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I'm writing here cause I'm new to this wiki... and pretty new to Scribus too...

Pantone website

Another way to legally obtain Pantone colour palettes is to use a file (hxxp:// that's freely available from Pantone's official website. This file contains all the colour names and the sRGB values for the PANTONE® FORMULA GUIDE coated. A few code lines can transform this into a colour swatch or a Scribus document to import into your colour library.

Here is a basic sample code in php:

$handle = fopen("somefile", "rb");
$contents = stream_get_contents($handle);
$content_array = explode('= ', $contents);

echo '<SCRIBUSUTF8NEW Version="" >'.chr(13).chr(10);
echo ' <DOCUMENT>'.chr(13).chr(10);
foreach($content_array as $color) {
	$color_name = substr($color, 0, strpos($color, chr(13)));
	$sRGB_equivalent = substr($color, strpos($color, chr(13))+14, 6);
	if($color_name != '' && $color_name != 'blank')
		echo '  <COLOR Register="0" Spot="1" RGB="#'.$sRGB_equivalent.'" NAME="'.$color_name.'" />'.chr(13).chr(10);
echo ' </DOCUMENT>'.chr(13).chr(10);

You can see it at work here: hxxp:// Source: hxxp://

Olivier Berten 23:49, 28 January 2007 (CET)

Legal note:

I removed the direct links in this article. The above mentioned link to the Pantone site is a "deep link" and it's totally unclear how the information it links to is copyrighted. Pantone sells a product called "ColorBridge (TM)" which includes also tables with the sRGB / CMYK equivalents of Pantone colors. I doubt very much that Pantone supports distribution of those lists independently of their products. The Scribus team wishes to keep their websites free from legally dubious information, so we will not distribute Pantone swatches or link to sites which illegally do so.

Scribus supports import of colors from different sources: PS/EPS/AI files, Create swatches, Scribus swatches, other Scribus documents etc. As Olivier's article shows it's not difficult to get this information into Scribus, but you still need to get the information legally in the first place. I'm afraid this will stay so until Pantone decides to distribute their swatches freely.

Andreas Vox (avox)