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With the release of FC6, some Scribus-related issues developed. Unfortunately, subsequent Fedora releases, up to the current F14, continue to have this direct printing problem. Follow the instructions below. Occasionally, we have heard of similar problems with other Linux distros.


Printing directly from Scribus may be broken, i.e., simply not work.

The fix for this is to check the box for Alternative Printing Command then in the Command text box enter

lp -dname-of-your-printer


lpr -Pnameofprinter

There can, but doesn't have to be, a space between -d and laser.

If you have KDE installed, you might try entering kprinter as an alternative, in which case kprinter will take care of the connection to CUPS.

Adobe Reader

Current versions of Adobe Reader do not have this issue, so printing from a PDF is not affected.