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'''Other languages:''' [[:Category:Pytania|Polski (pl)]] [[:Category:Perguntas|Portuguese (pt_BR)]] [[Category:Categories]] [[Category:EN]]
'''Other languages:''' [[:Category:Pytania|Polski (pl)]] [[:Category:Perguntas|Portuguese (pt_BR)]] [[Category:Categories]] [[Category:EN]]
== Curio ==
|Where does the name "Scribus" come from?
|When Franz Schmid launched the project, the first working name was "Open Page", but thought to be too generic. Scribus derives from the Latin name of the official writers in Roman times, from which we get scribe or writer. This translates well into many languages besides English. The German word is schrift, for example.
|How do you pronounce Scribus?
|"Skry - bus". Long I, not short I. It is also similar to "Scribe" + "us".
==Legal Issues==
==Legal Issues==

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Other languages: Polski (pl) Portuguese (pt_BR)

Legal Issues

How much does Scribus cost? Both Scribus code and the application are free to download and use without any limitations. They are also free to distribute as long as you comply with the requirements of the GPLv2 license.
Some people are not familiar with GPL license. So:
  1. Can Scribus be used legally in a company to produce internally used documents?
  2. Can Scribus be used legally by a company or an individual to produce documents that can be sold? (for instance, DTP documents)
Yes to both without any reservations.

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