File types and resources used by Scribus

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Scribus File Types:

  • .sla Scribus document (Note that there are three different versions of sla: 1.2.x, 1.3 – 1.3.3.x and 1.3.4 or later. Older versions are not capable of importing files saved by newer ones)
  • .sla.gz Compressed Scribus document
  • .scd Scribus document (older versions)
  • .scd.gz Compressed Scribus document (older versions)
  • .sce (Scribus objects)
  • .scs (Scribus scrapbook)
  • .ksxml (Keyboard shortcuts)
  • .ucp (Scribus Unicode character palette)
  • .xml (XML files with sample text; see the examples in ~share/scribus/loremipsum for correct tagging)

Ressources Scribus can use or import:

  • .pat (GIMP patterns; can be imported via Edit > Patterns > Load)
  • .shape (Dia shapes; can be imported via Edit > Patterns > Load)
  • .sml (Kivio stencils; can be imported via Edit > Patterns > Load)
  • .dic ( hyphenation dictionaries; need to copied to the ~lib/scribus/dicts folder)
  • .gpl (GIMP colour palettes; need to be copied to the ~lib/scribus/swatches folder)