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The Scribus Team is pleased to announce the release of the stable development version 1.5.5. Unlike previous versions of 1.5.x, changes in this version have taken place mostly under the hood and include a large refactoring effort to make the code easier to read, easier to maintain and to increase speed. In addition, many bugs have been fixed, the most noticeable ones being related to the new text engine and its handling of complex scripts.

New features

  • The most important new feature is the possibility to search for a particular function, like one can in GIMP, G'MIC or Photoshop. If possible, the new dialog also shows the menu path.
  • Fonts that have been rejected are now being listed in a separate tab in the Document Setup / Preferences dialogs, so users who know that a certain font has been installed on their system know why it doesn't show up in the font selectors.
  • Tool tips have been added to entries in font selectors, so as to enable users to quickly identify the names of, for instance, symbol fonts.
  • It's now possible to use Scribus with a dark UI color scheme.
  • Many new Scripter commands and updates to the Scripter documentation
  • Improvements to the support of complex scripts in various areas (hyphenation, numbering)
  • Updates to import and export filters
  • Updates to ensure Scribus will run as expected on the latest versions of Windows 10 and Mac OS X
  • The user interface has been refined and improved in some areas.

The complete changelog is available here: https://bugs.scribus.net/changelog_page.php?version_id=106

Primary Download Locations

Download Verification

Description File Name Sha256sum Sha1sum
Source scribus-1.5.5.tar.xz 7908b21a6ce843269f58cedf5f8f791893257e6201cce5fbddc70daca2fe3f71 2f657d42df810bcf1a223cf4c38bf18278486907
Source scribus- c8d5da37d23d9371d237c0f4c21c58ce535e4daa11185946c50ac411616519f1 5073b4f2c977af5c56877d7b6f863d371a3d9334
Source scribus-1.5.5.tar.gz 22fd7a149f360b91a613d3485da4bad7c065770d39b5570447985170e9c727eb 2f9bcb5fa19a514e3988aa38a652cbe351ddb9b6
Source scribus-1.5.5.tar.bz2 d67aef229a68b47d3e9a8b59b3406c640279c159f8a3de5516c49c2c5bc90aa9 e6d02faaf385c3bd3d22516d09d246efd51c7286
OS X 10.14 or higher, Intel x64 scribus-1.5.5.dmg 42426b1bf21a1eafc5e5c442e81ca77cec65b83751c8fdcd4f9b258c47063f3b 5d9060ff6778b915d7c174422e898f69c063b1e5
OS X 10.13 or higher, Intel x64 scribus-1.5.5_1013.dmg dba7842bf3313c0a2c758a9d8613a7f881774008c10ea1e0445b34b020f6bbbe 8a0790fa936d8f29cbebba12fe9e34e3b5ea3dfe
Windows 32/64 Bit scribus-1.5.5-windows.exe b5f57c1a03f26c9b5a4086f051f54aed221d8d0567a33f7b1ce7248f908fd996 8503f1dad514cf94b1770ebfd38261a6485cd18e
Windows 64 Bit scribus-1.5.5-windows-x64.exe 5783f9c8497ef740101f325bfbd2206b42ccc25a1cbbb7db33bf5e7334a3f880 7080cb4f62f06ec6898f59e99761987d959c70d7
Linux 64 bit AppImage [1] scribus-1.5.5-linux-x86_64.AppImage 2dea77be921e5afd8ac8bd43cc680fee402751e440f5fcdc0098fcb7d5806cc6 8a344086525e8c81c8703cb09adb588efc51d674
Windows PortableApps.com Format ScribusPortable_1.5.5.paf.exe


The Scribus Team would like to thank Anduin.net and Modirum for their continued hosting of all of the Scribus websites.

We are grateful to the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie for sponsoring.

The Scribus Team is also honored to have Resene Colours (New Zealand), dtp studio Oldenburg (Germany), Scientific Illustration Services Corp. (USA), the Newspaper Association of America (USA), Software Consulting Services (USA), freieFarbe e.V. (Germany), bauwerk Kommunikationsdesign (Germany) as Special Supporters and donors of color palettes and other content since the 1.4.x release, just like we are grateful to the owner of Vector Portal for the permission to distribute some of his work as Scribus Templates.

Porting Scribus to OS/2 and eComStation is being supported by Serenity Systems (USA).

Finally, the Scribus Team would like to thank the many end users, translators, testers and contributors who helped us with this release.

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