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* [[PUB_import_(Project)| Import MS Publisher files]]
* [[PUB_import_(Project)| Import MS Publisher files]]
* [[PDF_export_tagged_(Project)| Export tagged PDF files]]
* [[PDF_export_tagged_(Project)| Export tagged PDF files]]
* [[PDF_import_svg_text_(Project)| Correctly import text in SVG files]]
* [[PDF_import_eps_text_(Project)| Correctly import text in EPS files]]

= Notes =
= Notes =

Revision as of 13:47, 19 January 2011

This is a early work in progress.

We will try to list here, projects which have been defined for Scribus.

We are defining a template (a structure) for the Project descriptions.

Ping Ale, if you want to know more about it.

(Requirement document?)

Here a reference on how to create a template for mediawiki:

  • create a priority tag...
17:06 < avox> prokoudine: get scripter2 working, reimplement StoryEditor as XML editor, improve UI (in 
              progress), new text engine (in progress), rework fonthandling to include lint from fontforge, 
              refactor ScPainter interface, new file format, more code documentation 
17:08 < avox> once the new text system is in place: tables (in progress), footnotes, index & TOC, database 
              connectivity, ...
17:11 < avox> also implement objects styles and generalize image effects to othe robject types

17:13 < avox> then there's community management, website improvement (in progress) and bug hunting

17:09 < avox> ScPainter is the interface which handles all rendering in Scribus. There's one implementation
for cairo and one for Qt4, and a few more on the windows platform. We need also
implementations for PS, PDF and SVG
17:10 < avox> I'm working on the PDF implementation, that could be a good template for PS and SVG
17:22 < prokoudine> that sounds a bit like reinventing Cairo to be, tbh
17:22 < prokoudine> to me
17:22 < prokoudine> which already has PS, PDf and SVG back-ends
17:22 < prokoudine> well, surfaces
17:22 < avox> for CMYK and tagged PDF?
17:23 < prokoudine> not that
17:23 < prokoudine> but IMO it's way better to fix Cairo
17:23 < prokoudine> that would help inkscape too

Core features


Content structures

Palettes, Windows and Dialogs

File formats



i was planning to propose to my students to work on some of our projects. So
the question is :

- what is really on the way or not ?
- what can be done in python (they have some really basic knowledge in C,
and i guess nothing can be done in our timeframe unless in python)
- any other simple idea to implement ? i rather make them work on several
little projects than on a huge (it can be on the PP or any window redesign

I'm actually not sure but it might happen from March to mid-april.
Actually, i don't know their programming level because i was not their
teacher for that, but as they did more than 120 hours actually, they must
have enough knowledge to do some things.