Where can I get good fonts?

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Where can I get good fonts?

  • Artifex A set of 80 TrueType fonts, donated and freely licensed to Artifex Software Inc., makers of GhostScript and GhostPCL, by the URW foundry. The fonts are of pro quality and well worth grabbing. Nimbus Sans, Nimbus Roman, Garamond No.8, URW Palladio are just few of them that are worth mentioning. For a complete list and more information, see Right font for right purpose on Scribus Wiki
  • The TeX Gyre Collection of Fonts A collection of 35 OpenType versions of Artifex fonts from the Polish TeX Users Group. With extended character set and true small capitals but under the different names, the fonts are of the same pro quality.
  • SIL International offers several good quality free fonts, for Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Cyrillic alphabets and for some Asian and African scripts.
  • Google Fonts offers some very well done fonts under Open Source licenses. Previews are available here.
  • The League of Moveable Type is where new Open Source fonts are collected and offered under the OFL or a CC license. The fonts are of very good quality and the collection, although slowly, is growing.
  • Liberation Font Family A font family of 3 set - Sans, Serif and Monospace. Designed by Ascender Type Foundry, the fonts are of pro quality, also substitute for and metric compatible to Arial, Times New Roman and Courier New. A narrow sans family of the fonts, which ist metric compatible to Arial Narrow, was later contributed by Oracle Corporation.
  • Linux Libertine offers two free font families under the GPL License: Linux Libertine (a bit like Times) and Linux Biolinum (Organic Grotesque). With a wide range of character sets as well as true Small Capitals, the fonts have pro quality.
  • The Fedora project continues to build a collection of high-quality fonts for different purposes, like non-Latin scripts or formulas. The collection also contains some fonts that can be used for Latin-based scripts.
  • Fontsquirrel offers a selection of manually selected/searched high quality free fonts.
  • Kimberly Geswein offers many fabulous, free-to-use handdrawn fonts with fabulous names.
  • Another place worth looking at is the German TeX Users Group (TUG). It provides some free high quality Type 1/TTF/Open Type fonts. Similarly, the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN) offers a wide range of excellent fonts. Previews are available here.

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