File Format for Scribus 1.3.x

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The introduction of the new, 100% XML compliant Scribus file format and its DTD is planned for the 1.3.2 release. The current Scribus file format has some limitations, which should be polished in order to speed things up in Scribus. Please use this space to bring in your ideas and comments.

Current status

I'm working on it. Will post a link to my arch repository when the first working version is out. Then people can pour in suggestions and patches.

Things to improve

  1. Better implementation of hyphenation -- see bug #1475

Done - I've already incorporated this into the new DTD.

After a discussion with other devz it seems the consensus is that the numerous smart hyphens and spaces should be processed as Unicode chars - no special elements will be used in the file format. So, I'm removing the element I made for this.

Community Input Requested

Character Styles - please help making a complete list of attributes of a character style with proper DTP terminology.