Bleed workarounds

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What is bleed needed for

Bleed is an extra area on document used to compensate for cutting imprecisions.

For example look at this PDF:

The page height is 307mm, which means A4 height + 1cm.

This extra cm is not desired on a version for viewing but it is needed on a version for printing, because the document is printed over a white page, and any cutting imprecision might lead to a white stripe appearing where we should only see blue.

Bleed workarounds

Bleed functionality is on the roadmap for Scribus 1.3.6. In the meantime, here are real life workarounds for bleed:

Please note, crop marks are not an absolute necessity. If you can provide a dummy showing what you expect, your printer will very likely be able to achieve the same on the trimmer. Make sure the elements that are intended to "bleed" are at least fit kiss with the very edge of the page.

  • Have your document trimmed 1/16 of an inch (or even less, if possible) shorter than its real size.
  • Enlarge at print (say 102%) and trim.
  • Make the whole layout fit into a larger page and add manual crop marks (put them on a template to save time with multiple page documents).

These are workarounds. This is not to say bleed support is not important!