Creating a dmg

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Creating a .dmg for Tiger

  1. Do a clean install of Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)
  2. Install Xcode (requires registering with Apple)
  3. Install Fink (a Mac package manager) and update it
  4. Install Scribus and its dependencies through Fink
  5. Install Subversion (through fink)
  6. Create a Scribus directory with sub-directories and drill down in to it
    • mkdir -p ~/scribus/builddir ~/scribus/Version14x ; cd scribus
  7. Checkout from svn
  8. Make a cmake build with the following content
    • Note: change the <username> to your user name, and be sure to set the right value for -DCMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES="i386"
# Use Fink's freetype219, qt4-mac, fontconfig2,
# but Apple's Python framework
export PATH=/sw/lib/freetype219/bin:$PATH
export QTDIR=/sw/lib/qt4-mac
cd builddir
       -DFREETYPE_DIR:PATH=/sw/lib/freetype219 \
       -DFREETYPE_INCLUDE_DIR_ft2build:PATH=/sw/lib/freetype219/include \
       -DFREETYPE_INCLUDE_DIR_freetype2:PATH=/sw/lib/freetype219/include/freetype2 \
       -DFREETYPE_LIBRARY:FILEPATH=/sw/lib/freetype219/lib/libfreetype.dylib \
       -DFONTCONFIG_INCLUDE_DIR:PATH=/sw/lib/fontconfig2/include \
       -DFONTCONFIG_LIBRARY:FILEPATH=/sw/lib/fontconfig2/lib/libfontconfig.dylib \
       -DPYTHON_INCLUDE_PATH:PATH=/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Headers \
       -DPYTHON_LIBRARY:FILEPATH="-framework Python" \
       -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/Users/<username>/Applications/ ../Version14x/Scribus/
make install
  • Run your script and wait for it to complete and build and install Scribus