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This page provides documentation for the usage of Scribus Git repositories for Scribus development.


Scribus Team maintains two code repositories - an internal protected Subversion repository accessible to only experienced core developers that contains a pristine history of Scribus development and a newer Git repository (several of them actually) that enable the Worldwide Scribus Community to easily contribute code to Scribus. We are attempting to follow the successful Git branching development model for the Git repository as explained below.

Scribus Git Repositories

The full list of Scribus code Git repositories:

  • scribus
    • This is the main Scribus git repository with the complete history. This is where the developmental code written by the members of the Scribus Community happens. Please clone the repository and branch from the "master" branch to do your development, then push your branch to the repository for others to fetch.


  • master - main development branch. Do not push directly to this branch, but issue a pull request in #scribus or in the BTS.
  • trunk - branch synchronized with the Subversion trunk.

There can be some short lived feature branches there as well that may disappear at any time once merged into the master branch. For instance at this time there are:

  • footnotes - Adding Footnotes by cezaryece.
  • autoheight - Work on the Frame auto-height by cezaryece.
  • trunk - Repository for synchronization with the Subversion trunk. This is a read-only repository. It is used to provide current Scribus subversion/trunk code for Git users.
  • testing - empty repository to practice and learn git. All members of the Scribus community are welcome to use it as needed. There is no guarantee that the changes will stay as another user can delete them just as easily as they are created.

GSoC 2012 Student repositories:

  • gsoc12pm - Project Manager project repository.
  • gsoc12ux - User Experience project repository.
  • gsoc12xml - New XML File Format project repository.
  • gsoc12trunk - Merge and synchronization repository for GSoC 2012.

The GSoC repositories are writable by the students and their mentors, but are also available as read-only repositories for anyone else using the "Public Access" method described below.

Using Scribus Git Repositories

Public Access

Public read-only access to all git repositories is available. For instance, to clone the trunk use the git clone git:// command.

Write Access

To obtain write access please email your public ssh key to or post it somewhere on the web and email or paste the link into #scribus IRC channel. Read the Set up SSH Keys section to learn about creating an acceptable ssh key. Once we accept your key you will be able to verify your access with a ssh info command. If you have access gitolite will greet you and show the list of repositories accessible to you. After that, you can clone a repository via, for example, git clone and be able to push back your commits if allowed.

The application of the Git Branching and Merging development model to Scribus development includes:

  • Using scribus.git repository for community development.
  • Using the following naming scheme for the branches:
    • master - main developmental branch - merge your feature/fix branches into it.
    • release - release / tagging branch.
    • trunk - used to synchronize code to and from the git-svn trunk.git repository.
    • YOURBRANCH - branch master and develop new features or fix problems before merging into master.

Literature on using Git

There are numerous Git tutorials and books on the web: