Drawing Lines and Python "For loops"

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Here is another border, pretty useless but at least I am learnt a bit about Python - the 'for' loops need their following lines to be indented. Also helps to understand the x and y co-ordinates of Scribus

Introduces: CreateLine SetLineWidth SetLineColor and Python for loops.

from scribus import *
Margins = (10, 10, 10, 10)
if NewDoc(Paper_A4, Margins, Portrait, 1, Points, NoFacingPages, FirstPageRight):
#some constants
a = 5						#line width
m=33						#Fill shade, integer 0-100
spx=30						#Start X
spy=30						#Start Y
a4w=595					        #Width A4 getPageSize ?
a4d=842					        #depth A4 getPageSize ?
#Draw the lines
d = CreateLine(spx-a/2,spy,a4w-30+a/2,spy)	#Top
setLineColor(g60, d)
setLineWidth(a, d)
e = CreateLine(spx,spy,spx,a4d-27)		#LH vertical
setLineWidth(a, e)
setLineColor(g60, e)
f = CreateLine(a4w-30,spy,a4w-30,a4d-27)	#RH vertical
setLineWidth(a, f)
setLineColor(g60, f)
g = CreateLine(spx-a/2,a4d-27,a4w-30+a/2,a4d-27)#Bottom
setLineWidth(a, g)
setLineColor(g60, g)
#Draw the "holes"
for i in range(0,int(770/10)):
 l = CreateRect(spx+5,spy+10+10*i,10,5)
for i in range(0,int(770/10)):
 k = CreateRect(a4w-45,spy+10+10*i,10,5)
SaveDocAs("Fancy_border.sla") #Make sure this is writable