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{{TIP Index}}
{{TIP Index}}
==Note: This issue is now resolved in Scribus 1.2.3 and current Scribus 1.3.1cvs.==
Details: Put your personal profiles in $home/.color/icc or system profiles for all users  on Linux/Unix in /usr/share/color/.icc --[[User:Mrdocs|mrdocs]] 00:24, 19 Sep 2005 (CEST)
==System Requirements==
==System Requirements==

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System Requirements

You'll need LittleCMS installed on your system. From the top menu bar, please go to the Help menu and select About Scribus. The splash screen will display with the infos on compiled version of Scribus. This should be followed by the 3 letters C-C-T that stands for the library support. If one letter is missing, ie. replaced by a *, it means it's not installed. C=Cups, C=LittleCMS, T=TIFF support. If you find out, that Littlecms is missing, you'll have to install it first together with its development libraries.

Enabling color management

  • For Scribus => 1.2.3: go to Settings>Color Management and enable the checkbox Activate color management
  • For Scribus => 1.3.1: go to Edit>Preferences...>Color Management and enable the checkbox Activate color management

Getting and installing additional ICC profiles

Scribus (since 1.2.3 respectively 1.3.1) already contains a few standard ICC profiles which are necessary to use the color management. However, you can add and use your own ICC profiles.

Adobe has released under very liberal licensing terms a group of CMYK press icm profiles. These would be a good beginning default set of press profiles for Scribus if you are planning to send Scribus files (PS or PDF) to a commercial printer. These profiles include US, European and Japanese press defaults. http://download.adobe.com/pub/adobe/iccprofiles/win/AdobeICCProfiles.zip

From the European Color Initiative (ECI) you can get some brand new ISO 12647-2 compliant ICC profiles for offset printing output on. They should reflect the capabilities of modern printing processes, but you have to check with your print shop. ECI Offset Color Standards

  • To install additional ICC profiles, just put your personal profiles into $home/.color/icc or system profiles for all users on Linux/Unix into /usr/share/color/.icc.