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One of the most requested features for Scribus was automatical bleed. As of version 1.3.4, it's possible to set the bleed for the document. Demanding users will be happy that it can be set for each margin individually. Bleed settings are offered in four different dialogs:

Bleed settings in Document Setup - Document
Bleed settings in the Document Setup > PDF
Bleed settings in the PDF Export Dialog

Additionally you can already create the bleed for your pages when you create a new document:

Bleed settings in the New Document Dialog


Overprinting is an important technique in professional printing to prevent mismatches with overlapping colours in offset printing. As of version 1.3.4, Scribus now can activate overprinting for individual items in the Properties Palette:

Activating Overprinting in the Properties Palette

These settings can be overridden in the PDF Export Dialog and general overprinting will be enforced:

Overprinting in the PDF Export Dialog