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 Get Started With Scribus 2006
Current authors:   Scribus Wiki Authors
Original author:   Niyam Bhushan, 2004
Licence:   GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2


  1. What Can You Do With Scribus
  2. Scribus And Its Sisters
  3. Empty, White Spaces
  4. Cover Page
  5. Working With Layers On A Page
  6. Design Multiple Pages
  7. Create Final Page Layouts
  8. Design With Graphics And
  9. Set Fire With SVG Graphics
  10. Publishing Demands Freedom.PDF.
  11. Travel At The Speed Of Scribus
  12. Contributors
  13. GNU Free Documentation Licence

Activities and Contributors

Wiki structure for the GET STARTED tutorial

  • Contributors: --Mhanski 20:28, 26 July 2006 (CEST)
  • Status: done
  • Comment: This structure will allow us to import the whole original tutorial chapter by chapter.

Import of the original tutorial text into the Wiki

  • Contributors: mhanski
  • Status: done, imported the whole text from OOwriter file
  • Comment: All the files belonging to the original tutorial are available at In particular, the original tutorial as OOwriter file and all screenshots

Import of original screenshots from the original tutorial into the Wiki

First Draft of the New Introduction (who, for whom, what, for what reason)

  • Contributors:
  • Status:
  • Comment:

Updating of text content to 1.3.*

  • Contributors:
  • Status:
  • Comment:

New screenshots of Scribus 1.3.*

  • Contributors: --Ludi 17:46, 26 July 2006 (BRT)
  • Status: on hold
  • Comment: First you have to tell me what specif version we are talking about here. Which version we are going to focus on? We need to sort out that question.

Adding Wiki links to other Wiki articles and general wikfisation

  • Contributors:
  • Status:
  • Comment:

Recreating Freedom Yug sample magazine in 1.3.* (original content)

  • Contributors:
  • Status:
  • Comment:

Variation of Freedom Yug sample magazine (changed content)

  • Contributors:
  • Status:
  • Comment:

Creation of an entirely new sample magazine (Rembrandt)

  • Contributors: C_Schaefer
  • Status: in progress
  • Comment: I'd do the Rembrandt part. But please don't expect any results tomorrow -- the heat caused some health problems for me  :(

Creation of an entirely new sample magazine (about Scribus community)

  • Contributors:
  • Status:
  • Comment: