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The Colour Manager

  • The colour manager is defined by colorm.cpp
  • It's called by scribus.cpp as follows:
ColorManager* dia = new ColorManager(this, edc, doc, prefsManager->colorSetName(), prefsManager->appPrefs.CustomColorSets);
  • The constructors parameters are named as:
    • QWidget* parent = this (cannot be used outside of the constructor)
    • ColorList EditColors = doco = edc = (HaveDoc ? doc->PageColors : prefsManager->colorSet())
    • ScribusDoc* m_Doc = doc
    • QString* docColSet = prefsManager->colorSetName() (cannot be used outside of the constructor)
    • QStringList customColSet = custColSet = prefsManager->appPrefs.CustomColorSets
  • The list of colours are read by the colour manager from the palettes and written to a m_Doc property.
  • The list of used colors can be read throug void m_Doc->getUsedColor(& ColorList &colorsToUse, bool spot)

Implementing the possibility to hide unused colours

Adding a preference field

  • Add a property in prefsmanager.h
  • Add a method for reading and one for writing it in prefsmanager.cpp

Setting the preference from the Colour Management Dialog

  • Set the prefsManager as a local variable
  • Add a checkbox to the dialog
  • Read and set the preference
  • "Notify" the strings that are to be translated
  • Correctly filter the list according to the preference

Filter out the hidden colours in every colour list

  • Find all the colour lists
  • Check if the unused are to be shown, and if not, don't show them (probably, through asking m_Doc->getUsedColor()