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There is no spell checker in released versions of Scribus, but the development version, 1.3.5, has one (see Aspell_in_1.3.5svn) For 1.3.3 and earlier, you can use a good spell checker, licensed under the GPL: aspell [1].


  • Download and install aspell.
  • Download and install an aspell dictionary for your language.


  • In terminal/console : aspell --lang=fr --encoding=utf-8 --mode=sgml --add-sgml-check=ch check fichier.sla
    • --lang=fr for french, en for english, etc.
    • --encoding=utf-8 (since it is the encoding in Scribus' file format)
    • --mode=sgml (since a Scribus file is XML)
    • --add-sgml-check=ch (Check only the value CH instead of all the values of XML)
    • check action for aspell
    • fichier.sla (= your Scribus file)


  • I'm french with a bad english, there are surely some mistakes.
  • This is a Wiki, so many eyes can improve your work. Thank you for your efforts!