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The Scribus 1.3.x Roadmap

Roadmap preamble. This document forms the basis of our work on Scribus 1.3.x/1.4. As you will see, some of the work has been done already. This document will change over time based on the possibilities to achieve these goals in the versions set out below. There is a 1.3.x Roadmap Extras document which accompanies this one that lists the outstanding bugs or feature requests from the 1.1.x/1.2 series that we aim to fix in the 1.3.x development series. Please place your comments and suggestions on the Roadmap Suggestions page.


  • Give access to the Scribus and document preferences at the same time so they are clearly separated. - DONE
  • File verifier to test file properties for print readiness - DONE
  • Enhancements to canvas - linked frame markers - DONE
  • Some performance improvement with large amounts of text present - DONE for 1.3.0
  • Code cleanup - DONE for 1.3.0
  • Rename all variables to English ones (partly done) #1688 - DONE for 1.3.0
  • Move all measurement calculations to units.cpp/.h. #1689 - DONE
  • Move all constants such as AppMode and page sizes etc to be defined for multiple use. - DONE for 1.3.0
  • Options for performance (eg, DPI view in image frames, currently 72) low, med, hi, 72, 144, 300 ? #1691 - DONE
  • Export text as outlines in PDF exporter. - DONE
  • True facing pages - DONE
  • Arrowhead ability on lines - DONE
  • Basic undo/redo framework - DONE for 1.3.0
  • Undo/Redo rewrite with actions based steps like Gimp has, down to level of per character in text frames, node edits, etc. See bug 23 for 1.3.0
  • Start separating GUI code from internal structures and the canvas - DONE for 1.3.0
  • Add Graphical Import: CMYK-TIFF, CMYK-JPG - DONE
  • Add Graphical Import: PSD #114 - DONE
  • Keyboard Shortcut Manager (loading, import/export of shortcut sets) #1690 DONE - also see:Inkscape_Interoperation Inkscape and Scribus and Harmonizing_Scribus/Inkscape_Keyboard_Shortcuts and see public wiki
  • Suppport more page measure units (Centimeter, Cicero) - DONE
  • Text on path issues #171 - DONE
  • More Text Import slave plugins: OASIS - DONE
  • Extra attributes (RDF and custom) on frames and documents (eg Author tag on a particular frame, or source tag on a frame, or 'DBID' on a doc) - DONE
  • Implement PDF 1.5 support for layers - DONE
  • 1362 admin/CVS directory must be removed on "make dist" - DONE
  • Ability to change GUI language on the fly #1175 - DONE
  • Write a new align/distribute palette - DONE
  • Implement a color eyedropper - DONE
  • Make Story Editor non modal giving easier access to editing text - DONE
  • Initial native release on Mac OSX - DONE
  • Option for linespacing to be based on font's line spacing, user setting or baseline - DONE
  • Enable access to DFONT font files and TTC font collections #1816 - DONE
  • More control over character offsets to baseline, underline, strikethrough positioning, font vertical scaling - DONE
  • Preflight tool to verify file correctness for printing/exporting with profiles for various export/print options. - DONE
  • Ability to have different margins on each page - DONE


  • Start to break up pageitem.cpp into multiple classes, partly based on previous test work - IN PROGRESS FROM 1.3.0
  • Continue separating GUI code from internal structures and the canvas - IN PROGRESS FROM 1.3.0
  • New file open and save dialog class to handle multiple file location options, eg local, NFS, kio, WebDAV. These would be used in import and export plugins, SLA open/save, get/save text functions. They would pass a stream pointer/filename etc to the resulting plugin for the operation. #1693
  • Add margin 'skipping' support for facing pages
  • Code cleanup - IN PROGRESS FROM 1.3.0
  • Tweak linked frame markers for size and colour - DONE
  • Continue to rename all variables to English ones (partly done) #1688 - IN PROGRESS FROM 1.3.0
  • Set font picker, style picker, etc to display "<multiple>" rather than incorrect info
  • New font selection capability based on gtfonts and Tsoots gettext code #1692 IN PROGRESS FROM 1.3.0
  • Convert important structs (StVorL, etc) into proper classes with sensible defaults and set methods that sanity-check input #1703 IN PROGRESS FROM 1.3.0
  • Move Load and Save functions into a "master/slave" plugin (like GetText is) to easily support loading of various formats (new, old, complete oo.o, etc). #1702
  • RGB profiled export for bubblejets (Note: CMYK for PDF-X/3 only!) #1697, 1271
  • Enhance EPS importer to support raster graphics #1698
  • PDF-in-PDF embedding of placed PDFs on PDF export (works only in PDF-1.4 and above FS) #1699 see also #1179
  • Warning on missing fonts in placed/imported EPS/PDF files #1700
  • Option to print PostScript errors #1441
  • Responsiveness during long operations. Separate UI thread, progress bars? #722, 726, 1036
  • "Zoom to 100%"/"Zoom to default" button on 'mountain zoom' bar see also #315
  • Release procedure documentation
  • Enhancements to Undo/Redo - IN PROGRESS FROM 1.3.0
  • Fix the file dialog for #1913


  • SVG Layer support #1700
  • New file format and DTD, 100% XML compliant #111 assigned to malex
  • New Colour Storage Format with various options eg, index, name, number, rgba, cmyk, spots, etc. See New Colours Format #379 #716
  • Enhancements to canvas (text frames show column markers, better frame control options)
  • Enhance Qt pixmap image support (ie, the pixmap based formats Qt doesnt currently support) IN PROGRESS
  • Move vector import to master/slave plugin format (EPS/SVG/etc)
  • New Start-up Dialog for new users on launch. #1709



  • Text refinements #415
  • Typographic enhancements
  • Hyphenation improvements #417
  • Bullet support in paragraph styles #102 Partly DONE
  • Inheritable paragraph styles #363
  • Related to above: limited styles, presumably with a 'next-style' attribute. Think 'first paragraph' styles, etc.
  • Finer than 0.1pt control over leading, kerning, type size
  • Finer than 1% control over text width adjustment (DONE in 1.3.0 to 0.1%)
  • Tracking adjustment (ie inter-word spacing) See bug 418
  • Manual tracking (tweaking inter-word spacing)?
  • Maximum inter-word spacing control, or "willingness to hyphenate" control
  • non-paragraph-terminating newline char (CTL-enter?)
  • General improvements to text frames with muliple styles
  • Control hyphenation as part of para style?
  • Character based styles #002, 1076/1077
  • Working PyQT for Scripter (see Using QT from the Python interface) IN PROGRESS
  • Scripter functions enhancements (hangs together with "Scribus Objects via Scripter" IN PROGRESS
  • Asynchronous or indepently threaded Python execution (qt will provide a lot of this for free without requiring real threads ... if it can be made to work) (see patches in Using QT from the Python interface) IN PROGRESS
  • Access to the Scribus core from python outside of Scribus GUI/scripter. (DCOP? CORBA/XML-RPC?) #1675


  • Transparency flattener #876, 377
  • Ability to clone frames like Inkscape can, allowing, for example, text frames on various layers to have the same size and attributes, except different content (eg layers for various translations of a doc). When one is moved, they all move, when one is resized they all resize etc. .."Linked Layer Objects" ? #1704
  • Boolean Object methods (like Inkscape etc)
  • More Text Import slave plugins: XML/HTML/(XHTML+CSS)/OO.org Calc/Kword/Kspread


  • Crop, fold, registration capability #194,1113,1116
  • Bleed capability #129, 1041
  • Transparency enhancements
  • Some means of handling spot colours. GS 8.5x has loads of improvements there


  • Tables rewrite/feature enhancement
  • New dialog class for standard look and feel
  • Configurable multitab notebook for the Scrapbook, with tabs named by the user for various applications or their choice, eg one tab per doc.
  • Multiple scrapbooks open at once


  • Shortcut profiles, eg "for adobe users", "for xpress users" IN PROGRESS
  • Ability to create TOC and Indexes, footnotes etc 1371 IN PROGRESS
  • LaTeX support of some sort
  • Formula import/input via LaTeX or MathML #1030
  • Mail merge
  • Spellchecker based on Enchant, aspell, or ispell (like it's done in KDE?)


  • OpenClipArt Integration #1263 IN PROGRESS
  • Font Finder. As manually run item, or when a font is missing in a document, we can provide a method for a user to download and install a font from ANY of the free distro font repositories. Requires: List of fonts and repositories (and the code of course)