Core Coding Project

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This is the primary and arguably the most complex work that can be done to improve Scribus. If you are knowledgeable or at least familiar with software engineering using C++ and Qt4 the Scribus Team would welcome your contributions. It is possible to start small and focus on incremental and very simple improvements such as the removal of compiler warnings, fixing trivial, tweak, and minor bugs, working through the roadmap. These are just some ideas. Please come into #scribus or #scribus-dev on the and talk to the developers. Different team members are focusing on different areas, so if you are interested in a particular Scribus subsystem then you should get in touch with the respective developer.

To get ideas for intermediate level projects with a 1-3 month timeframe you could take a look at our former GSoC projects.

Scribus users provide a constant stream of feature requests in the BTS. These present an excellent opportunity for involvement and many of them are not difficult to implement.

Look at the Main API to see examples of the Scribus classes.