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* [[Undo_text_(Project)|Undo for text frames]]
* [[Undo_text_(Project)|Undo for text frames]]
* [[Scripter2_(Project)|Finish Scripter2 integration]]
* [[Scripter2_(Project)|Finish Scripter2 integration]]
* [[Loading_Fonts_(Project)|Dynamically loading Fonts]]

= Tools =
= Tools =

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This is a early work in progress.

We will try to list here, projects which have been defined for Scribus.

We are defining a template (a structure) for the Project descriptions.

Ping Ale, if you want to know more about it.

(Requirement document?)

Here a reference on how to create a template for mediawiki:

Core features


Content structures

Palettes, Windows and Dialogs

File formats



i was planning to propose to my students to work on some of our projects. So
the question is :

- what is really on the way or not ?
- what can be done in python (they have some really basic knowledge in C,
and i guess nothing can be done in our timeframe unless in python)
- any other simple idea to implement ? i rather make them work on several
little projects than on a huge (it can be on the PP or any window redesign

I'm actually not sure but it might happen from March to mid-april.
Actually, i don't know their programming level because i was not their
teacher for that, but as they did more than 120 hours actually, they must
have enough knowledge to do some things.