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Add Math Support


I often wanted to have a tool that allows complicated layouts but still is easy to use. This is exactly what scribus does. However for scientific papers I lacks one main capability: Formulas. So I want to add these as my summer of code project.


In IRC we came to the conclusion that it probably is the best to use a approch like MathSetter.

  • Let the user enter LaTeX source (perhaps using LyX's editor)
  • Run latex
  • Read latex's output
  • Display this output instead of the source.


  • TeX Rendering (Discussion)
  • Math support (Discussion)
  • KFormula (Formula editor, output does not look satisfying)
  • TeXmacs (very good looking formula editor, not based on TeX or Emacs despite its name)
  • LyX (WYSIWYG LaTeX editor)