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Export to Power Point - Open Office ODP -- Rmos 13:08, 29 October 2011 (CEST)

I am just writing a book in DIN A5 format, where I bring some of my Power Point Presentations created by Open Office. It's an annoying work to convert each page of the presentation into a half page of the book.

My layout is to bring 2 power point pages to one book page.

Working with Scribus seems to be easier than with Open Office Presentation.

So I head an idea:

When I could set up an export

Export what You find on page [ 50 ] to [ 69 ]

from each page

from top: 20mm from left: 16mm width: 116mm height: 87mm


from top: 108mm from left: 16mm width: 116mm height: 87mm

to an *.odp (Open Office presentation file)

So next time, I would design my presentation in Scribus and export it to *.odp format