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Further to the 1.3.x Roadmap, this page lists feature requests and bugs that we hope to get done in 1.3.x as well. Many items which were here have been migrated to the Roadmap as they are completed. Entries are removed when done.

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Previous Roadmap formatted list click to uncollapse ---->

  • 131 Ability to have various typographic spacing (thin, en and em spaces) breakable and non-breakable... (subset if the "1.3.4 Hyphenation improvements # 417".)
  • 168 Single click should place text cursor
  • 185 Allow frames on templates to have content when applied to normal pages.
  • 187 (extra optional tags on frames to be more specific)
  • 204 Drop Cap only for the first paragraph
  • 212 Ability to create initial vertical space at the beginning of a column
  • 231 Add in ability to import Colour Sets into current document
  • 304 predefined styles for text
  • 306 Copying pages in Scripter
  • 321 vertical aligning
  • 328 Ability to have line attributes (ie no style but changed settings) and styles per frame line
  • 331 Enabled click and <meta key>+click to create new frame
  • 371 Edit>Preferences>Fonts...>Available Fonts needs column sorting
  • 393 SVG inside a picture frame
  • 398 kerning information not updated when selecting text
  • 415 rules above or below paras request
  • 452 Tools>Bookmarks look is inconsistent with other dialogs
  • 453 Tools>Outline dialog should be made consistent with other dialogs.
  • 454 Tools>Page Palette look need to be slightly tweaked and the name changed
  • 459 template items could detach for stacking, moving, editing, deletion, on local pages
  • 460 drop-cap with # of letters, or first word(s). subsequent paras shift-return for newline, no dropcap
  • 461 drop-cap position for hanging, jutting, etc
  • 466 Positioning printouts on the page
  • 480 Being able to *switch* items in the Distribute/Align menu
  • 492 Footnotes which stay on the same page as the associated word
  • 498 Typography Preference Settings as part of Paragraph Styles
  • 502? Multiselection in items Overview
  • 504 We need more accuray object selection
  • 505 Object sellection with Ctrl
  • 533 move objects in the object-tree
  • 555 rotating objects without rotate-cursor ?
  • 575 (in general multiple application of properties)
  • 577 Paragraph Styles -> Kerning and language options missing
  • 579 right-click paragraph, save as paragraph style
  • 689 basepoint of lines cannot be set to the middle or diagonal one
  • 835 Measurement attachment to the guides and frames
  • 889 inverse bezier tool handling
  • 950 The search and replace dialogue should not be modal because the way it is now you cannot cut and paste into it.
  • 990 Mail-Merge
  • 1008 ?
  • 1032? Request: PDF Bookmarks at arbritrary locations within text frames.
  • 1034 Edit Paste disabled after copy from another program, but Control V works
  • 1037 GetTextLength returns 0 for non-empty frame
  • 1069 Auto-adjust size of text box to the text
  • 1085 Better text on path control
  • 1086 Lines styles with two or more parallel lines
  • 1094 Importing multipage PDFs must give options for importing a selection of pages see also 1352 (dup)
  • 1118 Give instant access to Style editor from within the Properties palette>Text
  • 1212 styles for drop caps
  • 1321 Individual DPI settings
  • 1398 Improve memory efficiency of raster image export
  • 1406 Add text metrics to scripter
  • 1410 Allow automatic text frames after document has been started
  • 1423 Single key-stroke to kern letters...
  • 1462 Lines (borders) on frames are drawn from the center of the edge to the outside
  • 1463 Add pdf export "templates"
  • 1474 RTF Import
  • 1475 Bad hyphenating implementation
  • 1518 PrefsTable breaks if indexing is started from (1,0)
  • 1540? Issue with stylesheet and emphasis like italic or bold fonts
  • 1569 regression from 1.2
  • 1592 New textframes not linkable to "Autoframes"
  • 1598 - assigned Missing preference to text importer
  • 1622? Splitting the import menu
  • 1627 improvement for handling changes in images on disc
  • 1629 A need to run menu items from the scriptor for automation purposes
  • 1630 A macro recorder to build a script automatically from users actions.
  • 1663 ability to assign shortcut keys to the running of a script
  • 1671 - needs testing
  • 1678 Search in Picture Management should search user specified directory list, pick up all matching images in dir.
  • 2264 - Support more PDF/X-x versions
  • 2460 - Support JDF

Other issues not linked to issue queue:

  • New from Template toolbar button?
  • Tweak "save as template" - current UI is IMO confusing
  • Tweak nudge behaviour when snap to guides on
  • Tweak drag object behaviour when within snap distance of two different guides on the same axis
  • Editable template mechanism
  • Fix extreme performance issue when dragging complex vector selections like text converted to outlines
  • redraw issues
  • Try to avoid widows and orphans automatically? bug 132
  • Options for performance (eg, antialiasing, dragging of groups showing item outlines, etc)
  • A way to place PDF and EPS files containing mixed type, vector, and raster graphics such that they're not output rasterised to PDF or PS.
  • Compiling as a KDE Application by option, pure Qt only when KDE is not found. Gives us a lot of goodies for free.
  • Riku's new Preferences class for easy access to storage/load/save of settings from both main program and plugins
  • Managability features: Configurable template search path (probably in scribus.rc), ability to specify scribus.rc path with snippets to merge. Better description coming. Prompted by discussion with mlurie.

Optional Extras

  • KDE/WebDAV integration
  • Database and network storage
  • 'Edit in helper' (related to above) to edit text in an external app, as the current GIMP integration does it.
  • Scanner support Aquire from scanner, like in gimp
  • Digikam support
  • Dynamic Templates
  • Using Scribus objects via Scripter (like ScribusView.ActualPage.Item[1].SetText('bah')) => need to study python docs hard ;) (sip? )
  • Automatically select smallest printer-supported ISO (or US, where LC_PAPER is en_US) paper size that job will fit on when printing.

Ideas from the Bugtracker

This section contains useful single ideas from RFEs that have been closed, because they exceeded the scope of a layout program.

  • The ability to use real frame nodes as reference points to set coordinates rather than just bounding box keypoints.