File formats that should be supported by Scribus (wish list)

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Below is a list of file formats users think should be supported by Scribus. This doesn't mean that they will be actually supported, but the list will save numerous bug reports/RFEs. Feel free to add your suggestions. Please also see the Scribus FAQ on propietary imports

Note: Some of these formats may impossible to support for patent (in the U.S) and/or other practical reasons. Notably, no public documentation or mis-matches where a program X has a feature or vice versa. I have added some comments with * to indicate status or existing request --mrdocs 00:24, 17 March 2007 (CET)




  • AbiWord (initial, but maybe outdated info here and here. Contact the AbiWord developers for further information)
  • AmiPro/WordPro (KWord has an import filter for sam/lwp files)
  • Apple Pages *Basic documentation that may be sufficient for useable text import filters can be found here)
  • AppleWorks (AbiWord has an import filter for cwk files.
  • Applix Word (AbiWord has an import filter for aw files.)
  • DocBook (AbiWord has an import filter for xml and dbk files.)
  • KWord *Kword is moving to Open Document - already supported by Scribus. (AbiWord has an import filter for kwd files.)
  • LaTeX
  • LyX
  • MHTML (See,
  • MS Word 95 *Partly supported via antiword. If Antiword is installed, Scribus will automatically detect this. The Windows versions of Scribus have this already installed with the installer.
  • MS Write (AbiWord has an import filter for wri files.)
  • Papyrus
  • QuarkXPress xtags (documentation available here and here (PDF)
  • RTF (Cf.librtf
  • StarOffice Writer 3x-5x ((AbiWord has an import filter for sdw files.)
  • TextMaker
  • WordPerfect *A library for that purpose already exists: libwpd


  • Corel Photopaint
  • GIMP - The GIMP developers have specifically recommended against using XCF as an interchange or import as some of the format relies on GIMP internals. Export TIFF or PNG.
  • Kodak Photo CD
  • Krita
  • Mac Pict PICT tech doc from Apple. XaraLX has a PICT import filter.
  • Photoline
  • Picture Publisher
  • Sun Rasterfile File Format Doc Imagemagik can convert it
  • Truevision Targa Wikipedia Entry


A closer look at ai2svg, an Illustrator to SVG converter written in Python might be useful. Moreover, skencil and sK1 have native ai support.

  • AutoCAD Interchange
  • Corel Draw
  • Corel Presentation Exchange Format *supported by skencil and sK1
  • Enhanced Metafile - libEMF is a GPL library
  • Macromedia Freehand
  • StarOffice Draw 3x-5x
  • Windows Metafile *Cf. libwmf
  • Xara Xtreme -
  • Xfig


The difficulty with presentation file formats is they often have embedded objects beyond the native graphics.