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* [[http://www.pdfhacks.com/pdftk/ pdftk]] (free)
* [[http://www.pdfhacks.com/pdftk/ pdftk]] (free)
* [[http://www.quantumelephant.co.uk/bookbinder/bookbinder.html bookbinder]] (free)
=Linux and Unix=
=Linux and Unix=

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This article is part of the HOWTOs series.
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A list of tools which are useful for imposition.

Two type of software are listed here:

  • software which can be obtained free of charge and can help you do some imposition tasks.
  • imposition software (free, free of charge or payware)


Linux and Unix


  • [PDFmergeX] (donationware): not really an imposition tool... but it may have enough features for you
  • [CombinePDFs] (donationware)