File formats that should be supported by Scribus (wish list)

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Below is a list of file formats users think should be supported by Scribus. This doesn't mean that they will be actually supported, but the list will save numerous bug reports/RFEs. Feel free to add your suggestions.



  • Acorn !Impression (Cf.
    • A spec (sort of) can be found here.
    • Code to read files (Python), as well as a description of the binary format can be found here.
  • Apple Pages DONE (fschmid)
  • FrameMaker Interchange Format (MIF). The spec is available (PDF) from Adobe.
  • InDesign Exchange files (INX) ABANDONED
  • InCopy Markup Language (ICML).
  • InDesign Markup Language (IDML) (fschmid) DONE
  • InDesign Document (INDD) – reverse-engineering in progress (external)
  • InDesign Template (INDT) – reverse-engineering in progress (external)
  • InDesign Book (INDB) – reverse-engineering in progress (external)
  • Microsoft Publisher (PUB). (fschmid) DONE
  • PageMaker Document (PM*) – reverse-engineering in progress (external) Partially done
  • PageMaker Template (PMT) – reverse-engineering in progress (external)
  • PageStream (PGS). A file format spec is available here IN PROGRESS (fschmid)
  • QuarkXPress Document (QXD) – reverse-engineering in progress (external)
  • QuarkXPress Template (QXT) – reverse-engineering in progress (external)
  • QuarkXPress Project (QXP) – reverse-engineering in progress (external)
  • QuarkXPress Book (QXB) – reverse-engineering in progress (external)
  • QuarkXPress Tags (fschmid) DONE
  • Xtags
  • Quark QXML files. No spec available.
  • Serif PagePlus PPP files (the XML-based version). No spec available. IN PROGRESS (fschmid)
  • Serif PagePlus PPP files (binary). See:
  • VivaDesigner XML files (fschmid) DONE
  • Xara Page & Layout Designer (XAR) (fschmid) DONE


  • AbiWord (see libabw) Note: 1.5.1 can import ODT files created by AbiWord without issues.
  • AmiPro/WordPro (KWord has an import filter for SAM files, OO.o can import LWP files). See also here.
  • AppleWorks (libmwaw provides import filters for most or all pre-OS X word processor formats used on Apple's platform).
  • Applix Word (KWord and AbiWord have an import filter for AW files). See also here and here.
  • DocBook (AbiWord has an import filter for XML and DBK files). References can be found here and here.
  • KWord *KWord is now Calligra Words and uses Open Document as its default format, so *.kwd has become a legacy format. (AbiWord has an import filter for KWD files). See also here. ABANDONED
  • LaTeX (might be possible via plasTeX to DocBook)
  • LyX
  • MHTML (See,
  • Better MS Word import (formatting, styles) via wvWare
  • Microsoft Compiled HTML Help Files (CHM) via CHMLIB. See:
  • MS DOCX (fschmid) DONE
  • MS Works (using libwps)
  • MS Write (AbiWord has an import filter for WRI files.) See also here.
  • RTF (fschmid) DONE
  • StarOffice Writer 3x-5x (AbiWord has an import filter for sdw files). Basic information can be obtained here and here. ABANDONED
  • TextMaker: No public spec available. Ask Softmaker for the necessary information (They will answer!). Note: 1.5.1 can import ODT files created by TextMaker without issues.
  • WordPerfect: See


  • Corel Photopaint (CPT) – CPT files are based on TIFF, so that an import filter shouldn't be hard to write, according to Boudewijn Rempt.
  • GIMP (XCF) – The GIMP developers have specifically recommended against using XCF as an interchange or import as some of the format relies on GIMP internals. Export TIFF or PNG. DONE (GSoC 2008, GraphicsMagick)
  • IMG/IMG GEM (legacy format used by Corel Ventura Publisher)
  • Kodak Photo CD See here. DONE (GSoC 2008, via GraphicsMagick)
  • Krita (KRA): According to Boudewijn Rempt from Krita, "the pixel data is 64x64 blocks of as many bytes as needed for a pixel, and the rest is xml and self-explanatory."
  • Apple PICT (fschmid) DONE
  • Open Raster (ORA) fschmid DONE
  • PaintBrush Image (PCX) DONE (GSoC 2008, GraphicsMagick)
  • PaintShop Pro (GIMP has an import filter), See here, here and here.
  • Photoline
  • Picture Publisher (PPF)
  • Progressive Graphics File (PGF) (fschmid) DONE
  • Sun Rasterfile DONE (GSoC 2008, GraphicsMagick)
  • Truevision Targa (TGA/VDA/ICB/VST) DONE (GSoC 2008, GraphicsMagick)
  • WebP See here
  • Windows Bitmap (BMP, RLE) DONE (1.3.9+)


  • Acorn Draw (AFF) DONE (GSoC 2008; UniConvertor)
  • Adobe Illustrator (fschmid) DONE
  • Autocad Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) DONE (GSoC 2008; UniConvertor)
  • Calamus Vector Graphics (CVG) (fschmid) DONE
  • Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) (fschmid) DONE
  • Corel Draw DONE (GSoC 2008; UniConvertor)
  • Corel Presentation Exchange Format DONE (GSoC 2008; UniConvertor)
  • Dia (See
  • DXF DONE (GSoC 2008; UniConvertor)
  • Enhanced Metafile (fschmid) DONE
  • Karbon14 (KARBON) from KOffice ABANDONED
  • KChart (CHRT) from KOffice ABANDONED
  • Macromedia/Adobe FreeHand. See: libfreehand (fschmid) Partially Done
  • Micrografx/Corel Designer (DSF)
  • Micrografx Draw (DRW) (fschmid) DONE
  • OpenDocument charts (ODC)
  • OpenDocument Graphics (ODG) – The current import filter is very basic and needs an update. (fschmid) DONE
  • Open XML Paper Specification (OXPS) (fschmid) DONE
  • Apple PICT (fschmid) DONE
  • Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language (PLT) DONE (GSoC 2008; UniConvertor)
  • StarOffice Draw 3x-5x – See: May be of importance to our OS/2 and eComStation users.
  • Skencil/Sketch/sK1 (SK and SK1) DONE (GSoC 2008; UniConvertor)
  • MS Visio (vsd) and Visio XML (vdx). DONE (fschmid)
  • MS Visio Stencils, i.e.: clipart (VSS/VSX) Supported by libvisio.
  • WebCGM (CGM) (fschmid) DONE
  • Windows Metafile (jghali) DONE
  • WordPerfect Graphics (fschmid) DONE
  • Xara Xtreme (XAR) (fschmid) DONE
  • Xfig (FIG) (fschmid) DONE
  • XML Paper Specification (XPS) (fschmid) DONE


  • Comma Separated Values (CSV). Implemented for text frames but not for tables.
  • MS Excel (XLS). provides the necessary functions.
  • Gnumeric (GNM, GNUM, GNUMERIC).
  • Office Open XML (XLSX)
  • OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ODS)
  • spreadsheet (SXC)
  • PlanMaker (PMD)
  • Quattro Pro (QWP)


  • Swatches (see the format documentation)
    • Adobe formats (ACB, ACBL, ACF, ACO, ACT, ASE, BCF, CLR) (fschmid) IN PROGRESS ACO done.
    • AutoCAD (ACB) (fschmid) DONE
    • Corel formats (CPL, PAL)
    • dtp studio CIE L*a*b* palettes (BCS)
    • Generic (EPS, AI) (fschmid) DONE
    • GIMP (GPL) (fschmid) DONE
    • (SOC) (fschmid) DONE
    • PageStream Color Library
    • Quark (QCL)
    • sK1 (fschmid) DONE
    • Swatchbooker (SBZ) (fschmid) DONE
    • VivaDesigner (XML) (fschmid) DONE
    • Xara Palettes (JCW)
  • Gradients
    • GIMP gradients (GGR) (fschmid) DONE
    • OpenDocument gradients (SOG) (fschmid) IN PROGRESS
    • Photohop gradients (GRD) (fschmid) IN PROGRESS
    • Illustrator gradients (AI/EPS)
  • Patterns
    • Illustrator vector patterns (AI/EPS)
    • Photoshop patterns (PAT)
    • GIMP patterns (PAT) (fschmid) DONE
    • OpenDocument hatching (SOH)
    • OpenDocument pattern table (SOB)
  • Symbols
    • Illustrator Symbol libraries (AI, EPS)


The difficulty with presentation file formats is they often have embedded objects beyond the native graphics.

  • InDesign Proof Profiles (IDPP)


Page Description Formats

  • PDF/X-1a DONE
  • PDF/X-4 DONE
  • PDF/X-5
  • XPS (fschmid) DONE
  • OXPS (fschmid) DONE

DTP Exchange Formats

  • IDML

Formatted Text

  • ICML
  • ODT
  • RTF
  • XPress Tags
  • Xtags

eBook Formats

  • ePUB (a-l-e) IN PROGRESS ?
  • KF8