Where can I get good fonts?

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Where can I get good fonts?

Corel WP has the TTF fonts and Corel Draw has the TTF plus PS fonts. At least this is true for WP 8 and Draw 8. The fonts are in their own folders and can be copied WITHOUT installing the product anywhere.

Adobe Illustrator has fonts (Adobe garamond etc.), also Adobe Type Manager (full product) has fonts but it is no longer compatible with XP since XP uses Open Type now.

There is also some good (and some bad) OS2 fonts at http://hobbes.nmsu.edu

Corel font's aren't expert fonts really. They are rip offs of some good fonts and none of them is available in the number of styles one needs for professional work (doing newspapers or a whole bunch of PR-material).

So [fontshop.de fontshop.de] is a good place to go, but you might also have a look at [linotype.com linotype.com], [lucasfonts.com lucasfonts.com] and maybe [fontfabrik.com fontfabrik.com] (they only retail). They are all German companies offering some really nice fonts, that unfortunately aren't affordable for everybody, because they are quite expensive.