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We now have as of 1.5.x versions of Scribus REAL Drop Shadows. You may be familiar with shadows as a type of text effect. These had very limited adjustments, just the color, the X/Y shift of the color, and the saturation. Here we see an example of this:


I've accentuated the distances, and used a black shadow with 30% saturation. Notice the sharp edges of the shadow, about which you have no choice.

Comes 1.5.x

In the 1.5.x versions, we now have a new section in Properties.

Dropshadows3.png Because of some particulars of the appearance of Properties, you may not be able to see all of these settings without scrolling. This image is a composite made to show all settings at once.

So now let's look at a simple situation where we just check the Has Drop Shadow box, leave offsets as they are, color Black, and set Opacity to 80%.


Chances are, this is much more likely what you have in mind when you want to create a drop shadow.

Here is one more image to show how you can use drop shadows on image frames also, and what happens when you superimpose text with drop shadows.


Also See

You can now find this information and a bit more in the online manual with the 1.5.3 version.