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[[Category:GSOC]] [[Category:GSOC 2014]]
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This is the place for ideas regarding GSOC 2014. They have been sorted by difficulty: 
* '''Simple''' means that choosing one idea won't be enough, and an applicant needs to tackle at least three of those to be considered. 
* In the category '''Medium''' at least two ideas must become part of a potential GSOC project. 
* Picking up an idea from the '''High''' category ''could'' be enough to qualify, although it may be necessary to add an idea from '''Simple'''. 
* '''Demanding''' will be definitively enough for a single project, but applicants need to prove their skills before they can be considered. 
* '''Unknown''' is a category which will take some investigation to decide its difficulty, and also means that it can be reassigned once this is determined.
*Fix bugs in existing import filters.
*CVS importer for Scribus tables.
*Rewrite/update the SXD and ODG importers.
*Rewrite/update the SXW and ODT importers.
*Update the Text Filter code to reflect the new features of Scribus.
*Create ODT export filter for formatted text.
*Clean up the UI of the Picture Browser and add tooltips.
*Improve the Table functionalities.
*Create RTF import and export filters (formatted Text only).
*Update/improve the existing export filters for SVG and EPS and integrate them with PDF into a single export dialog.
*Debug style management during page import and copy and paste from one doc to another
*XPS/OXPS exporters.
* PDF/A and PDF/X-5 exporter.
*Create import filters for SXC and ODS spreadsheet files.
*Create import filter for XLS and XLSX spreadsheet files.
*Add support for advanced typographic functions for European languages (e.g. user-defined kerning tables), including automatic OTF features.
*Add support for Arabic and Hebrew typesetting, including bidrectional text.
*Add support for CJK typesetting.
*Rewrite the Story Editor.
*Colour-managed bitmap export (including spot colours).
*Rewrite the styles structures and the styles management.
* Finally finish the IDXML importer. With many people looking for alternatives to InDesign, we miss an opportunity to catch them with this.
* Support for RTL languages? (Not sure where this one is at but this would open up Scribus to an enormous population)

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