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For certificates, images or similiar things sometimes complex borders are needed. This is a very simple trick that simply uses the duplicating functions for some shapes and – at your option – the combining of shapes. The results can be used in a lot of ways.


  • We start with the creation a polygon or a shape which will be the basis for the border. In this case, it's a polygon with four corners.


  • Use Item > Multiple Duplicate and create 10 – or any other number of – duplicates with a horizontal shift that is slightly smaller than the width of the original shape. Vertical shift is 0.


  • At your option, use Item > Combine Polygons.


  • Duplicate the resulting object, rotate it and build a border for an image.


  • With some white circles, combined with a paper-coloured rectangle, you can build a memo.


  • By the way, this seems to be the only way to build a dotted line from circles in Scribus :-)


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