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A new script engine is currently being integrated into Scribus. The next steps will be:

  • get the script engine to work (should already be ok)
  • get the editor to work (i'm stucked there)
  • revise the structure of the API
  • add new functions to the API

Script snippets

This section contains snippets you can use to create your own scripts.

It will feature:

  • reading a file
  • updating a status bar
  • selecting a frame
  • pausing the screen update

Beginners Scripts

Link to Script Scripter commands demonstrated
newDoc, createRect, setCornerRadius, setLineWidth, setFillColor, setLineColor, saveDocAs
newDoc, createLine, setLineWidth, setLineColor, setFillShade, createRect, saveDocAs
newDoc, createEllipse, setLineWidth, setFillColor, setFillShade, saveDocAs, currentPage, setHGuides, messageBox, statusMessage, progressReset
haveDoc, createLayer, getActiveLayer, setActiveLayer, createText, setUnit, setText, setTextColor, setFontSize, rotateObject
haveDoc, valueDialog, getUnit, setUnit, getPageSize, getPageMargins,
defineColor, createEllipse, setLineWidth, setLineColor, setFillColor, createLine, getPageSize, createRect
valueDialog, getColor, getLayers, createLayer, setActiveLayer, setHGuides, setVGuides, getHGuides, getVGuides, createText, setTextColor, insertText, setFontSize, setLineSpacing, defineColor, createRect, groupObjects, createLine, setLineColor, setLineWidth, createEllipse, haveDoc, messageBox
haveDoc, getUnit, setUnit, getPageSize, getPageMargins, setMargins, messageBox, statusMessage, progressReset
haveDoc, setUnit, valueDialog, createLine, setLineWidth, setLineColor, setFillColor
haveDoc, createLine, setLineWidth, setLineColor, setFillColor, createText, setFont, setFontSize, setTextAlignment, valueDialog, messageBox, docChanged
newDoc, createLine, setLineWidth, setLineColor, setFillColor, createLayer, setActiveLayer, createText, setFont, setFontSize, setTextAlignment, selectText, setTextDistances, valueDialog, messageBox
haveDoc, valueDialog, createLine, setLineWidth, setLineColor, setFillColor, createText, setTextColor, setText, setTextAlignment, setFont, setFontSize, rotateObject
haveDoc, valueDialog, setUnit, createLine, setLineWidth, setLineColor, setFillColor, createText, setTextColor, setText, setTextAlignment, setFont, setFontSize
fileDialog, haveDoc, setUnit, valueDialog, createLine, setLineWidth, setLineColor, setFillColor, createPolyLine
valueDialog, messageBox, haveDoc, importSVG – much of the script involves mathematical calculations
getPageSize, fileDialog, createImage, setScaleImageToFrame, setFillColor, setLineColor, getImageScale, sizeObject, haveDoc, messageBox
This is an old script (Scribus, so be sure to check the precise names of commands. If you find errors, let us know or edit the wiki page to correct.
messageBox, createLine, setLineColor, haveDoc, statusMessage, progressReset
There is a minor usage of Scribus commands here, but it does show how to set up a Tkinter dialog for multiple variable entry.
newDoc, newPage, createText, setText, setTextAlignment, setFont, setFontSize
This is almost a script fragment even though it could work on its own. What it shows is the basic operation to import information from a simple structured text file and incorporate into a document. Could be adapted for mail merge, for example.
haveDoc, selectionCount, getSelectedObject, setScaleImageToFrame, getImageScale, scaleImage, docChanged
not sure if this script works
haveDoc, selectionCount, getSelectedObject, setProperty, moveObject, docChanged
replaceColor, docChanged
This is a "script-let" really, but quickly shows how to change or delete colors in a document. No checking for errors.
haveDoc, fileDialog, messageBox, pageCount, getPageItems, gotoPage, getAllText, getImageFile
valueDialog, messageBox
This is a utility that just happens to run in Scribus, using the valueDialog and messageBox to do what the title says.
getPageSize, getPageMargins, createText, setFontSize, setTextAlignment, insertText, getColorNames, statusMessage, progressTotal, getColor, progressSet, haveDoc, openDoc, fileDialog, messageBox, getColorsFromDocument, newDocument, setUnit, deleteColor, defineColor, valueDialog, newPage, createRect, setFillColor, setLineColor
messageBox, valueDialog

Basic scripts

Scripts which give you ideas how you can solve your tasks.

Full functional scripts

Scripts that are ready for achieving specific tasks

Scripting new Scribus' functions

Scripts which sketch new features which may be included in future releases of Scribus

Extension scripts and PyQt

Python issues


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