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The Colour Manager

  • The Colour manager will be replaced by an equivalent GUI in the Resource Manager in 1.3.6+
  • The colour manager is defined by colorm.cpp
  • It's called by scribus.cpp as follows:
ColorManager* dia = new ColorManager(this, edc, doc, prefsManager->colorSetName(), prefsManager->appPrefs.CustomColorSets);
  • The constructors parameters are named as:
    • QWidget* parent = this (cannot be used outside of the constructor)
    • ColorList EditColors = doco = edc = (HaveDoc ? doc->PageColors : prefsManager->colorSet())
    • ScribusDoc* m_Doc = doc
    • QString* docColSet = prefsManager->colorSetName() (cannot be used outside of the constructor)
    • QStringList customColSet = custColSet = prefsManager->appPrefs.CustomColorSets
  • The list of colours are read by the colour manager from the palettes and written to a m_Doc property.
  • The list of used colors can be read throug void m_Doc->getUsedColor(& ColorList &colorsToUse, bool spot)

Hide unused colours

Adding a preference field

  • Add a property in prefsmanager.h
  • Add a method for reading and one for writing it in prefsmanager.cpp

Adding the informations in the document's informations

Setting the preference from the Colour Management Dialog

  • Get the prefsManager like:
<strike>PrefsContext* dirs = PrefsManager::instance()->prefsFile->getContext("dirs");</strike>
  • Add a checkbox to the dialog
  • Read and set the preference
  • "Notify" the strings that are to be translated
  • Correctly filter the list according to the preference

Filter out the hidden colours in every colour list

  • Find all the colour lists
  • Check if the unused are to be shown, and if not, don't show them (probably, through asking m_Doc->getUsedColor()
  • When the preference is changed, all the "created" lists are to be updated (cf. changing the language from preferences)

Non alphabetical order of the colours

Some general ideas:

  • Put b/w on top
  • Put grayscales at the end

An implementation proposal by kirun0:

  • First, all greyscale colours were moved to the end of the list.
  • Then, I converted all colours to HSL colourspace.
  • The colours were grouped by hue, into chunks of about 30 degrees.
  • They were then sorted by sat+lum, so the darker colours came first, followed by the bold colours, and the light *and washed out ones last (within the group)

This was, of course for a single fixed set, the parameters will probablary need tweaking for any other given set

Translating colour names

Filter by color type

  • All
  • Used
  • RGB
  • CMYK
  • Spot
  • Grayscales


Faramond asked to extend the drop-down boxes in order to allow jumps to a desired named color by typing the first few letters of its name (like in a file manager.) The drop-downs could also be modified such that typing in a number jumps to color with the same number.