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Telemetry Unit & Data Logger E-700

E-700 is a remote data transmission unit, including data collection, data logging and data transmission. With E-700, your working time would be saved significantly, and work efficiency improved greatly.

Features & Advantages

  • E-700 shares data globally by GPRS ¬— Where there is GPRS, there is data transmission.
  • E-700 sends data by e-mail or SMS ¬— You don’t have to visit the observation points, just sitting in the office, read out the data E-700 sent to you.
  • Easy to install and use ¬— E-700 can be installed and used by non-professionals.
  • E-700 works with kinds of sensors ¬— both digital output sensors and analog output sensors.
  • Built-in GPS ¬— timing and positioning
  • User-friendly software ¬— EDataManager.
  • Low power consumption ¬— battery lasts for years
  • Variety of interfaces for different sensors
  • Seawater resistant
  • Built-in antenna
  • solar panel(on land: Standard configuration; offshore: optional)
  • Upgradable: remote configuration, emergency transmission, expand capacity, etc
  • Customizable; Compatible

Technical Specifications:

Power supply 5-30V DC wide voltage range; Electronic protection; Low power consumption; Capability of powering external sensors
GPRS band 850/900/1800/1900/2100MHz
Interfaces USB interface to computer;
Compatible sensor interfaces 4-20mA(Standard), (Option RS232, RS485, 0-5V, SDI-12)
Storage capacity 4G Micro SD card
Memory 32M
Data transmission interval Manually setting available
Sampling mode Timing sample, 0.1s – 1y sampling interval
Waterproof IP67 onland; IP68 offshore
Operating temperature -40℃ --- +80℃
Option Solar panels, GPS, Iridium communication

Typical applications:

- Groundwater

- River

- Tide level

- Meteorology


- Observation points’ management

- Historical data query

- User management

- Data preview and output

- Data chart preview