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== Installation ==
[[Category:Categories]] [[Category:es]]
* [[Installing Scribus on Mac OS X]]
'''Other languages:''' [[:Category:JTZ|Polski (pl)]] [[:Category:Tutoriais|Portuguese (pt_BR)]] [[:Category:HOWTO NL|Nederlands (nl)]] [[:Category:HOWTO_DE|Deutsch (de)]] [[:Category:KIEL FARI|Esperanto (eo)]]
== Usage ==
* [[Using colour profiles]]
* '''See the [[:Category:Contents|Table of Contents]] for a curated list of those documents.'''
* [[Calibrating your monitor]]
[[Cómo abrir un archivo de autoguardado]]
* [[Creating a brochure]]
== PDF issues ==
* [[Your first PDF web form with Scribus]] - Learn, how to create editable fields and clickable buttons with Scribus
== Other ==
* ...

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