is not saved in Action History
0009591 Undo/Redo minor feedback 2014-07-10 Imported vector with "Undo" lead to all pages blank
0006005 User Interface minor new 2014-07-09 preview of Hebrew text in Font Preview dialog is displayed backwards (reverse)
0009911 Fonts major confirmed 2014-07-09 RL text direction no work
0002098 General feature acknowledged 2014-07-09 Metabug: New File Format
0007610 Typography feature acknowledged (pierremarchand) 2014-07-09 Support for ruby characters (Furigana)
0007647 General feature acknowledged (Herm) 2014-07-09 Metabug: Render Frames (LaTeX, GnuPlot, LilyPond, GraphViz, etc.)
0002228 Internal feature acknowledged (avox) 2014-07-09 Metabug: New text layout system
0002382 Internal major acknowledged 2014-07-09 Metabug: Code quality, structure, readability
0003896 Round Table minor acknowledged 2014-07-09 Metabug: Scientific Publishing
0007017 Internal minor acknowledged 2014-07-09 Metabug: Multiple instance safety / single-instance-per-user support
0012029 Canvas minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-09 Canvas redrawing issue for negative drop shadow values
0004194 Story Editor / Text Frames feature assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-09 Opacity of the text shadow
0012028 General feature assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-09 More sophisticated drop shadow options
0012026 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-09 Drop shadows aren't exported to SVG
0012143 User Interface minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-09 (PP) Drop shadow subpane not greyed when not usable
0012290 Graphics / Image Frames feature assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-09 Drop shadow for images with transparent areas
0012430 Graphics / Image Frames minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-09 Drop Shadow tab behaviour unpredictable
0012431 Graphics / Image Frames minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-09 Drop shadows distort transparency effects
0012387 General minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-09 drop shadows get cut of in grouped object
0012409 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-07-09 Undo/Redo does not restore the position of "Transformation" Copies
0012491 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-07-09 Undo/Redo does not restore Group of Groups
0012012 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-07-09 Undo behaves wrong with more items as a Group
0012084 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-07-09 Undo does not work with Attach/Detach text to/from path
0012203 PDF minor confirmed 2014-07-09 Undo cannot restore the position of a group of items ungrouped in a PDF file
0012225 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-07-09 Undo is not able to restore a Barcode
0012320 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-07-09 Undo/Redo does not restore properly a flipped Spiral
0012351 Undo/Redo minor confirmed 2014-07-09 Redo does not restore actions applied after grouping items
0012212 Import / Export minor new 2014-07-08 ODT import works reliably only with LibreOffice/OpenOffice files
0009330 Scripter minor feedback 2014-07-08 Scribus Unable to Find Startup Script
0008788 General minor new 2014-07-08 Automatic recovery
0011447 Color Management major feedback 2014-07-08 Creating own colour palette does not work.
0009719 General minor confirmed 2014-07-07 Windows position not saved
0012487 Fonts minor confirmed 2014-07-07 "Used in Document" flag is not set
0010688 Usability minor new 2014-07-07 Popup Windows open on far opposite monitor making lots of mouse movements
0012420 Usability minor acknowledged 2014-07-07 [REMOVE] Calligraphic Line properties cannot be changed with mouse scrolling
0009707 General minor new 2014-07-07 Problems while using 2 monitors; Scribus with non-default Monitor
0012473 Shape Drawing minor new 2014-07-07 rounded corner input is not available anymore when contour is edited
0012490 Story Editor / Text Frames minor confirmed 2014-07-07 Spell checking first word
0012138 Story Editor / Text Frames minor confirmed 2014-07-07 Bottom align : text disappear when frame is too high
0012056 Canvas minor confirmed 2014-07-06 Canvas issues after changing the page arrangement
0004732 Import / Export minor new 2014-07-06 SVG test cases
0012482 PDF minor new 2014-07-05 Document not marked as "changed" after PDF-export settings changes
0002186 General feature acknowledged 2014-07-05 Arrange pages individually
0004181 Usability feature new 2014-07-05 Wish for improved page viewing
0001271 Printing feature assigned (jghali) 2014-07-03 support RGB output with CMS (PDFs, inkjet printers, ps, probably more)
0007359 Styles minor confirmed 2014-07-03 Appending text with styles uses incorrect formatting
0007573 General minor new 2014-07-03 Removing or replacing colours takes very long
0007969 Import / Export major new 2014-07-03 Images with Brightness Effect Enabled and Colour Management Disabled Export to PDF Improperly
0007976 User Interface feature acknowledged 2014-07-03 Ability to hide text in frames for the edition
0008115 Import / Export minor acknowledged 2014-07-03 Import multiple master pages
0008395 Graphics / Image Frames tweak assigned (cbradney) 2014-07-03 image visible automatically enable after the change in Document Setup
0011313 Import / Export minor new 2014-07-03 CGM test files
0011318 User Interface minor new 2014-07-03 Grey out all irrelevant features
0011347 User Interface minor assigned (cezaryece) 2014-07-03 Style Dialog: New "Paragraph Effects" are greyed out
0011351 User Interface minor new 2014-07-03 Icons for some actions are harder to use in 1.5.0svn
0011354 Scrapbook minor new 2014-07-03 Scrapbook dysfunctional
0011364 User Interface minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-03 Make frames with no line colour visible in special resource dialogs
0011372 User Interface tweak new 2014-07-03 Rename the Picture Browser
0011466 User Interface minor new 2014-07-03 PDF export: Replace UI string and trigger a warning instead
0011498 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-03 Colour names in AI, PS, and EPS files imported as PDF colours
0011562 Import / Export minor new 2014-07-03 XTG import not rendered correctly in text frames
0011619 Undo/Redo minor new 2014-07-03 Column jump is recorded as document modification
0012030 User Interface minor new 2014-07-03 Double-headed cursors aren't availabe for the first frame created in a document
0008594 Typography minor assigned (avox) 2014-07-03 Image Drop Caps incorrectly format especially in secind column, linked text frame
0008725 Story Editor / Text Frames minor assigned (avox) 2014-07-03 Font settings for text frames in the Document Setup are ignored
0009400 Fonts minor confirmed 2014-07-03 Fonts installed via shortcut not found
0011297 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-03 CGM files aren't imported correctly
0011355 Tables minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-03 Disable scaling of tables when cursor is inside a table cell or fix the scaling
0011383 User Interface minor assigned (cbradney) 2014-07-03 Rearrangement of the View menu
0011460 User Interface minor new 2014-07-03 Different icons for EPS files in file dialogs
0011474 User Interface minor new 2014-07-03 Colour values are no longer being displayed in the "Colours and Fills" dialog
0011481 User Interface minor new 2014-07-03 Wrong warning displayed when a colour palette is imported twice
0011755 PDF feature new 2014-07-03 Form fields name not updated
0011804 Import / Export minor new 2014-07-03 VIVA Designer XML Sample files
0011849 Import / Export minor new 2014-07-03 XPS test cases
0011858 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-03 Better image handling with imported IDML/IDMS files
0011920 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-03 PLY files not recognised by 3D Annotation file loader
0012065 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-03 Text frame issues with IDML files
0012074 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-03 Missing warning if an ODG file contains unsupported features
0012124 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-03 Wrong offset of master page contents in imported IDML file
0012305 Import / Export minor new 2014-07-03 Some SVG files not properly imported by Scribus
0004303 Story Editor / Text Frames minor acknowledged 2014-07-03 More selection possibilities
0012177 Canvas minor feedback (fschmid) 2014-07-03 Changing Arc height/witdh places the Arc out of the Frame
0012211 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-03 Severe issues with ODG file
0012244 Tables minor new 2014-07-03 Table colour handling/display is unintuitive/misleading
0007240 General feature new 2014-07-03 Add in ability to apply relative/absolute links within pdf (in addition to external links)
0012091 User Interface major confirmed 2014-07-03 Search for text editor problem
0012464 Usability minor new 2014-07-03 Preview mode should allways be in "Edit preview" mode
0008394 Usability feature assigned (cbradney) 2014-07-03 add automatic lists to Extras > Generate list of ...
0011294 Usability minor new 2014-07-03 Confusing order of entries in drop down dialogs
0011575 Usability minor assigned (cbradney) 2014-07-03 Grey out "OK" button in the Templates dialog if no template has been selected
0008373 Graphics / Image Frames minor new 2014-07-03 After deleting page containing inline frame, frame remains in saved doc
0012415 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-03 libcdr issues
0012416 User Interface minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-03 List all Corel file types supported by libcdr and UniConvertor in the file selectors
0012465 User Interface minor new 2014-07-03 Style window becomes very small
0009768 Plug-ins feature new 2014-07-03 Create Typo script
0011542 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-03 Issue with table rendering in IDML files
0012079 User Interface minor confirmed 2014-07-03 Abuse of Glyph Palette results in non-selectable text frame
0007604 Scripter feature assigned (subik) 2014-07-03 New Scripter Dialog Request
0008118 Scripter feature assigned (subik) 2014-07-03 Allow get/set of item attributes in scripter
0011417 User Interface minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-07-03 Reduced size of the "Colours" tab in the PP
0011316 Documentation minor assigned (jghali) 2014-07-03 Update to Windows Build info
0001398 Import / Export feature assigned (jghali) 2014-07-03 Improve memory efficiency of raster image export
0011357 User Interface minor new 2014-07-03 Improve Symbols Dialog
0011548 Tables minor new 2014-07-03 Changing the settings for table borders in the PP doesn't affect the table or cells
0004938 Usability minor assigned (subik) 2014-07-03 Guides are applied even if guide manager is closed
0000553 User Interface feature feedback 2014-07-02 two clicks on object enable rotating
0011551 Canvas minor new 2014-07-02 Table/cell indication is clumsy
0008401 Color Management minor assigned (jghali) 2014-07-02 Color Select and Key B
0011461 User Interface minor new 2014-07-02 Files are sorted differently in start dialog and file dialogs
0007153 Fonts feature assigned 2014-07-02 Font Name should be shown in its own language
0003543 Shape Drawing feature new 2014-07-02 seperate top/right/bottom/left border options
0007754 Shape Drawing feature new 2014-07-02 Import contour line
0010555 Shape Drawing minor new 2014-07-02 objects drawn to grid, exceed grid by linewidth.
0011092 Shape Drawing minor new 2014-07-02 Default "habillage" mode in preference
0011503 Shape Drawing minor new 2014-07-02 Horizontal mirror and arrow direction
0011676 Shape Drawing feature new 2014-07-02 symmetrical control points doesn't support length deviation
0011679 Shape Drawing minor new 2014-07-02 Incorrect Line Pattern
0011729 Shape Drawing feature new 2014-07-02 Explicit Point for Rotation Base
0012246 Shape Drawing feature new 2014-07-02 Provide more "out" line ends (arrows)
0010171 Usability tweak assigned (Chelen) 2014-07-02 Default zoom stepping to big
0012245 Canvas minor confirmed 2014-07-01 grouped lines appear thicker
0012126 Story Editor / Text Frames major new 2014-07-01 "Scaling height of characters" malfunction
0012452 User Interface minor new 2014-06-29 Disable gradient stop adding for imported gradients and/or make the gradient handling more intuitive
0010678 Canvas minor confirmed 2014-06-28 Resizing rotated items moving handles does not snap to Guides
0011496 User Interface minor new 2014-06-28 Guide manager manual input
0012340 General minor new 2014-06-28 Adding guides does not respect inserted value
0008445 General minor confirmed 2014-06-27 les tabulations ne sont plus repesctées lorsqu'on justifie
0007665 Usability feature new 2014-06-26 It should be possible to change properties of multiple items at once
0012281 Story Editor / Text Frames feature new 2014-06-26 text tab should be available when selecting multiple text frames
0012439 Canvas feature new 2014-06-26 on canvas basepoint for rotation
0012434 User Interface feature new 2014-06-26 basepoint: different widgets for shapes and lines
0009048 General feature new 2014-06-26 Better control for the origin and basepoint of all frames
0004783 - minor new 2014-06-26 More basepoints for items
0012437 User Interface feature new 2014-06-26 only one toolbar button for lines
0012438 Graphics / Image Frames feature new 2014-06-26 remove or change the freehand line tool
0012435 User Interface feature new 2014-06-26 basepoint: setting or item property?
0003347 General feature confirmed 2014-06-24 Ruler just keeps on growing over the pages
0012424 Canvas minor new 2014-06-23 Resizing Welded Items leads to strange results
0012385 PDF minor new 2014-06-13 Issues with produced PDF
0011776 Import / Export feature new 2014-06-13 Missing linked ressources improvement
0012382 Build System minor new 2014-06-13 proposal for a development splash screen
0010661 Story Editor / Text Frames major new 2014-06-13 Pasting from Pages discards text formatting.
0010091 Story Editor / Text Frames major new 2014-06-11 Unwanted space appears at the beginning and end of text frames
0001371 Plug-ins feature assigned (cezaryece) 2014-06-11 Considering writing plugin to generate TOCs, Indexes, and "Continued on pg ... " messages
0008796 Usability feature assigned (cezaryece) 2014-06-11 [feature request] more usable TOC
0007871 Story Editor / Text Frames minor assigned (cbradney) 2014-06-10 Very strange behavior of spell checker if text is hyphenated
0012349 Graphics / Image Frames minor new 2014-06-07 Image Info (context menu) should display size WxH of image
0012354 General minor new 2014-06-07 Ungrouping items rotated/grouped/welded places them wrongly
0012107 Canvas minor new 2014-06-07 "Rotate Item" tool behaves strangely with more items selected
0012353 User Interface feature new 2014-06-07 "Use Tabs for Documents" only when 2+ documents are opened
0012345 General minor new 2014-06-05 no color fill afte combine polygons
0009424 Styles minor new 2014-06-05 When erasing direct paragraph formatting, text formatting gets erased as well
0009410 Color Management feature assigned (fschmid) 2014-06-05 Enhancement to "Edit > Replace Colors"
0010990 Canvas major confirmed 2014-06-04 Object page reference incorrect at 0.000 on facing page
0002557 Internal tweak confirmed 2014-06-04 Need to check for correct installation during startup
0009150 Styles feature new 2014-06-04 No First line offset in Styles
0010494 Build System feature assigned (malex) 2014-06-04 stable PPAs for ubuntu
0011545 General feature new 2014-06-04 Blu-Ray cover template
0004623 Import / Export feature assigned (jainbasil) 2014-06-04 Import Quark xtg files
0012342 General tweak assigned (malex) 2014-06-02 Scribus-trunk ppa on launchpad not working (no updates)
0012338 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-05-31 too many options for "Insert false text" (lorem ipsum)? we only need add...
0001060 User Interface feature confirmed 2014-05-30 Permit negative angles in x,y,x properties rotation field
0012333 User Interface feature new 2014-05-30 Better selection of images
0012330 Shape Drawing minor new 2014-05-27 Bad selection X,Y for thick lines
0007211 Fonts major assigned (avox) 2014-05-25 Pdf form: missing latters with diakritic in fill window
0012301 Usability minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-05-12 More intuitive spiral editing
0012293 Color Management minor new 2014-05-11 Exporting to CMYK JPEG
0012292 Canvas minor new 2014-05-01 PageItem::getPages(): Provide a standard way to know on which page(s) an item is
0012289 Fonts feature new 2014-04-29 Diacritics are not positioned correctly in Lao OpenType fonts
0012045 Canvas minor assigned (jghali) 2014-04-27 Flipped Frames don't resize/behave as expected
0012284 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-04-27 bad underline with style
0011330 Typography minor assigned (plinnell) 2014-04-27 new short words / non breaking spaces / for french langage
0012275 User Interface tweak new 2014-04-26 Keep tool dialogs from being maximized
0012277 Shape Drawing feature acknowledged (christoph_s) 2014-04-24 Simplify UI of even-odd vs. nonzero filling rules
0012274 User Interface feature new 2014-04-23 Combine "Replace Colors" dialog into "Colors" dialog
0009245 Import / Export minor new 2014-04-23 Overprint does not work?
0012271 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-04-23 Search & Replace: screws formatting
0012268 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-04-23 End button makes cursor jump to beginning of next line
0012259 User Interface feature new 2014-04-23 More intelligent frame color
0012265 User Interface tweak new 2014-04-23 Optical margins setting too verbose and unintuitive
0012261 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-04-23 Restrict glyph extension to senseful values
0012262 General feature new 2014-04-23 Support for two (or even three) sets of footnotes/endnotes
0012260 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-04-23 Glyph extension affects more lines than it should
0012256 User Interface minor new 2014-04-22 Import style dialog displays character styles list first
0012255 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-04-22 linked text frame chain links to void
0012243 General minor assigned (malex) 2014-04-21 Add 14.04 to official Debian repository
0012233 Styles feature new 2014-04-20 More paragraphe options in styles or box styles
0012232 Graphics / Image Frames minor new 2014-04-20 Icons for ImageFrame edit
0012231 Import / Export minor new 2014-04-20 PDF import : straight lines could become simple line objects
0007016 Story Editor / Text Frames major assigned (avox) 2014-04-07 Glyphextension does not work with left/right aligned text
0008204 - minor new 2014-04-07 Bad text alignment with letter spacing & word spacing
0008142 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-04-07 Justify stretches all the lines
0007629 Story Editor / Text Frames text new 2014-04-07 RFE : No automatic spacing in unbreakable space (// thin & other spaces)
0011810 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-04-07 center alignment unprecise in circles
0004429 Story Editor / Text Frames major new 2014-04-07 hyphenization artifacts
0004686 Story Editor / Text Frames feature assigned (avox) 2014-04-07 text layout should take hyphenation and punctuation into account
0001364 Story Editor / Text Frames minor confirmed 2014-04-07 Hebrew script direction is different in the document and in the story editor
0002905 Story Editor / Text Frames feature acknowledged 2014-04-07 Paragraph styles should have a "keep with next" property.
0001726 Story Editor / Text Frames major acknowledged 2014-04-07 hebrew vowels (and cantillation marks) not placed properly
0010963 Story Editor / Text Frames feature new 2014-04-06 I-Bar Position When Opening Story Editor
0012197 User Interface minor new 2014-04-05 Insert frame tab labels
0012196 Import / Export minor new 2014-04-05 Sequential loading of multi-page image
0010541 Canvas minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-04-04 Guides jumping around on mouse click
0012192 User Interface minor new 2014-04-03 Hungarian language environment -> text fields is too small.
0012183 Import / Export minor new 2014-04-03 No message for warnings when importing PDF
0012186 Canvas minor new 2014-04-02 Render Frames issues related to resizing
0001682 Story Editor / Text Frames feature acknowledged 2014-03-25 user-defined bookmark title
0012157 Import / Export minor new 2014-03-23 Rotated PDFs clipped
0011894 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-03-12 Hybrid AI file import has 3 different results
0012077 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-03-09 Enable the use of OpenDocument Hatchings and OpenDocument Pattern Tables
0012067 Usability minor new 2014-03-09 Inline Items are wrongly placed in Text Frames
0004491 Usability minor confirmed 2014-03-06 weirdness changing multiple selected objects with some objects locked
0003825 Import / Export major assigned (avox) 2014-03-06 Scribus embeds formerly used fonts
0012103 Usability minor assigned (cbradney) 2014-02-28 Make "Scale Image to Frame Size" the default for image frames
0012096 Typography minor new 2014-02-25 Font height initialize
0012092 User Interface minor new 2014-02-25 Scratch Space problem
0012087 Typography minor new 2014-02-25 Impact font outline problem
0012078 User Interface minor new 2014-02-22 Text size when manipulated with trackpad responds opposite of intended result with each scroll
0012061 User Interface minor new 2014-02-10 Scrapbook dragndrop should trigger snaping
0012060 User Interface tweak new 2014-02-10 Scrapbook strings
0012059 Printing minor new 2014-02-10 alising if cms is on
0012057 Import / Export feature new 2014-02-09 Option to not export images in PDF
0005099 General feature new 2014-02-09 additional bounding box options for text flow around
0012049 Import / Export minor new 2014-02-08 XCF import working better in 1.4.3 than in 1.5.0svn
0012047 Import / Export minor new 2014-02-08 Wrong line width and text offset during SVG import
0012039 User Interface feature new 2014-02-04 Ability to hide toolbar/general icons
0012034 Canvas minor new 2014-02-03 Ability to remove/edit the red page border
0011067 Usability minor new 2014-02-01 Insert glyph window
0012017 User Interface minor new 2014-01-27 "Paste frame style" tool triggers unknown operation tool
0010301 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-01-27 All types of non breaking spaces should be displayed as red underscore in story editor
0011881 Undo/Redo minor new 2014-01-26 Trying to Undo changes to Rows/Columns disposition behaves wrong
0007389 Canvas major new 2014-01-23 Choice of page an object belongs to
0012006 Usability tweak new 2014-01-22 Cannot easily delete bullets within a bullet list Paragraph Style
0012005 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2014-01-22 GetText2?
0006151 Printing minor new 2014-01-22 printer is unaware of page format
0012002 User Interface minor new 2014-01-21 Changing the UI theme changes the UI font irrevocably
0011993 Import / Export minor new 2014-01-18 Re-add actually supported file formats in the file selector for images
0011990 Story Editor / Text Frames feature new 2014-01-17 "Edit in place" button in the spellchecker
0011987 Fonts minor new 2014-01-17 Enable to paste a glyph in the set of "Glyphs Palette"'s pre-selected glyphs
0011976 User Interface feature new 2014-01-16 Editing shapes (nodes) needs an interface with values
0011829 General tweak new 2014-01-16 mouse-click behaviour does not follow desktop settings
0011966 Import / Export minor feedback (fschmid) 2014-01-15 Background in VDX files interpreted as black
0004413 General feature acknowledged 2014-01-15 Metabug: Colors
0010581 User Interface feature new 2014-01-14 Checkbox to toggle prepress option (last tab of export to PDF dialog)
0011969 Usability major new 2014-01-14 User-defined keyboard shortcuts with Meta key doesn't work
0011703 Typography feature assigned (cezaryece) 2014-01-13 Please, some leading and paragraph alignment for typography's sake.
0011948 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-01-11 No text import from PAGES file
0011944 General minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-01-11 Specify supported PAGES versions or expand the filter to support all
0011921 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-01-11 Incorrect import of complex XAR files
0011941 Tables minor new 2014-01-11 Context menu unavailable in selected table cells
0011924 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-01-05 Wrong transparency/stacking interpretation in imported XAR file
0011923 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2014-01-05 Misinterpreted gradients/fills in imported XAR files
0011914 Import / Export minor new 2014-01-01 Missing Preview in the XPS/OXPS import dialog
0001079 NLS feature confirmed 2013-12-25 Arabic is not supported in Scribus yet.
0011900 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2013-12-24 XPS Export: CMYK and spot colours are being ignored
0011903 Typography feature new 2013-12-23 Text frame overflow behaviour
0011899 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2013-12-23 Wrong import of XAR file
0011896 Import / Export minor new 2013-12-21 Impossible to cancel AI/PDF import after file selection
0011893 Scripter feature new 2013-12-17 No way to change overprinting mode from script
0011891 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2013-12-16 Page selector needed for multi-page XAR, IDML, VIVA XML, PUB files
0011890 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2013-12-15 Incorrect import of XAR files and inaccessibility of content
0011889 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2013-12-15 Layers in CGM files are ignored during import/opening
0011888 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2013-12-15 Missing font substitution options for import filters
0011867 Import / Export feature new 2013-12-07 Enable linking image frames for multi-page formats
0011873 Import / Export minor new 2013-12-06 Odd behaviour of items in imported IDML files
0011868 Import / Export feature new 2013-12-04 Improvement to "Advanced Select All"
0011870 General feature new 2013-12-04 New option for "Insert > Frames > Location": Left/Right Page
0011869 General minor new 2013-12-04 Improvement to "Insert > Frames": Multi-page import done right for image frames
0011853 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2013-12-03 Inconsistency between handling of XTG and IDMS files
0011281 Documentation feature assigned (malex) 2013-11-27 scripter API documentation online available
0011311 Import / Export minor new 2013-11-23 XPress Tag (XTG) test cases
0010417 Fonts trivial new 2013-11-20 Missing font is proposed to replace missing font
0011839 Scripter minor new 2013-11-17 constant "p" for pts to picas conversion is wrong
0003349 Import / Export feature acknowledged (cezaryece) 2013-11-14 A real support of footnotes
0011135 Canvas minor acknowledged (cezaryece) 2013-11-14 no refresh after moving a frame with footnotes welded
0011234 Styles feature acknowledged (cezaryece) 2013-11-14 Style creation for footnotes
0011827 General minor new 2013-11-12 footnotes_fix crash
0011828 Documentation minor new 2013-11-05 Community page should link to user list
0011822 General minor new 2013-11-04 footnotes_fix : PP bullet style sometime not applied
0009022 User Interface minor new 2013-11-01 Scrollbar jumps to a strange position
0000363 Styles feature acknowledged 2013-11-01 differential paragraph styles
0008164 Styles feature assigned (pierremarchand) 2013-11-01 add simple way to use "old" numerals
0001413 Story Editor / Text Frames feature assigned (avox) 2013-11-01 Support for OpenType alternate glyphs
0010521 Canvas major new 2013-11-01 Making changes in properties window makes canvas randomly jump
0011819 User Interface minor new 2013-10-30 Right click menu should propose "Info" as a first option for PDF, as it does for images
0011740 Usability major new 2013-10-29 Style effect of deleting end of paragraph
0011817 General minor new 2013-10-27 welded items move wild when moving their page
0009990 Fonts minor new 2013-10-27 Feature request to easily edit font list display
0010083 General feature new 2013-10-26 Wand tool doesn't apply to shape properties
0011811 User Interface minor new 2013-10-26 Open file dialog should remember previous typeoffile setting - or default to SLA
0011808 General feature new 2013-10-25 Wand tool improvement
0011807 User Interface tweak new 2013-10-25 string consistencies
0011793 General minor new 2013-10-17 30s for deleting textframe/object in long dokument
0011784 PDF minor feedback (cezaryece) 2013-10-15 PDF output and file size
0011775 Usability minor new 2013-10-11 Link tool unexpected offset
0011558 Graphics / Image Frames minor new 2013-10-11 3 Efficiency Features to improve Image Manager
0011774 User Interface minor new 2013-10-09 text flow display not updated when changing level of flow-around item
0011772 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2013-10-08 "font used for story editor" choice in scribus preference has no effect
0011766 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2013-10-05 "delete when empty" footnote option
0011625 Canvas minor feedback (cezaryece) 2013-10-05 inline graphic fails to be saved in footnote frame
0011759 Tables trivial new 2013-10-02 Cell style bad updated in PP
0011757 Tables minor new 2013-10-02 cell / table styles priorities
0011549 Tables minor new 2013-09-30 Table/cell styles are lacking border settings
0011750 Tables minor new 2013-09-27 Clicking inside currently edited table's cell should move editing place where the click has occured
0011749 Tables minor new 2013-09-27 "Select All" command during table edition should select whole cell text
0011748 Tables minor new 2013-09-27 Keyboard use to navigate inside a table
0005937 NLS feature confirmed 2013-09-22 Lao line wrapping and hyphenization
0011735 Usability feature new 2013-09-17 provide Default Mesh distorsions
0011712 Internal minor new 2013-09-12 Multiple updates of PP
0009821 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2013-09-09 Text (incorrectly) breaks when wrapping around an image frame
0011721 Usability minor new 2013-09-03 Story editor (CTRL-T) defaults when loses focus
0011722 Usability minor new 2013-09-03 The search window does not let the focus go in story editor (CTRL-T)
0011717 Usability minor new 2013-09-03 Tools of the tool bar can only be used on visible areas of the type-area.
0011718 Usability minor new 2013-09-03 Functional problems with rulers and guide lines
0011713 Graphics / Image Frames minor new 2013-08-31 PDF Image Frame Page Number
0011312 Import / Export minor new 2013-08-13 IDML/INDS/ICML test files
0011692 PDF minor assigned (fschmid) 2013-08-04 CMYK bitmaps which there are in pdf files after import/open in Scribus are only in RGB mode.
0011688 Styles minor new 2013-08-01 tab definition : "user defined filling" is broken
0011506 Graphics / Image Frames minor new 2013-07-26 "Is Locked" & "Size Is Locked" Set Incorrectly
0011686 User Interface minor new 2013-07-26 Mouse pointer icon over (shift) locked item and selection handles
0011680 Styles minor new 2013-07-23 language : style name mismatch depending window
0011678 User Interface feature new 2013-07-21 Cursor Options
0011359 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2013-07-18 redraw inline frames
0008753 Integration minor assigned (ale) 2013-07-18 Edit image in Gimp - must completely close Gimp to edit new image
0010908 General feature new 2013-07-12 Proposal for a unique import content command
0011660 Import / Export minor new 2013-07-12 IDML import : inter-line vertical space not imported correctly
0011651 Usability minor new 2013-07-08 Low z-index selected item should stay active current item for mouse events
0006918 Usability minor acknowledged 2013-07-08 Make CTRL-Wheel Zooming in and out toward center of mouse pointer
0011648 Import / Export minor new 2013-07-08 UTF-8 detection via Byte Order Mark
0011646 General minor new 2013-07-06 Group size should follow size of grouped items
0009758 Build System major assigned (malex) 2013-07-04 error linking meshdistortion plugin with binutils-gold on debian
0008490 Import / Export feature assigned (fschmid) 2013-07-04 When creating layers, there is no "Prints when Visible" setting.
0011641 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2013-07-03 ENUM : enable to restart numbering
0011637 General minor new 2013-06-28 UnitLoader UI
0011635 User Interface minor new 2013-06-26 Little PP improvement
0011630 Usability feature assigned (fschmid) 2013-06-26 Precise album item positionning
0011557 Usability minor new 2013-06-23 Harmonised font substitution dialogs for file importers
0011590 Import / Export feature new 2013-06-18 CMYK inspection
0011597 Import / Export minor new 2013-06-17 IDML import : IDML file used for various reports
0011583 General minor new 2013-06-11 can't insert text
0007095 Story Editor / Text Frames feature new 2013-06-04 "remove unused" styles
0011571 Canvas feature new 2013-06-04 Ability to display all the pages of a document as a "chemin de fer"
0011555 Scrapbook minor assigned (fschmid) 2013-05-30 Scrapbook Does Not Remember Exact Placement Of Items
0011554 Printing feature new 2013-05-28 color names printing
0011534 Import / Export minor new 2013-05-21 PUB import: Font substitutions are made permanent
0011531 Releases major assigned (malex) 2013-05-20 Debain Wheezy packages from Hash Sum mismatch
0011528 Releases minor assigned (malex) 2013-05-16 Scribus package has unsatisfiable dependencies
0011517 Import / Export minor assigned (fschmid) 2013-05-04 PDF Open : Image zoom not OK + PSD originating image not imported
0001547 NLS feature acknowledged 2013-05-01 Support for Indic Scripts
0011514 General major new 2013-04-30 No hash in Release File - Debian Stable
0011500 Import / Export feature assigned (fschmid) 2013-04-20 Enable import of PDF layers
0011492 General minor new 2013-04-10 ECE15 new search dialog and feature
0011489 General minor new 2013-04-08 check spelling missing button
0011488 User Interface minor new 2013-04-08 Limit the horizontal size of the Picture Browser and make it dockable
0011470 Graphics / Image Frames minor new 2013-03-25 Adjust image to frame - Make the image larger then the frame
0011459 Scripter feature assigned (jainbasil) 2013-03-15 in the scripter, use "addXxxxxx" instead of "newXxxxx"
0011456 Printing major new 2013-03-14 Sometimes print on paper differs from print preview using XEROX PS printer driver.
0002107 General feature acknowledged 2013-03-12 Master documents
0011453 User Interface minor new 2013-03-09 Non-latin font name is only displayed with ???
0011450 Scripter minor new 2013-03-07 In Scripter newPage(-2) should insert a page before last
0011449 User Interface minor new 2013-03-05 Page Insert : "Move object" option should not be included in "Page size" option
0011111 Styles minor new 2013-03-03 Style managing when importing pages
0011446 Fonts feature new 2013-03-03 Enabling user-own font palettes similar to user-own colour palettes
0011441 General minor assigned (cezaryece) 2013-03-01 text validator
0000990 Plug-ins feature assigned (subik) 2013-02-24 Mail-Merge
0003159 General feature assigned (jghali) 2013-02-16 Discretionary hyphenation support
0004270 User Interface minor new 2013-02-14 Color management applied before, not after, image effects
0010867 Story Editor / Text Frames feature assigned (cezaryece) 2013-02-13 Paragraph space before and after in properties palette
0011416 User Interface minor new 2013-02-11 A more meaningful caption for the "Colour" tab in the PP
0008023 Story Editor / Text Frames feature assigned (cbradney) 2013-02-10 Quotation marks menu not very usable
0010054 Color Management minor new 2013-02-05 Scribus Alters CMYK Color Values
0010631 User Interface tweak confirmed 2013-02-01 Use Close Gadget, Scribus Always Asks To Save
0011406 User Interface minor new 2013-01-31 Cannot Assign Alt + Shift + <Single Quote> To <Double Right Quote Glyph>
0011403 General crash new 2013-01-30 Scribus-indic crashes with Arabic
0011401 Story Editor / Text Frames minor confirmed 2013-01-27 End of Paragraph with Align or Center Right
0011398 Import / Export minor new 2013-01-26 Image export should include bleed as option
0004538 User Interface minor assigned (Chelen) 2013-01-24 Add character styles and line styles to the Search and Replace dialog
0011385 Story Editor / Text Frames major new 2013-01-19 Poor operation of story editor, text styles, properties
0011379 User Interface trivial new 2013-01-18 Default value for Scratch space should enable full horz scroll
0011376 User Interface feature acknowledged 2013-01-18 Enable PDF export profiles
0011230 Scripter feature new 2013-01-10 activeDocument.activePage.type returning values
0011367 Documentation minor new 2013-01-10 <Help>/<Get help on Scripter> points to an invalid web link
0011366 User Interface tweak new 2013-01-10 Uneven display of strokes of selected frames
0011209 Fonts feature new 2013-01-09 Scribus doesn't find any fonts by font rental Skyfonts
0011361 Styles minor new 2013-01-07 whole paragraph style edit pane keeps grayed
0002320 User Interface minor feedback (fschmid) 2013-01-07 Prefs iconview doesn't grow to fit icon captions or cleanly wrap
0011340 Scripter minor new 2013-01-06 scripter2 has no character style handling
0011342 Scripter minor new 2013-01-06 Scripter2: newDocument does not work
0011338 Scripter feature new 2013-01-06 Scripter: add the documentation for dialogAPI
0011333 Graphics / Image Frames minor new 2013-01-06 E shortcut for image frames
0009808 General feature new 2013-01-05 follow the XDG standard for the config files
0011326 Styles feature new 2013-01-04 Future for dropcaps options
0005190 Import / Export feature acknowledged 2013-01-04 Export story text as something better than txt
0011327 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2013-01-04 Changing inline frame dimensions produces unexpected results
0011329 Scripter feature new 2013-01-03 object browser in editor
0006235 General feature assigned (avox) 2013-01-01 bad display of character STYLE when selection is not empty
0011324 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2013-01-01 set font changes unselected next glyph's font
0003343 General feature acknowledged 2012-12-31 Let guides snap to objects
0011322 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2012-12-31 Selected frame after Unlink frame
0011314 Tables minor new 2012-12-30 Table and Cell styles near and more distant future
0011305 PDF minor acknowledged 2012-12-30 Adapt PDF Export in Document Settings to PDF Export Dialogue
0010502 Typography feature new 2012-12-30 Typographic Color
0009614 General minor new 2012-12-30 Non breaking spaces look the same as normal space when "Show Control Characters" is checked
0011284 Scripter feature assigned (jainbasil) 2012-12-30 setParagraph style
0011289 Scripter feature assigned (jainbasil) 2012-12-25 Real python objects instead of strings
0011285 Scripter feature assigned (jainbasil) 2012-12-24 duplicateObject does not return name of new create object
0011286 Scripter feature assigned (jainbasil) 2012-12-24 Allow keyword arguments in scripter
0011075 Import / Export tweak new 2012-12-21 [request] speeding up of importing text
0011276 Undo/Redo minor new 2012-12-18 Big delay (almost freeze) on closing Context Menu.
0008994 Usability text new 2012-12-17 Shortkeys actions
0011265 General crash acknowledged (cezaryece) 2012-12-17 Enum styles should be named "types" and "sets" should be real styles.
0011264 General crash resolved (cezaryece) 2012-12-17 crash in numeration branch : copy + paste twice the enum
0011272 Story Editor / Text Frames major new 2012-12-16 Problem with flow/kerning with large outline font - font large than frame is rendered
0011263 General minor acknowledged (cezaryece) 2012-12-16 radiobutton for exclusive choices : Enum, Bullet or Dropcap in edit style dialog
0011270 General minor resolved (cezaryece) 2012-12-16 Bullets : UI very strange
0011249 General feature new 2012-12-15 warn if the image contains transparencies but the frame background is not "none"
0011236 Scripter feature assigned (jainbasil) 2012-12-13 Add pre-defined constants to Scripter2
0011245 General minor new 2012-12-10 clear contents: only one frame gets filled when redoing clear contents on multiple text frames
0011237 Usability minor new 2012-12-06 can`t assing any text attributes to the whole content in all selected blocks at same time
0002038 Styles feature acknowledged 2012-12-06 extended paragraph styles
0011233 Scripter feature new 2012-12-04 new scripter: create Scripter.activeDocument.setActivePage()
0011231 Styles feature new 2012-12-04 Text variables based on styles
0011227 Import / Export minor new 2012-12-03 [BUG] calling text import caused few times applying old value of line spacing to frame style
0011226 General feature new 2012-12-02 footnotes: add an option to have all the notes on the page in the same notes text area
0011216 General minor new 2012-12-02 Text layout bug collection
0011203 General feature new 2012-12-02 Sample Text language prefs
0011217 General minor new 2012-11-30 Changing Line-spacing Automatic->Fixed using PP can lead to necessary relayouting
0011173 Canvas feature new 2012-11-30 Merge rotate tool with selector tool
0011189 Usability feature new 2012-11-30 Font preview enhancement
0010847 Scripter minor assigned (jainbasil) 2012-11-28 new scripter: could not run Scripter.activeWindow.setRedraw(True)
0011193 General minor assigned (ale) 2012-11-27 numeration: crash when inserting a glyph from the char table into the bullets drop down
0011200 General minor confirmed (cezaryece) 2012-11-27 numeration: continue numeration accross not linked items
0011196 General minor acknowledged (cezaryece) 2012-11-27 numeration: distance from text or distance "for" text
0011194 General minor feedback (ale) 2012-11-27 numeration: rules for activating "Create New Set" are not clear
0011198 General minor acknowledged (cezaryece) 2012-11-26 numeration: the effect should be a radio button not a checkbox
0011191 General minor feedback (ale) 2012-11-26 numeration: the bullet / number should appear also if the line is empty
0011197 General minor assigned (ale) 2012-11-26 numeration: "AutoIndent" does not do anything
0011199 General minor assigned (ale) 2012-11-26 numeration: switching style does not update the numbers
0011206 User Interface minor new 2012-11-24 Render frame editor shouldn't allow formatting
0007351 PDF major new 2012-11-22 PDF export: fonts are always embedded
0011187 Canvas minor new 2012-11-22 Arrange Pages: Select Multiple Pages
0011177 Graphics / Image Frames minor new 2012-11-19 copy-content do not adjust image when pasted in a adjust-image-to-frame image-frame
0011168 Graphics / Image Frames minor new 2012-11-13 intermittent failure of text/picure boxes and/or properties
0011166 User Interface minor new 2012-11-12 Style select in story editor often selects wrong styles
0003547 Usability feature confirmed 2012-11-12 Faster quickedit with ctrl
0001076 Fonts feature acknowledged 2012-11-06 New (Sub) Style definition for Boldface, Italics and Plain
0011157 Import / Export minor new 2012-11-06 Import of ODT should use "display name" of style
0002028 General feature acknowledged 2012-11-06 Fullscreen mode
0001463 Import / Export feature confirmed 2012-11-05 Add pdf export "templates"
0002277 Usability minor acknowledged 2012-11-05 Image compression in PDF
0011149 General minor new 2012-11-04 Copy-and-paste resets 'Text' properties
0004562 Import / Export feature acknowledged 2012-11-04 PDF Export: Subsetting of OTF fonts (CFF variant) as Type1 subsets in PDF version < 1.6
0004564 Import / Export feature acknowledged 2012-11-04 PDF Export: Subsetting of OTF fonts (TTF variant) as true TTF subsets in PDF version < 1.6
0003831 PDF minor acknowledged 2012-11-04 Metabug: PDF Forms
0011141 Story Editor / Text Frames text new 2012-11-01 Text distance not working when text frame is under object
0005051 General minor acknowledged 2012-10-28 frame size should not include control points
0001113 General feature assigned 2012-10-28 Small document size repeated on larger paper
0011137 General feature new 2012-10-28 Imposition
0011136 Story Editor / Text Frames minor new 2012-10-28 when in edit mode, selecting text in a previously not selected frame does not work correctly
0010237 User Interface minor confirmed 2012-10-28 click and drag selects all objects on all previous pages
0001173 Story Editor / Text Frames feature acknowledged 2012-10-28 Magnetic Captions/Smart Captions
0009883 General minor new 2012-10-27 "Style of next paragraph" option
0011130 Canvas feature new 2012-10-25 if frames of the same type are selected, the according tab should be active
0011055 General feature new 2012-10-25 in the document settings we can set the identifier but not its type
0009937 Styles minor new 2012-10-22 More options in line styles
0010102 User Interface feature new 2012-10-22 Line style doesn't have custom line setting
0010930 User Interface major new 2012-10-21 PP don't display the right color
0010683 Styles feature new 2012-10-21 can't set text background color
0008214 User Interface major new 2012-10-20 Orientation doesn't apply to verso page
0009216 Typography minor confirmed 2012-10-20 Underline is not apply in tabs
0001791 Story Editor / Text Frames feature acknowledged 2012-10-16 Linking to external text
0011112 Canvas minor new 2012-10-11 still some blurred frame borders...
0007413 Usability major new 2012-10-09 Edit Contents of Frame should restrict user intervention only to content of a frame
0008919 PDF minor new 2012-10-03 PDF objects on master page aren't generated as PDF form fields and their PDF properties cannot be set
0011090 General minor assigned (cezaryece) 2012-10-03 ScribusECE14 : Problem with forced end of line (SHIFT ENTER)
0011099 Usability minor new 2012-10-03 in 1.5 and in 1.4 - selection of text got opacity from text frame value
0011093 General minor assigned (cezaryece) 2012-10-03 ECE14 bad layout
0011060 Import / Export minor new 2012-09-30 Rewrite plugin for HTML import
0011102 Graphics / Image Frames minor new 2012-09-28 image frames: when switching from free to frame size, move image to the top left corner
0011095 Story Editor / Text Frames major new 2012-09-26 text is not hyphenated
0011086 General feature new 2012-09-25 new "Clean existing styles" option for "Define shortcut for Style" pane
0009754 Graphics / Image Frames feature new 2012-09-24 Flowaround distances
0011088 General minor assigned (cezaryece) 2012-09-24 ScribusECE14 : erratic "Same as parent" for "clear local formatting before applying" in styles window
0011091 User Interface minor new 2012-09-23 Forced end of line (SHIFT ENTER) should be considered as word separator
0011068 General minor resolved (ale) 2012-09-22 Problem in Oriya rendering (Indic)
0011087 General minor new 2012-09-22 Movement direction constraint should be activated before movement
0011085 General minor new 2012-09-21 "Define shortcut" button should become unselected once shortcut is defined
0011083 User Interface feature new 2012-09-21 Improve page moves through Manage Page window
0011082 Usability feature new 2012-09-20 About "Manage Page" window UI
0011081 Styles minor new 2012-09-20 Height of line should not be set to 15
0011079 General minor new 2012-09-19 Extra space after Bengali word if the word ended with a 'juktakkhor' or combined glyph
0011074 Usability minor new 2012-09-17 viewport should follow edit
0011061 Import / Export feature new 2012-09-07 Warn at PDF export if overprinting is used
0010264 User Interface minor new 2012-09-07 Multiple file (project) scope operation
0010432 Story Editor / Text Frames feature new 2012-09-07 Selecting object after having edited another one and having changed page using arrow keys
0011053 Styles feature new 2012-08-29 styles palette: show the style by tag and not hierarchically
0008268 General feature assigned 2012-08-28 Make it possible to donate
0011046 Usability minor new 2012-08-23 Text frames not on inserted pages but instead after the last pages in gray area
0011045 General feature new 2012-08-23 rename clipping options in the pre-press tab
0011043 General feature new 2012-08-22 once the document is created, there is no way to disable auto text frames
0011041 Canvas feature new 2012-08-21 per layer guides
0004759 Styles minor new 2012-08-19 Inconsistent baselines with styles
0002899 User Interface feature acknowledged 2012-08-19 Why don't make also base lines snapping?
0011038 Canvas feature new 2012-08-19 snap to items also for the baseline
0011036 Canvas feature new 2012-08-19 snap to items should relate to all the pages in the "layout"
0011035 Usability minor new 2012-08-18 Accident to edit an invisible layer
0003097 Story Editor / Text Frames major confirmed 2012-08-18 problems wi