Elementary Rectangle

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This article is part of the Scripts series.

This one is specific to A4 paper, you will need to change the wth and dph constants for different papers

Introduces: CreateRect SetFillColor SetSetCornerRadius. Note that SetCornerRadius is not yet functioning in the script for CreateRect

 from scribus import *
 if NewDoc(Paper_A4, (10, 10, 10, 10), Portrait, 1, UNIT_POINTS, NoFacingPages, FirstPageRight):

      spx=20          # x co-ord Start point
      spy=20          # y co-ord Start point
      wth=595         # A4 width in points
      dph=842         # Depth of frame - adjust to suit
      a=8             # Line width
      b="Black"       # add other colors as required

      h = CreateRect(spx,spy,wth-2*spx,dph-2*spy)
      setCornerRadius(20, h)
      setLineWidth(8, h)
      setFillColor(w, h)
      setLineColor(b, h)

      SaveDocAs("Border_2.sla") #Make sure this is writable