GSoC 2009 Ideas

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Possible GSoC 2009 projects


  • Rewrite the bookmarks code.
  • Rewrite the table code and (perhaps) write an OpenDocument and spreadsheet importer (select the table, select the range, option to ignore character and table formatting, option to import diagrams, option to import as a table, as csv or as a vector graphic, options for page break, including creation of new pages, style import, linked spreadsheet files, copy'n'paste).
  • Rewrite Search & Replace (search the whole document or even all opened documents, enable regular expressions).
  • Implement PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-4 and XPS export (Jean Ghali is ready to mentor this project!).
  • Rewrite the Undo system.
  • Improve master pages to allow editable textframes (and layers?) (avox is ready to mentor this).
  • Implement macro utility to "record actions" and "replay" them. as a user-friendly alternative to python scripting.

Other Ideas

  • Implement complete ODT/SXW and ODG (= ODG/SXD multi-page) import and export (ie. enable the import of ODT files as files, not just as formatted text).
  • Enable the use of MultipleMaster fonts based on mmafm and mmpfb from the lcdf type tools, and implement a UI for their use in Scribus and/or Fontmatrix.
  • Write a plug-in for using Scribus as a tool for designing packaging material (use DXF or EPS export from a CAD app and help the designer to create a 2-D printing template; ideally, also create an OpenGL-based 3-D preview for the final package).
  • Enhance the Text Filter, so that it can import/export InDesign Exchange Files, InDesign Snippets, QuarkXTags and QuarkXML, plain XML etc. Also, create a new UI for the Text Filter to make it more consistent with other Scribus dialogs and more flexible.
  • Enhance the Colour Wheel to something similar like Illy's Live Colors (read the Illustrator CS 3 manual from Adobe for a reference).
  • Write a web-based editing system for Scribus (Scribus Server): Scribus files should be viewable and (at least partially, ie. text frames) editable in a browser. An admin should be able to set editing policies. Requires enhancements to the file format.
  • Implement anchored objects in text frames and enhance Inline Objects.
  • Easy page/end footnotes.
  • Enable use of CID fonts (and CJK typographical rules).
  • Rewrite Hyphenation code and the related UI.
  • Enhance EPS and SVG export and create real export dialogs (like the one for PDF files). Ask Franz first!
  • More runaround options for text (read clipping paths in EPS and AI files, detect and use transparency ...).
  • Macro recorder (ask Henning first).
  • Rewrite of the Eyedropper and the Magic Wand.
  • Spot colour improvements (spot colour tints, mixing spot colours (inks), loading and creating ink groups (cf. ID), read spot colours in TIFF and PSD files).
  • Layer enhancements (enable/disable guides for single layers, option to remove unused layers, merge selected layers, cloning of layers, new layer indicators: use different colours for frame borders, handles etc.).
  • Enhance the image export and let it create colour managed and really printable files, including spot colours in TIFF files.
  • Implement easy integration of multiple Scribus files into single project for output similar to Master Document
  • Implement sectioning for breaking document into chapters, etc.
  • Add page numbering styles: i,ii,iii,iv; I,II,III,IV; etc.. (may need DTD change ?)