Convert Typewriter Quotes to Typographic Quotes

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Here is a script in progress at the moment.

I'm posting this now since it does have some functionality, and will at least sometimes, maybe most of the time work. Current language implementations are only English and German, but more will follow, since it's just a matter of adding the lines for codifying lead_double and follow_double.

The Logic

This is always an important issue, since regardless of what algorithms you might use, there will be exceptions. In this example script, there is no allowing for maintaining " or ' as something you might want to preserve.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# File: - changes typewriter quotes to typographic quotes
# © 2010.08.28 Gregory Pittman
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.

import scribus

if scribus.haveDoc():
    c = 0
    lang = scribus.valueDialog("Choose language", 'Language: en, de are current choices','en')
    if (lang == 'en'):
        lead_double = u"\u201c"
        follow_double = u"\u201d"
        lead_single = u"\u2018"
        follow_single = u"\u2019"
    elif (lang == 'de'):
        lead_double = u"\u201e"
        follow_double = u"\u201c"
        lead_single = u"\u2019"
        follow_single = u"\u201a"
        scribus.messageBox('Language Error', 'You need to choose an available language', icon=0, button1=1)
    scribus.messageBox('Export Error', 'You need a Document open', icon=0, button1=1)

if scribus.selectionCount() == 0:
    scribus.messageBox('Scribus - Script Error',
        "There is no object selected.\nPlease select a text frame and try again.",
        scribus.ICON_WARNING, scribus.BUTTON_OK)
if scribus.selectionCount() > 1:
    scribus.messageBox('Scribus - Script Error',
        "You have more than one object selected.\nPlease select one text frame and try again.", scribus.ICON_WARNING, scribus.BUTTON_OK)
textbox = scribus.getSelectedObject()
pageitems = scribus.getPageItems()
boxcount = 1
for item in pageitems:
    if (item[0] == textbox):
        if (item[1] != 4):
            scribus.messageBox('Scribus - Script Error', "This is not a textframe. Try again.", scribus.ICON_WARNING, scribus.BUTTON_OK)
contents = scribus.getTextLength(textbox)
while c <= (contents -1):
    if ((c + 1) > contents - 1):
        nextchar = ' '
        scribus.selectText(c+1, 1, textbox)
        nextchar = scribus.getText(textbox)
    scribus.selectText(c, 1, textbox)
    char = scribus.getText(textbox)
    if (len(char) != 1):
        c += 1
    if ((ord(char) == 34) and (c == 0)):
        scribus.insertText(lead_double, c, textbox)
    elif (ord(char) == 34):
        if (prevchar == ' ') or (nextchar != ' '):
            scribus.insertText(lead_double, c, textbox)
            scribus.insertText(follow_double, c, textbox)
    if ((ord(char) == 39) and (c == 0)):
        scribus.insertText(lead_single, c, textbox)
    elif (ord(char) == 39):
        if (prevchar == ' '):
            scribus.insertText(lead_single, c, textbox)
            scribus.insertText(follow_single, c, textbox)
    c += 1
    prevchar = char

endmessage = 'Successfully ran script\n Last character read was '+str(char) # Change this message to your liking
scribus.messageBox("Finished", endmessage,icon=0,button1=1)