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Announcement: This page's function is for Scribus volunteers to post bugs that are possibly closed
Please adhere to the style of the page


In order to save time, we need to create a wiki page that is easy to read and understand for developers (their time is precious :) ).

Closing bugs

Mostly questions ATM :

  • Who has the authorization to close bugs on the bug tracker ?
  • Could somebody else get that authorization to close bugs ?
  • What procedure should be followed so as to enable to close a specific bug without loosing valuable data ?

Bugs categorization

At the moment there are two main categories to fill with bug reports:

  1. Bugs to be closed: includes reports which are already implemented or fixed in the current releases such as 1.4 or 1.5.
  2. Bugs need information: includes reports which are "useless" in their current state as do not contain enough information to find and fix the issue or are simply related to very old Scribus versions. We may send a message to the reporter and, if there is no response, close them.

1. Bugs to be closed

Note : there is a #tobeclosed tag in the bug tracker. See list of #tobeclosed bugs

Bug # Description Reason
3347 Ruler just keeps on growing over the pages Works on 1.4.5.svn and 1.5.0.svn (likely due to a bad usage of Scribus).
MrB: Proposed behaviour seems better than current.
6230 Feature request: alignment of images within an image frame Works on 1.4.4 with the plugin "Align_an_Image_in_its_Frame". Port the script to 1.5.0.svn?
11318 Grey out all irrelevant features Not possible on all platforms
11537 Creating new character style causes crash due to signal 6 Works on 1.4.5.svn and 1.5.0.svn
Resolved deleting ./scribus user profile folder.

2. Bugs need information

Bug # Description Notes Last Updated Feedback Requested
5283 Cursor doesn't follow text outside the frame - - -
5532 Exporting to PDF aborted when wrong path Fixed? Scribus asks to create the folder if does not exist - -
6205 Update Image ignores change of resolution in image - - -
7070 Strange Alignment justified - - 14-Jul-08
8404 screen/web > RGB // printer > CMYK We can do something or close the report.
Otherwise its the same if its closed.
09-Oct-05 -
10265 Style attributes aren't set properly to the text No steps or files to reproduce with 12-Feb-07 -
11361 whole paragraph style edit pane keeps grayed Taking a more in depth look later 13-Jan-07 -
11447 Creating own colour palette does not work Not sure if it's an issue or wrong usage of Scribus 13-Mar-05 14-Jul-08
11624 Scrapbook: name of element is too much summarized Needs ideas 14-Jul-04