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[[Category:Categories]] [[Category:EN]]
[[Category:Categories]] [[Category:es]]
'''Other languages:''' [[:Category:JTZ|Polski (pl)]] [[:Category:Tutoriais|Portuguese (pt_BR)]] [[:Category:HOWTO NL|Nederlands (nl)]] [[:Category:HOWTO_DE|Deutsch (de)]] [[:Category:KIEL FARI|Esperanto (eo)]]
'''Other languages:''' [[:Category:JTZ|Polski (pl)]] [[:Category:Tutoriais|Portuguese (pt_BR)]] [[:Category:HOWTO NL|Nederlands (nl)]] [[:Category:HOWTO_DE|Deutsch (de)]] [[:Category:KIEL FARI|Esperanto (eo)]]
{| align="right" width=200px|
* '''See the [[:Category:Contents|Table of Contents]] for a curated list of those documents.'''
| <font size=4>Check the [[Index|'''Index''']] for HOWTOs, Tips, and other Help on and off the Wiki </font>
[[Cómo abrir un archivo de autoguardado]]
== Installation ==
* [[Installing Scribus from CVS/SVN sources on Mac OS X/Aqua]]
* [[Installing Scribus on Mac with MacPorts]]
* [[Installing_Scribus_on_Mac_OS_X |Installing Scribus on Mac OS X (Fink/X11)]]
* [[Installing Scribus from CVS sources on Mac OS X |Installing Scribus from CVS sources on Mac OS X (Fink/X11)]]
* [[Installing Scribus from CVS sources on Mac OS X/Aqua |Installing Scribus from CVS sources on Mac OS X (native version / Aqua)]]
* [[Installing Scribus on Win32|Installing Scribus on Win32 (Cygwin/X11 or coLinux/SPBLinux/XMing)]] - ''Obsolete - see [[Win32 version of Scribus]].''
* [[Compiling LPROF-1.09 on Debian Sarge Linux 2.6.8-1-386]] - ''Obsolete - see the note on the page.'''
* [[Debian|Install Scribus from The Scribus Archive on Debian or Ubuntu]]
* [[Getting Scribus on Ubuntu/Kubuntu up and running]]
* [[Using klik with Scribus]] - testdriving Scribus the easy way
* [[Ghostscript]] - Installing Ghostscript / Why does Scribus complain Ghostscript is missing?
== Usage ==
First steps
* [[Working with Scribus: How to begin| How to begin with Scribus]] (a short tutorial)
* [[Scribus hands on]] (How to begin without going through a tutorial)
* [[Working with image frames]]
* [[Working with text frames]]
* [[Working with Story Editor]]
* [[Working with Master Pages]]
* [[Scribus Video Tutorials]]
* [[Interacting with the Scribus people]]
* [[Get Started with Render Frames in Scribus]]
Typical tasks
* [[Laying out articles]]
* [[Creating a brochure]]
* [[Creating a newsletter]]
Working on the content
* [[Pagination|Page numbers]]
* [[How to create lists in Scribus]]
* [[Building Tables]]
* [[Creating a Table of Contents]]
* [[Spell checking your Scribus document]]
* [[Aspell in 1.3.5svn|Spellchecking in Scribus]] (only for 1.3.5svn)
* [[Right font 4 right purpose]]
* [[typography|Typography – Make your text look good]]
* [[Adding typographic spaces to fonts with FontForge]]
* [[Converting Mac fonts for use with Scribus]]
* [[How to use spot colours with Scribus]]
* [[How to legally obtain spot colour palettes for use in Scribus]]
* [[How to create spot colour sets from scratch]]
* [[Simple Scribus Spot Colour Printing method]] &ndash; outdated, see [[How to use spot colours with Scribus]]
* [[Monitor and Other Device Profiling]]
* [[Proposal for Monitor Profiling]]
Special content
* [[How to fill a Scribus text with an image]]
* [[Text on a Path]]
== Creating PDFs ==
* [[Your first PDF form with Scribus]] &mdash; Learn, how to create editable fields and clickable buttons with Scribus
* [[Web optimised PDF]]: how to minimize PDF size
* [[How to enhance your PDF forms with JavaScript]] &mdash; Learn how to use JavaScript in your PDF forms created with Scribus
* [[Your second PDF form with Scribus (and Javascript)]] &mdash; See how to use JavaScript to validate PDF form fields, to add document wide scripts to a PDF document, and to launch them on various events (teaching material available for download) 
* [[Adding Hyperlinks to your Scribus PDF document]] &mdash; Learn how to add hyperlinks to PDF documents created through Scribus
* [[How to simulate Radio Buttons on PDF forms]] &mdash; Learn how to how to simulate Radio Buttons on your Scribus PDF Form using Check Boxes
* [[How to create an e-Mail PDF Survey Form]] &mdash; Learn how to e-mail FDF data and extract the data into a spreadsheet or database
* [[Signing PDFs]]
== Imposition ==
* [[Imposition tools]]
* [[Creating a threefold brochure]]
* [[How to make a booklet]]
* [[Making a booklet with Scribus and Adobe Reader]]
* [[How to make business cards]]
* [[How to make impositions with pstops]]
* [[How to make impositions with Multivalent]]
* [[How to make pdf impositions with pdfpages and pdfjam]]
== Other ==
* [[Automatic import of images from a directory using a script]]
* [[Making a photobook from a directory of images using a script]]
* [[How to import WMF files]]
* [[Import Publisher to Scribus]]
* [[Exporting to HTML]]
* [[Import_Spreadsheet_Tables_to_Scribus]]
* [[Index]]

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