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Actual files are served from a site called SourceForge, so do not be alarmed when clicking on a download link brings you to a SourceForge download page.

Stable (older) branch

Current stable version is It will not be updated. This is the last 1.3.3.x series version. Use it stability is your main concern and more important then the feature set.

Developmental (newer) branch

Current developmental version is 1.3.9. It's most similar to a beta, or even release candidate version you would see in other software. It's sufficiently stable for many people to run in production environments, but beware of bugs that might still be there. Report any problems in our bug tracking system.

Note: Newer Scribus version can open the older version's file, but the opposite is not true. Stable Scribus cannot open developmental Scribus 1.3.9 files. There is no going back once you switch to the newer branch.