Generate a ten page layout with three columns on each page

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The following script generates a ten page layout with three columns a columnline and a column-headline on each page. It's an example for using some base script elements like newDoc(), newPage(), createText() an so on. Its been tested with scribus 1.3.1cvs on Mac OSX. Please pay attention to the FIRSTPAGELEFT constant. During my tests scribus creates a right page as first page. I think this is a bug and could get corrected next time, so you have to change it to FISTPAGERIGHT.

from scribus import * newDoc((185, 250), (12, 20, 15, 28), PORTRAIT, 1, UNIT_MILLIMETERS, FACINGPAGES, FIRSTPAGELEFT)

for i in range(9) :


for f in range(1,10,2) :

   createLine(12, 20, 126, 20)
   createText(71, 15, 55/mm, 6/mm, "Kolumnentitel_"+str(f))
   setText("Kolumnentitel", "Kolumnentitel_"+str(f))
   setTextAlignment(ALIGN_RIGHT, "Kolumnentitel_"+str(f))
   createText(12, 24, 55/mm, 199/mm, "Kolumne_"+str(f)+"_rechts_1")
   createText(71, 24, 55/mm, 199/mm, "Kolumne_"+str(f)+"_rechts_2")
   createText(130, 24, 35/mm, 199/mm, "Kolumne_"+str(f)+"_rechts_3")
   createLine(59, 20, 173, 20)
   createText(59, 15, 55/mm, 6/mm, "Kolumnentitel_"+str(f+1))
   setText("Kolumnentitel", "Kolumnentitel_"+str(f+1))
   setTextAlignment(ALIGN_LEFT, "Kolumnentitel_"+str(f+1))
   createText(20, 24, 35/mm, 199/mm, "Kolumne_"+str(f+1)+"_links_1")
   createText(59, 24, 55/mm, 199/mm, "Kolumne_"+str(f+1)+"_links_2")
   createText(118, 24, 55/mm, 199/mm, "Kolumne_"+str(f+1)+"_links_3")