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11:02 < Plaidrab> I would suggest adding a globa default paragraph style as a setting.
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11:11 < a_l_e_> Plaidrab: what would that global style do?
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11:12 < a_l_e_> i'm wondering if it would not be enough to replace the current settings for the text tool 
                (in file > preferences and file > document settings) by a single drop down with a list of 
11:13 < Plaidrab> It would just be the default style any time you create text without specifying one. It's a 
                  common thing
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11:22 < cezaryece> we have Default Paragraph Style at once doc is created, but it is not used unless 
                   manually applied
11:23 < cezaryece> IMHO Default Paragraph Style should be a global one, and No Style should not exists
11:24 < cezaryece> I notice another issue working with undo for text
11:25 < Plaidrab> Well, then it isn't a default, is it?
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11:26 < cezaryece> each time you apply some text property (eg. align) it is applied neverless is it changing 
                   anything or not, in other words centering is applied for allready centered text
11:26 < a_l_e_> well, then i think that we should really remove the text settings in the text tool and 
                replace them by a style selector...
11:27 < Plaidrab> Yes and no. Leave the string. If the string is clicked on, change it to a Pull Down with 
                  all active styles in the document.
11:27 < a_l_e_> the question is: how to define the Default style?
11:28 < a_l_e_> however, removing No style may be a sane idea...
11:28 < cezaryece> a_l_e_: not at all, we cant go to user must creaty styles for each small change of text, 
                   eg bolding one word or even one paragraph when bold is not used anymore else
11:28 < Plaidrab> All the default style is is a name for a style. 
11:29 < a_l_e_> cezaryece: this is not what i'm saying.
11:29 < Plaidrab> You're confusing text styling with paragraph styling
11:29 < cezaryece> and not in situation, when Character Style changes ALL text attributes
11:29 < a_l_e_> user will apply the changes on the base of the default style which will be applied by 
                scribus (or the style they have manually applied).
11:30 < a_l_e_> You will always have some default text formatting and it's imo sane to have them in the 
                Default style rather than in "No style"
11:31 < a_l_e_> and we should remove the text tool settings from the document properties.
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11:31 < a_l_e_> you will have to change the Default style to change the default formatting for a newly 
                created frame.
11:31 < cezaryece> I agree, "No style" is confusing even if we can set in Text Tool prefs
11:32 < cezaryece> a_l_e_: YES, YES, YES
11:32 < a_l_e_> and in the future we can remove the document settings for all the tools... since it would be 
                welcome to have all those properties as styles.
11:33 < a_l_e_> .... i guess i'll store this discussion and see if we can define a "project" around it...
11:33 < cezaryece> very nice, cant wait for this
11:33 < Plaidrab> And if, for some reason, the named default style does not exist, an empty style of that 
                  name should be created against a default typeface, size, and "decoration"