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Commercial DTP Tools

Disclamer: this page does not constitute a Scribus Team endorsement or advertisement of the tools and software listed below in any way. The information listed is for educational purposes only.

Caldera Graphics has an image work flow suite for Linux with icc support. You can download a free version of Cameleo Light. Version 5.0 is expected to be released in the next few weeks.

Offers a complete pre-press work flow application with the primary platform being Linux. Warning - this site uses flash only.

is a company with a number of PDF applications, most of which run on Linux as well as Win32 and Mac. There is a neat tool called Pdfmeld, which can be used for merging and lightly editing PDF files. Free version for personal use. PDF Image Stream is a program to convert an image or group of images to PDF

has a shareware scanning package. Available on Mac/Windows and Linux. Well regarded and frequently updated. Broad coverage of many scanner models.

Offers a number of OPI, PDF and pre-press applications which run on Linux and Solaris.

Win4Lin is a bridging technology to allow users to run Windows applications on the Linux Desktop, by allowing you to install Windows operating systems, much like a Linux application. Thanks to their support, the Scribus team is able to run specialist proprietary pre-press tools and Acrobat for testing Scribus files.

A company which offers PDF to SVG conversion for Win32 and Linux.

is a set of libraries for working with and converting PDF files. This was created by Thomas Merz, author of the Ghostscript manual. Downloadable source code for the libraries available under a mostly free license like Alladin Ghostscript.

Offers their Black Magick RIP on Linux, SGI or Solaris platforms

Turboprint is an alternative, commercially supported set of printer drivers for late model printers for Linux. A free trial download is available.

Offers a postscript RIP and scanning for Linux. This suite of programs was chosen by Sun for internal printing