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Line 169: Line 169:
   Dutch: Franse titel
   Dutch: Franse titel
   German: [http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schmutztitel Schmutztitel], Antiporta
   German: [http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schmutztitel Schmutztitel], Antiporta
  Italian: [http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occhiello_(editoria)#Libri Occhiello]
   Polish: [http://www.bamagraf.polbox.com/slownik/k1.html Strona przedtytułowa]
   Polish: [http://www.bamagraf.polbox.com/slownik/k1.html Strona przedtytułowa]
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bezier_curve Bezier curve]
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bezier_curve Bezier curve]
Line 183: Line 184:
   French: Reliure
   French: Reliure
   German: [http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einband Einband]
   German: [http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einband Einband]
  Italian: [http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copertina Copertina]
   Portuguese: Cobertura, Acabamento ou Capa
   Portuguese: Cobertura, Acabamento ou Capa
   Russian: переплёт
   Russian: переплёт
Line 190: Line 192:
   German: Tiefenkompensierung
   German: Tiefenkompensierung
   Hungarian: [http://help.adobe.com/hu_HU/Photoshop/11.0/WS46189F37-21A5-441e-8FF5-A5C35BCEDF67.html Feketepont-kompenzáció]
   Hungarian: [http://help.adobe.com/hu_HU/Photoshop/11.0/WS46189F37-21A5-441e-8FF5-A5C35BCEDF67.html Feketepont-kompenzáció]
  Italian: [http://www.boscarol.com/blog/?tag=punto-nero Compensazione del punto nero]
   Polish: Kompensacja poziomu czerni
   Polish: Kompensacja poziomu czerni
   Portuguese: Compensação de Pontos Negros
   Portuguese: Compensação de Pontos Negros
Line 197: Line 200:
   German: [http://www.typolexikon.de/b/beschnitt.html Beschnitt], Anschnitt
   German: [http://www.typolexikon.de/b/beschnitt.html Beschnitt], Anschnitt
   Hungarian: Kifutó
   Hungarian: Kifutó
   Italian: Smarginatura
   Italian: [http://cpiub.com/2017/02/come-si-stampa-in-tipografia/ Margine al vivo]
   Polish: Spad
   Polish: Spad
   Portuguese: Sangria
   Portuguese: Sangria
Line 205: Line 208:
* Blend mode
* Blend mode
   Hungarian: Szemcsézés módja
   Hungarian: Szemcsézés módja
  Italian: Modo fusione
   Polish: [http://www.cyberart.pl/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=25&Itemid=41 Tryb mieszania]
   Polish: [http://www.cyberart.pl/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=25&Itemid=41 Tryb mieszania]
Line 212: Line 216:
   German: Fett
   German: Fett
   Hungarian: Félkövér
   Hungarian: Félkövér
   Italian: Nero, grassetto
   Italian: [https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grassetto Grassetto], neretto
   Polish: [http://www.typografia.ogme.pl/r1_odmiana_pisma.htm Pismo grube]
   Polish: [http://www.typografia.ogme.pl/r1_odmiana_pisma.htm Pismo grube]
   Portuguese: Negrito
   Portuguese: Negrito
Line 231: Line 235:
   German: Fußsteg
   German: Fußsteg
   Hungarian: Alsó margó
   Hungarian: Alsó margó
   Italian: Bianco al piede
   Italian: Margine inferiore
   Portuguese: Margem inferior
   Portuguese: Margem inferior
   Russian: Нижнее поле
   Russian: Нижнее поле

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The idea of this wiki page is to collect technical terms often used in Scribus, DTP in general, or in printing to make translations within Scribus consistent and also help translators that are not so involved in DTP and its terms.

Just add your ideas and if possible translations!

Some notes for translators:

  • Please make sure that your contribution is in the right alphabetical order with respect to the English name of your language (i.e. French before German and after Albanian).
  • Please don't add your translation to a reference. Use the referenced word instead.
  • If possible, add a link for the term you translated, containing further information.
  • In case you are missing a term in your native language, but don't know the English translation, you can mention it with a short description in English on the “discussion” panel.
  • Please use html encoding for special characters. Tabular Listing of Selected HTML Codes
Some links:
For Latin-1 codes
For Polish codes
For Greek codes
For Cyrillic codes

Glossary indexed by German in a tabular format (updated 2005-09-25)

Glossary indexed by English in a tabular format (updated 2006-05-14)


  • 3-Fold
 Dutch: drieluik
 German: dreifach gefaltet
 Hungarian: 3-lapos
 Italian: 3 falde
 Polish: Składanka potrójna
 Portuguese: Três dobras


  • 4-Fold
 Dutch: vierluik
 German: vierfach gefaltet
 Hungarian: 4-lapos
 Italian: 4 falde
 Polish: Składanka poczwórna
 Portuguese: Quatro dobras


 Dutch: DIN A formaat
 French: Formats de papier ISO
 German: DIN-Papier
 Hungarian: ISO A sorozat
 Italian: Formato A
 Polish: Formaty szeregu A
 Portuguese: Tamanho de papel de acordo com as normas DIN
 Dutch: afkorting
 French: Abréviation
 German: Abbreviatur, Abkürzung
 Hungarian: Rövidítés
 Italian: Abbreviazione
 Polish: Abrewiatura
 Portuguese: Abreviação ou Abreviatura
 Russian: Аббревиатура
 Dutch: acutus
 French: Accent aigu
 German: Akut, Accent aigu
 Hungarian: Éles ékezet
 Italiano: Accento acuto
 Portuguese: Acento Agudo
 Dutch: uitlijning 
 French: Alignement
 German: Zeilenfall, Ausrichtung
 Hungarian: Igazítás
 Italian: Allineamento
 Polish: Wyrównanie 
 Portuguese: Alinhamento
 Russian: Выключка
 Dutch: Kolomwit
 French Gouttière
 German: Zwischenschlag or Innensteg
 Hungarian: Hasábköz
 Italian: Spaziatura tra colonne di testo
 Polish: Odstęp międzyłamowy
 Portuguese: Viela ou Fresta
 Dutch: alfa-kanaal
 French: Canal alpha
 German: Alphakanal
 Hungarian: Alfa csatorna
 Italian: Canale alfa
 Polish: Kanał alfa
 Portuguese: Canal Alfa ou Canal de transparência
 Russian: Альфа-канал
 Dutch: Romein, Antiqua
 German: Antiqua
 Hungarian: Antikva
 Italian: Antiqua
 Polish: Antykwa  
 Portuguese: Tipo (fonte) Romano
  • Antiqua see Ancient
 Dutch: stok, stokletter
 French: Ascendante
 German: Oberlänge
 Hungarian: Felnyúló (szár)
 Italian: Tratto ascendente
 Polish: Wydłużenie górne
 Portuguese: Ascentende
 Spanish: Rasgo ascendente


  • Back margin see: Inner margin
  • Back(step) mark
 German: Flattermarke
 Polish: Znak grzbietowy
  • Backup registration
 Dutch: register, in register staan of drukken
 German: Register
 Dutch: streepjescode
 German Strichcode
 Hungarian: Vonalkód
 Italiano: Codice a barre
 Polish: Kod kreskowy
 Portuguese: Código de barras  
 Russian: Штрих-код
 Dutch: basislijn
 French: Ligne de base
 German: Grundlinie, Schriftlinie
 Hungarian: Alapvonal
 Italian: Linea di base
 Polish: Linia pisma
 Portuguese: Pauta
 Russian: Базовая линия
 Spanish: Linea di base
  • Baseline grid
 Dutch: basislijnstramien
 French : Grille typographique
 German: Grundlinienraster
 Hungarian: Alaprács
 Italian: Griglia tipografica
 Polish: Siatka linii pisma
 Portuguese: Pauta ou Grade da Pauta
 Russian: Сетка базовой линии
  • Baseline shift
 German: Grundlinienversatz
 Hungarian: Alapvonal eltolás
 Italian: Sfasamento delle linee di base
 Polish: Przesunięcie względem linii pisma
 Portuguese: Distânciamento entre algum objeto e a pauta
 Russian: Смещение относительно базовой линии
 Dutch: Franse titel
 German: Schmutztitel, Antiporta
 Italian: Occhiello
 Polish: Strona przedtytułowa
 Dutch: Beziercurve
 French: Courbe de Bézier
 German: Bézierkurve
 Hungarian: Bezier görbe
 Italiano: Curva di Bézier
 Polish: Krzywa Béziera
 Portuguese: Curva de Brezier
 Russian: Кривая Безье
 Dutch: band, boekband
 French: Reliure
 German: Einband
 Italian: Copertina
 Portuguese: Cobertura, Acabamento ou Capa
 Russian: переплёт
 Dutch: Zwartpuntcompensatie
 German: Tiefenkompensierung
 Hungarian: Feketepont-kompenzáció
 Italian: Compensazione del punto nero
 Polish: Kompensacja poziomu czerni
 Portuguese: Compensação de Pontos Negros
 Russian: Компенсация чёрной точки
 French: Fond perdu
 German: Beschnitt, Anschnitt
 Hungarian: Kifutó
 Italian: Margine al vivo
 Polish: Spad
 Portuguese: Sangria
 Russian: Обрезать в край
 Spanish: Página sangrada
  • Blend mode
 Hungarian: Szemcsézés módja
 Italian: Modo fusione
 Polish: Tryb mieszania
  • Bold
 Dutch: vet
 French: Gras
 German: Fett
 Hungarian: Félkövér
 Italian: Grassetto, neretto
 Polish: Pismo grube
 Portuguese: Negrito
 Russian: Жирный
 Spanish: Negrilla
 Dutch: bladwijzer
 French: Signet, marque-page
 German: Lesezeichen
 Hungarian: Könyvjelző
 Italian: Segnalibro
 Polish: Zakładka
 Portuguese: Marcador ou Favorito
 Russian: Закладка
  • Bottom margin
 Dutch: staartwit
 French: Marge du bas
 German: Fußsteg
 Hungarian: Alsó margó
 Italian: Margine inferiore
 Portuguese: Margem inferior
 Russian: Нижнее поле
 Spanish: Margen al pie
 Dutch: helderheid
 French: Luminosité
 German: Helligkeit
 Hungarian: Fényerő
 Italiano: Luminosità
 Polish: Jasność, Moc światła białego
 Portuguese: Brilho
 Russian: Яркость
 Dutch: Merkteken
 French: Puce
 German: Aufzählungszeichen, Spiegelstrich
 Hungarian: Díszpont
 Italiano: Punto elenco
 Polish: Wyróżnik
 Portuguese: Marcador
 Russian: Маркер списка


  • Calibration
 French: Calibration
 German: Kalibrierung
 Polish: Kalibracja
 Portuguese: Calibração
 Russian: Калибровка
  • Canvas
 Hungarian: Rajzvászon
 German: Versalhöhe
 Hungarian: Nagybetű magasság
 Dutch: Legenda
 French: Légende
 German: Beschriftung, Legende
 Hungarian: Felirat
 Italiano: Didascalia
 Portuguese: Subtítulo ou Legenda
 Russian: Заголовок
 French: Hatchek
 German: Hatschek, Caron
 Hungarian: Hacsek
 French: Cédille
 German: Cédille, Zedille
 Hungarian: Cédille (bal farok)
 Italiano: Cediglia
 Dutch: Vouwteken
 German: Falzmarke
 Polish: Znacznik bigowania
 Portuguese: Marca central
  • Character class
 German: Zeichensatz
 Hungarian: Karakter osztály
 Portuguese: Classe de Caractere
 French: Cicéro, douze
 German: Cicero
 Hungarian: Ciceró
 Italian: Cicero
 Polish: Cycero
 Portuguese: Cícero
 Spanish: Cicero
 French: Accent circonflexe
 German: Zirkumflex, Accent circonflexe
 Hungarian: circumflex, Kúpos ékezet
 Italian: Accento circonflesso
 Spanish: Acento circunflejo
 German: Beschneidungspfad, Freistellpfad
 Hungarian: Vágógörbe
 Polish: Ścieżka odcięcia
 Portuguese: Máscaras de seleção
 Dutch: CMGZ, CMYK
 French: Quadrichromie, CMJN
 German: CMYK
 Hungarian: CMYK
 Italian: CYMK
 Polish: CMYK
 Portuguese: CMYK
 Russian: CMYK
 German: Farbmanagement
 Hungarian: Színkezelés
 Italiano: Gestione del colore
 Polish: Zarządzanie kolorami
 Russian: Управление цветом
  • Colour map
 German: Farbwähler
 Hungarian: Színtérkép
 Portuguese: Mapa de Cores
  • Colour profile:
 Dutch: Kleurprofiel
 French: Profil colorimétrique, Profil ICC
 German: Farbprofil
 Hungarian: Színprofil
 Italiano: Profilo di colore, Profilo ICC
 Portuguese: Perfil de cor
 Russian: Цветовой профиль
  • Colour schema
 Dutch: Kleurenschema
 German: Farbschema
 Hungarian: Színösszeállítás
 Portuguese: Esquema de Cor
 Russian: Цветовая схема
 Dutch: Kleurscheiding, kleurenseparatie
 French: Séparation quadrichromique
 German: Farbseparation
 Hungarian: Színfelbontás
 Polish: Rozbarwienie
 Portuguese: Separações de cores
 Russian: Цветоделение
 Dutch: Kleurruimte
 German Farbraum
 Hungarian: Színtér
 Italiano: Spazio dei colori
 Polish: Przestrzeń barw
 Portuguese: Espaço de Cores
 Russian Цветовая модель
 Dutch: Kleurencirkel
 German: Farbkreis
 Hungarian: Színkerék
 Italiano: Ruota dei colori, cerchio cromatico
 Polish: Koło barw
 Portuguese: Roda de Cores
  • Column
 Dutch: Kolom
 French: Colonne
 German: Kolumne, Spalte
 Hungarian: Hasáb
 Italiano: Colonna
 Polish: Łam
 Portuguese: Coluna
 Russian: Столбец
 Dutch: Complementaire kleur
 French: Couleur complémentaire
 German: Komplementärfarbe
 Hungarian: Kiegészítő színek
 Italiano: Colore complementare
 Polish: Barwa dopełniająca
 Portuguese: Cores complementares
  • Composite colour
 German: Mischfarbe
 Hungarian: Összetett szín (nem színre bontott)
 Polish: Kolor kompozytowy
  • Continuous text
 German: Fließtext
 Hungarian: Folytonos szöveg
 Polish: Tekst ciągły
 Portuguese: Texto contínuo
 French: Contraste
 German: Kontrast
 Hungarian: Kontraszt
 Italiano: Contrasto
 Polish: Kontrast
 Portuguese: Contraste
 Russian: Контраст
 French: Caractère de contrôle
 German: Kontrollzeichen, nichtdruckbare Zeichen
 Hungarian: vezérlő karakter
 Italiano: Carattere di controllo
 Polish: Znak kontrolny
 Portuguese: Caractere de Controle
 Dutch: Snijtekens
 French: Traits de coupe
 German: Schnittmarke, Schneidemarke
 Hungarian: Vágójelek
 Italiano: Crocini (di taglio)
 Polish: Znaczniki cięcia, linie cięcia
 Portuguese: Marcas de corte
 Russian: Метки под обрез
  • Crop box
 German: Maskenrahmen
 Hungarian: Vágókeret
  • Cropping
 Polish: Maskowanie, kadrowanie
 Hungarian: Levágás


 Dutch: staart, staartletter
 French: Jambage inférieur
 German: Unterlänge
 Hungarian: Lenyúló (szár)
 Italian: Discendente
 Polish: Wydłużenie dolne
 Portuguese: Descendente
 Spanish: Trazo descendente de una lettra
  • Device profile
 French: Profil de périphérique
 German: Geräteprofil
 Hungarian: Eszközprofil
 Polish: Profil urządzenia
 Portuguese: Perfil de Dispositivo
 Dutch: trema
 German: Trema, Diärese
 Hungarian: Dupla pont ékezet
 Dutch: didotpunt
 French: Didot
 German: Didotpunkt
 Hungarian: Didot
 Italian: Punto Didot
 Polish: Punkt typograficzny
 Portuguese: Ponto Diot
 Spanish: Punto cortado
 German: Dingbats, Symbolzeichen
  • Document outline
 German: Aufriß, Dokumentstruktur
 Hungarian: Dokumentumvázlat
 Polish: Struktura dokumentu
 Portuguese: Esboço do Original ou Esboço de Documento
 Russian: Схема документа
 German: Doppelakut
 Hungarian: Kettős éles ékezet
 French: PPP(points par pouce)
 German DPI
 Hungarian: DPI (pont / hüvelyk)
 Italian: DPI, punti per pollice
 Polish: DPI
 Portuguese: DPI
 Dutch: versaal, initiaalletter
 French: Lettrines
 German: Initialen
 Hungarian: Iniciálé link2
 Italian: Iniziale, capolettera
 Polish: Inicjały opuszczone
 Portuguese: Capitulação
 Russian: Буквица
 Spanish: Mayúsculas eliminadas


 Dutch: Beletselteken, ellips
 French: Ellipse
 German: Auslassungspunkte, Ellipse
 Hungarian: Három pont
 Italian: Segno d'omissione
 Polish: Wielokropek
 Portugues: Reticências
 Russian: Многоточие
 Spanish: Puntos suspensivos, elipsis
 Dutch: kastlijntje
 French: Tiret cadratin
 German: Geviertstrich, Auslassungsstrich, Zitatstrich
 Hungarian: Kvirtmínusz
 Polish: Pauza
 Portuguese: Linha Em
 Dutch: Accentuering
 German: Auszeichnung
 Hungarian: Fettelés, vastagítás
 Polish: Wyróżnienie
 Portuguese: Ênfase
  • Em space
 Dutch: vierkant
 French: Cadratin
 German: Geviert
 Hungarian: Em szóköz
 Italian: Quadratone
 Polish: Spacja firetowa
 Spanish: Cuadratin, eme
 Dutch: halve kastlijn, half kastlijntje Liggend streepje
 French: Tiret
 German: Halbgeviertstrich, Gedankenstrich
 Hungarian: Gondolatjel, nagykötőjel, félkvirtmínusz
 Polish: Półpauza
 Portuguese: Linha En
  • En space
 Dutch: half vierkant
 French: Demi-cadratin
 German: Halbgeviert
 Hungarian: En szóköz
 Italian: Quadratino
 Polish: Spacja półfiretowa
 Spanish: Medio cuadratin
 Dutch: ringel-s, Eszett
 French: Eszett, eszet
 German: Eszett
 Hungarian: Eszcett
  • Even page
 French: Page paire
 German: Gerade Seite
 Hungarian: Páros oldal
 Polish: Strona parzysta
 Portuguese: Página Par
 Spanish: Página par


  • Facing pages
 French: Pages en regard, en vis-à-vis
 German: gegenüberliegende Seiten
 Hungarian: Oldalpár
 Polish: Strony widzące
 Portuguese: Páginas espelhadas
  • Figure space
 Hungarian: Számjegyszóköz
 Polish: Spacja cyfrowa
  • Flush see Alignment
  • Fold mark see Centre marks
  • Font
 French: Police, Typo
 German: Schriftart
 Hungarian: Betűkészlet
 Italian: Fonte
 Polish: Font
 Portuguese: Tipo ou fonte
 Spanish: Fuente
 German: Schriftschnitt
 Polish: Krój pisma
 Portuguese: Corpo da fonte
  • Font family
 Dutch: Letterfamilie
 French: Famille de police, de fonte
 German: Schriftfamilie
 Hungarian: Betűcsalád
 Italian: Famiglia
 Polish: Rodzina kroju pisma
 Portuguese: Família da fonte
 Russian: Гарнитура шрифтов
  • Font size
 Dutch: Lettergrootte
 French: Corps
 German: Schriftgrad
 Hungarian: Betűméret
 Italian: Forza di corpo
 Polish: Stopień pisma
 Portuguese: Tamanho da Fonte
 Russian: Кегль шрифта
  • Font slant
 German: Schriftlage
 Hungarian: Dőlt betű
 Polish: Pochylenie kroju pisma
 Portuguese: Inclinação da fonte
  • Font weight
 French: Graisse
 German: Schriftstärke
 Hungarian: Betűvastagság
 Italian: Gradazione
 Polish: Grubość kroju pisma
 Portuguese: Peso da fonte
 Spanish: Peso
  • Font width
 German: Schriftweite
 Hungarian: Betűszélesség
 Polish: Szerokość kroju pisma
 Portuguese: Largura da Fonte
 Dutch: Voetnoot
 French: Note de bas de page
 German: Fußnote
 Hungarian: Lábjegyzet
 Italian: Nota a piè di pagina
 Polish: Przypis dolny
 Portuguese: Nota de rodapé
 Spanish: Nota al pie
  • Forced alignment
 Dutch: Geforceerd
 French: Justification forcée
 German: Erzwungener Blocksatz
 Hungarian: Kikényszerített igazítás
 Polish: justowanie (z ostatnią linią)
 Portuguese: Forçado
  • Foredge margin see: Outside margin
  • Formatting
 German: Formatierung
 Hungarian: Formázás
 Polish: Formatowanie
 Portuguese: Formatação
 Russian: Форматирование
  • Frame
 Dutch: Kader
 French: Cadre
 German: Rahmen
 Hungarian: Keret
 Italian: Riquadro
 Polish: Ramka
 Portuguese: Quadro
 Russian: рамка, блок
  • Freehand line
 Dutch: Vrijehand-curve
 French: Ligne à main levée
 German: Freihandlinie
 Hungarian: Szabadkézi vonal
 Polish: Linia odręczna
 Portuguese: Linha à mão livre
 Russian: Линия от руки
 Dutch: Frontispice
 French: Frontispice
 German: Frontispiz
 Hungarian: Címkép
 Polish: Frontyspis
 Portuguese: Ilustração de Capa ou Imagem da Capa
 Russian: Фронтиспис
 German: Titelei
 Hungarian: Főszöveget megelőző járulékos részek
 Polish: Karty tytułowe
 Portuguese: Matéria de capa


  Dutch: Gamut, kleurengamma
  French: Gamme de couleurs
  German: Gamut
  Hungarian: Gamut (színkorlát)
  Polish: Przestrzeń kolorów
  Portuguese: Gama
  Russian: Цветовой охват, цветовая гамма
  French: Glyphe
  German: Glyph(e), Zeichen
  Hungarian: Írásjel
  Polish: Glif
  Dutch: Gulden Snede
  German: Goldener Schnitt
  Hungarian: aranymetszés (aranyarány)
  Polish: Złoty podział
  Portuguese: Moderado ou Meio Termo
  French: Gothique
  German: Gebrochene Schrift
  Hungarian: Gótikus (vastagított)
  Polish: Krój gotycki
  Portuguese: Tipo (fonte) Gótico
  Russian: Готический шрифт
  Dutch: Verlooptint
  French: Dégradé
  German: Verlauf
  Hungarian: Színátmenet
  Polish: Gradient
  Portuguese: Gradiente ou Degradê
  Russian: Градиент
  Dutch: Gramsgewicht
  French: Grammage
  German: Papiergewicht, Grammatur
  Hungarian: Négyzetmétertömeg
  Polish: Gramatura papieru
  Portuguese: Gramatura
 German: Gravis, Accent grave
 Hungarian: Tompa ékezet
 Italian: Accento grave
 Portuguese: Crase
 Spanish: Acento grave
 Dutch: Grijstonen
 French: Niveaux de gris
 German: Halbtonbild, Graustufen
 Hungarian: Szürkeárnyalatos
 Polish: Skala szarości
 Portuguese: Tons de Cinza
  • Grid
 Dutch: Stramien
 French: Grille
 German: Gitter or Raster
 Hungarian: Rács
 Italian: Ciriglia
 Polish: Siatka
 Portuguese: Grade
 Russian: Сетка
 Spanish: Cuadricula
  • Grotesque see Sans Serif
  • Guide
  Dutch: Hulplijn
  French: Repère
  German: Hilfslinie
  Hungarian: Segédvonal
  Polish: Linia pomocnicza
  Portuguese: Guia
  Russian: Направляющая
  Spanish: Línea guía
  • Gutter see Inner margin


 Dutch: Haarlijn
 French: Trait fin
 German: Haarlinie
 Hungarian: Hajszálvékony
 Polish: Linia włosowa
 Portuguese: Fio de Cabelo ou Fio de Navalha
  • Hairspace
 French: Espace fine
 German: Haarspatium
 Hungarian: Hajszálszóköz
 Polish: Spacja włosowa
  • Head margin see: Top margin
  • HLS
 Dutch: HSL, HLS
 German: HLS
 Hungarian: HLS (színezet, fényerő, színtelítettség)
 Polish: HLS
 Portuguese: HLS
 Dutch: HSV, HSB
 German: HSV
 Hungarian: HSV (árnyalat, telítettség, érték)
 Polish: HSV
 Portuguese: HSV
  • Hotstamping
 Dutch: Tint
 French: Teinte 
 German: Farbton
 Hungarian: Árnyalat
 Polish: Częstotliwość fali światła
 Portuguese: Gradação da Cor ou Matiz
 Dutch: Afbreekteken, afbreekstreepje
 French: Trait d’union
 German: Divis, Viertelgeviertstrich, Bindestrich
 Hungarian: Elválasztójel
 Italian: Tratto d'unione
 Polish: Łącznik
 Portuguese: Hifén
 Spanish: Guión
 Dutch: woordafbreking
 French: Césure
 German: Silbentrennung
 Hungarian: Elválasztás
 Italian: Divisione in sillabe
 Polish: Dzielenie na sylaby
 Portuguese: Hifenação
 Russian: Перенос по слогам
 Spanish: Guión
* French: Zone de césure
* German: Flatterzone
* Polish: Strefa dzielenia wyrazów


 French: Imposition
 German: Ausschießen
 Hungarian: Kilövés
 Polish: Impozycja
 Portuguese: Imposição
 Dutch: pagina's inslaan, inslagschema; impositie
 Russian: спуск печатной формы; спуск полос
 Dutch: imprimatur, goed-voor-druk
 French: Imprimatur
 German: Imprimatur, Druckfreigabe
 Hungarian: Imprimatúra
 Polish: Imprimatur
  • Imprint see Masthead
  • Inch
 Dutch: Duim
 French: Pouce
 German: Zoll
 Hungarian: Hüvelyk
 Polish: Cal
 Portuguese: Polegada
 Russian: Дюйм
 Dutch: Inspringen
 French: Renfoncement
 German: Einzug
 Hungarian: Behúzás
 Italian: Rientranza
 Polish: Wcięcie
 Portuguese: Identação
 Russian: Отступ
 Spanish: Sangría
  • Initial see: Drop caps
  • Inner Margin
 Dutch: rugwit
 French: Marge intérieure
 German: Bundsteg, Innensteg
 Hungarian: Belső margó
 Hungarian: Kötésmargó
 Italian: Margine interno
 Portuguese: Margem Interna
 Dutch: Invoerapparaat
 French: Périphérique d'entrée (de saisie)
 German: Eingabegerät
 Hungarian: Beviteli eszköz
 Portuguese: Dispositivo de entrada
 Russian: Устройство ввода
  • Interleaf (page)
 German: Vakatseite
 Polish: Wakat
 Portuguese: Entre Folhas
 Dutch: Apostrof, weglatingsteken
 German: Apostroph
 Hungarian: Aposztróf
 Polish: Apostrof
 Portuguese: Apóstrofo
 Dutch: cursief
 French: Italique
 German: Kursive
 Hungarian: Kurzív
 Italian: Corsivo
 Polish: Kursywa
 Portuguese: Itálico
 Spanish: Letra grifa
  • Item action mode
 German: Objektbezogener Modus
 Hungarian: Elemenkénti műveletek mód


 Dutch: uitgevuld, blokzetsel
 French: Justifié
 Italian: Giustificato
 German: Blocksatz
 Hungarian: Sorkizárt
 Polish: Justowanie
 Portuguese: Justificado
 Spanish: Justificado


 Dutch: Kerning
 French: Approche, crénage
 Italian: Crenatura
 German: Unterschneidung, Kerning
 Hungarian: Alávágás
 Polish: Podcinanie
 Portuguese: Entre-letras
 Russian: Кернинг
 German. Aussparen
 Hungarian: Kiütés
 Polish: Wycinanie
 German: Krouzek, Kreisakzent


  • Landscape
 Dutch: Liggend
 French: Paysage, orientation à l'italienne
 Italian: Formato oblunga
 German: Querformat
 Hungarian: Fekvõ
 Polish: Pejzaż
 Portuguese: Paisagem
 Russian: Альбом, альбомная ориентация страницы
 Spanish: Apaisado
  • Layer
 Dutch: Laag
 French: Couche, calque
 German: Ebene
 Hungarian: Réteg
 Polish: Warstwa
 Portuguese: Camada
 Russian: Слой
 Dutch: regelafstand, regelwit, interlinie
 French: Interligne, interlignage
 German: Durchschuß, Zeilenabstand
 Hungarian: Sorköz (sortávolság)
 Italian: Interlineatura
 Polish: Interlinia
 Portuguese: Entre-parágrafos
 Spanish: Espaciado
  • Left aligned
 Dutch: linkslijnend
 French: Aligné à gauche
 German: Linksbündig, Flattersatz
 Hungarian: Balra igazított
 Polish: Wyrównanie do lewej
 Portuguese: Alinhamento à esquerda
 Russian: С выключкой влево
 Dutch: Letter
 French: Lettre
 German: Letter
 Hungarian: Graféma
 Italian: Lettera
 Polish: Litera
 Portuguese: Grafema
 Spanish: Letra
 Dutch: Ligatuur, koppelletter
 French: Ligature
 German: Ligatur
 Hungarian: Ligatúra
 Italian: Legatura
 Polish: Ligatura
 Portuguese: Ligadura
 Russian: Лигатура
 Spanish: Ligadura
  • Line spacing see Leading
  • Line wrap
 German: Zeilenumbruch
 Hungarian: Sortörés
 Polish: Zawijanie wierszy
 Portuguese: Deslocamento de Linha
 Dutch: tabelcijfer
 French: Chiffres alignés
 German: Versalziffern
 Italian: Cifre allineate
 Polish: Cyfry nautyczne
 Spanish: Cifras alineadas
  • Lorem Ipsum see Sample text


 French: Macron
 German: Makron, Längenstrich
 Hungarian: Macron, vonal
  • Majuscule see Superior
  • Margin
 Dutch: wit, marge, kantlijn
 French: Marge
 German: Steg, Rand
 Hungarian: Margó
 Italian: Margine
 Polish: Margines
 Portuguese: Margem
 Russian: Поле
 Spanish: Margen
  • Margin alignment
 German: Randausgleich
 Polish: Optyczne wyrównanie krawędzi łamu
 Hungarian: Margóigazítás
 Portuguese: Alinhamento de Margem
  • Marginal note
 Dutch: marginalia (plural), kanttekening 
 French: Note marginale
 German: Marginalie
 Hungarian: Széljegyzet
 Polish: Uwaga na marginesie
 Portuguese: Nota Marginal
  • Master Page
 French: Gabarit
 German: Musterseite
 Hungarian: Mesteroldal
 Italian: Pagina modello
 Polish: Strona wzorcowa
 Portuguese: Página Master
 Dutch: Colofon
 French: Marque d'imprimeur, achevé d’imprimer
 German: Impressum
 Hungarian: Impresszum
 Polish: Stopka redakcyjna
 Portuguese: Mastro Principal
  • Mid space
 Hungarian: Közepes szóköz
 Polish: Ćwiertak
 Dutch: Onderkast
 French: Bas de casse, Minuscule
 German: Gemeine, Minuskel
 Hungarian: Kurrens
 Italian: Minuscolo
 Polish: Minuskuła
 Portuguese: Minúscula
 Spanish: Minúsculas
  • Misprint
 Dutch: Drukfout
 German: Zwiebelfisch
 Hungarian: Nyomdahiba
 Portuguese: Má impressão
 Dutch: Monochroom
 French: Monochromatique
 German: Monochrom, monochromatisch
 Hungarian: Egyszínű
 Portuguese: Monocromático
 German: Nichtproportionale Schrift, Festschrittschrift
 Hungarian: Azonos szélességű betűkészlet
 Polish: Pismo maszynowe
 Portuguese: Mono espaçada


  • Node
 Dutch: Knoop, knooppunt
 German: Knoten, Knotenpunkt
 Hungarian: Csomópont
 Polish: Węzeł
 Portuguese: Nó
  • Non breaking dash
 German: Geschützter Bindestrich
 Hungarian: Nem törhető kötőjel
 Polish: Nierozdzielny łącznik
 Portuguese: Linha inquebrável
  • Non breaking space
 French: Espace insécable
 German: Geschütztes Leerzeichen
 Hungarian: Nem törhető szóköz
 Polish: Spacja niełamliwa
 Portuguese: Espaço inquebrável


  • Odd page
 Dutch: "belle page", oneven bladzijde
 French: Page impaire
 German: ungerade Seite
 Hungarian: Páratlan oldal
 Italian: Pagine dispari
 Polish: Strona nieparzysta
 Portuguese: Página Impar
 Spanish: Páginas impares
  • Offset
 Dutch: Offset; overzet
 French: Décalage
 German: Versatz
 Hungarian: Ofszet
 Polish: Offset
 Dutch: Offsetdruk, vlakdruk
 French: Impression offset
 German: Offsetdruck
 Hungarian: Offszetnyomás
 Italian: Offset
 Polish: Druk offsetowy
 Spanish: Lito-offset
 French: Ogonek, cédille inversée
 German: Ogonek
 Hungarian: Jobb farok, ogonek
 Polish: Ogonek
 Portuguese: Gancho polonês
 Dutch: Opaciteit, opaak
 French: Opacité
 German: Deckkraft, Opazität
 Hungarian: Átlátszatlanság
 Polish: Krycie
 Portuguese: Opacidade
 Dutch: wees, hoerenjong
 French: Orpheline
 German: Schusterjunge, Waisenkind
 Magyar: Árva (sor)
 Polish: Szewc
 Portuguese: Parágrafo Órfão
 Dutch: Uitvoer apparaat
 French: Périphérique de sortie
 German: Ausgabegerät
 Hungarian: Kimeneti eszköz
 Polish: Urządzenie wyjściowe
 Portuguese: Dispositivos de Saída
  • Output intent
 German: Ausgabeprofil
  • Outside margin
 Dutch: snijwit
 French: Marge extérieure
 German: Außensteg, Randsteg
 Hungarian: Külső margó
 Portuguese: Margem exterior
 Dutch: Overdrukken
 French: Surimpression
 German: Überdrucken
 Hungarian: Felülnyomás
 Polish: Nadrukowanie, nadruk
 Portuguese: Sobre-impressão


  • Page dimension
 Dutch: Bladzijdeformaat
 French: Dimensions de la page
 German: Seitengröße
 Hungarian: Oldalméret
 Polish: Rozmiar strony
 Portuguese: Dimensão de Página
  • Page orientation
 French: Orientation de la page
 German: Seitenausrichtung
 Hungarian: Oldaltájolás
 Polish: Orientacja strony
 Portuguese: Orientação de Página
  • Page size see Page dimension
  • Paginate
 Dutch: Pagineren
 French: Paginer
 German: Paginieren
 Hungarian: Lapszámozás
 Italian: Numerare
 Polish: Numerowanie stron
 Portuguese: Paginar
 Spanish: Compaginar
  • Palette
 Hungarian: Paletta
 Italian: finestra (eventualmente: palette)
 German: Papiersorte
 Polish: Rodzaj papieru
 Portuguese: Tipo de papel
  • Paper size
 Dutch: Papierformaat
 French: Dimensions du papier, format de papier
 German: Papierformat
 Hungarian: Papírméret
 Polish: Format papieru
 Portuguese: Tamanho do papel
 Dutch: Alinea, paragraaf
 French: Paragraphe
 German: Absatz
 Hungarian: Bekezdés
 Polish: Akapit
 Portuguese: Parágrafo
  • Path
 Dutch: Pad
 French: Chemin
 German: Pfad
 Hungarian: Útvonal
 Polish: Ścieżka
 Portuguese: Caminho
  • PDF composite
 Hungarian: Kompozit PDF
 Polish: Kompozyt PDF
 German: Pica
 Hungarian: Pica
 Italian: Punto pica
 Polish: Pica
 Dutch: Punt
 French: Point
 German: Punkt
 Hungarian: Pont
 Italian: Punto
 Polish: Punkt typograficzny
 Portuguese: Ponto (unidade tipográfica)
 Dutch: Polylijn, polygoon, veelhoek
 French: Polygone
 German: Polygon, Vieleck
 Hungarian: Sokszög
 Polish: Wielokąt
 Portuguese: Poligono
  • Portrait
 Dutch: Staand
 Italian: Verticale
 French: Portrait, orientation à à la française
 German: Hochformat
 Hungarian: Álló
 Polish: Portret
 Portuguese: Retrato
 Spanish: Vertical
  • PPI (Pixels per inch)
 German: PPI (Pixel pro Zoll)
 Hungarian: PPI (pixel / hüvelyk)
 Polish: PPI
  • Preflight Verifier
 German: Druckvorstufenüberprüfung
 Hungarian: Ellenőrzés
 Polish: Weryfikator materiału wejściowego
 Portuguese: Verificador pré-vôo
 French: Prépresse
 German: Druckvorstufe
 Hungarian: Nyomdai előkészítés
 Italian: Prestampa
 Polish: Prepress; przygotowanie do druku
 Portuguese: Pŕe-impressão
 Spanish: Pre-prensa
 Dutch: Drukproef
 French: Épreuves de contrôle, Épreuves
 German: Andruck, Proof
 Hungarian: (Előkészítő) lenyomat, proof
 Polish: Proof cyfrowy
 Portuguese: Prova de Pré-Impressão
  • Preview
 Dutch: Voorbeeld
 French: Prévisualisation
 German: Vorschau
 Hungarian: Elõnézet
 Polish: Podgląd
 Portuguese: Visualização
  • Printed sheet
 Dutch: Drukvel
 German: Rohbogen, Druckbogen
 Hungarian: Nyomtatott ív
 Portuguese: Folha impressa
  • Print space
 Dutch: Bladspiegel, zetspiegel
 French: Zone d'impression
 German: Satzspiegel
 Polish: Obszar zadruku
 Portuguese: Área de impressão
  • Process colors
 German: Prozeßfarben
 Hungarian: Nyomdai alapszínek
 Polish: Kolory procesowe, Kolory rozbarwiane 
 Dutch: Proportioneel lettertype
 German: Proportionalschrift
 Hungarian: Proporcionális betűkészlet
 Polish: Pismo proporcjonalne


 Dutch: Aanhalingstekens
 French: Guillemets
 German: Anführungszeichen, Gänsefüßchen
 Hungarian: Idézőjelek
 Polish: Cudzysłowy
 Portuguese: Marcas de Comentários/Citação


  • Ragged text
 French: texte en drapeau (à gauche, à droite)
 German: Flattersatz
 French: Couleur de repérage
 German: Registrierungsfarbe
 Polish: Kolor paserów, kolor punktury
 Portuguese: Cores de registro
  • Registration mark
 Dutch: Paskruis
 French: Hirondelle (from a printer's PDF  guide)
 German: Passer, Paßkreuz
 Hungarian: Passzerjel
 Polish: Paser, punktura
 Portuguese: Marcas de Registro
  • Rendering intent
 German: Farbraumtransformation
 Hungarian: Leképzés módja
 French: RVB
 German: RGB
 Hungarian: RGB
 Polish: RGB
 Portuguese: RGB
  • Right aligned
 Dutch: Rechts uitlijnend
 French: Aligné à droite
 German: Rechtsbündig
 Hungarian: Jobbra igazított
 Polish: Wyrównany do prawej
 Portuguese: Alinhamento à direita
 French: RIP
 German: RIP
 Hungarian: RIP
 Polish: RIP
  • Row
 Dutch: Rij
 French: Ligne (de tableau)
 German: (Tabellen-)Zeile
 Hungarian: Sor
 Polish: Wiersz (tabeli)

  • Ruler
 Dutch: Liniaal
 French: Règle
 German: Lineal
 Hungarian: Vonalzó
 Polish: Linijka
 Portuguese: Régua
  • Runaraound
 Dutch: Tekstomloop
 German: Umfluß
 Polish: Oblewanie tekstem


 Dutch: Voorbeeldtekst, Lorem Ipsum, dummy tekst
 French: Faux texte
 German: Blindtext, Beispieltext
 Hungarian: Helykitöltő szöveg
 Polish: Przykładowy tekst, Lorem ipsum
 Portuguese: Texto de amostra
 Dutch: Schreefloos
 French: Sans empattement
 German: Serifenlose Schrift, Grotesk
 Hungarian: Talp nélküli
 Polish: Grotesk
 Portuguese: Sem serifa
 Dutch: Verzadiging
 French: Saturation
 German: Sättigung
 Hungarian: Telítettség
 Polish: Nasycenie koloru
 Portuguese: Saturação
  • Scrapbook
 Dutch: Kladblok
 French: Album
 German: Bibliothek
 Hungarian: Gyűjtőalbum
 Polish: Biblioteka
 Portuguese: Livro ou Folha de Rascunhos
  • Scratch space
 Hungarian: Firkahely
 Polish: Brudnopis
  • Semi-bold
 Dutch: halfvet
 German: Halbfett
 Hungarian: Félkövér
 Polish: Pismo półgrube
 Dutch: Schreef
 French: Empattement
 German: Serife
 Hungarian: Talpas
 Polish: Szeryf
 Portuguese: Serifa
  • Shape
 Dutch: Vorm
 French: Forme
 German: Form
 Hungarian: Alak
 Polish: Figura (geometryczna), forma
 Portuguese: Forma
  • Sharp s see Es-zett
  • Slash
 Dutch: Schuine streep, schrap, Duitse komma
 French: Barre oblique
 German: Schrägstrich
 Hungarian: Perjel
 Polish: Ukośnik
 Portuguese: Barra
 Dutch: kleinkapitaal
 French: Petites capitales
 German: Kapitälchen
 Hungarian: Kiskapitális
 Polish: Kapitaliki
 Portuguese: Pequenas Maiúsculas
 French: Trait d'union facultatif
 German: Bedingtes Trennzeichen
 Hungarian: Feltételes kötőjel
 Polish: Łącznik opcjonalny
 Portuguese: Hifenação inteligente
  • Solid colour
 German: Füllfarbe
 Hungarian: Homogén színek
 Polish: Kolor pełny
 Portuguese: Cor sólida
  • Solidus
 German: Schrägstrich
 Hungarian: Solidus
 Polish: Ukośnik
  • Spacing
 Dutch: spatiëring
 French: Espacement
 German: Abstand
 Hungarian: Térköz
 Polish: Odstępy
 Portuguese: Espaçamento
 German: Buchrücken
 Polish: Grzbiet książki
 Dutch: steunkleur, PMS-kleur
 German: Schmuckfarbe, Volltonfarbe
 Hungarian: Direkt szín
 Polish: Kolor dodatkowy
 Portuguese: Cores Planas
  • Spreading and choking see Trapping
  • Story editor
 French: Editeur interne
 German: Textbearbeitung
 Hungarian: Szövegszerkesztő
 Polish: Edytor artykułów
 Portuguese: Editor de estória/história (de texto no Scribus)
  • Stroke
 Dutch: strook
 French: Trait
 German: Umrißlinie, Kontur
 Hungarian: Kontúr
 Polish: Obrys
 Portuguese: Traço
  • Style
 Dutch: Stijl
 French: Style
 German: Stil, Formatvorlage
 Hungarian: Stílus
 Polish: Styl
 Portuguese: Estilo
 Spanish: Estilo
 Dutch: Inferieur
 French: Indice
 German: Tiefgestellt, Index
 Hungarian: Alsó index
 Polish: Indeks dolny
 Portuguese: Sub-escrito
 Dutch: Hoofdletters, kapitalen, bovenkasten
 French: Majuscules
 German: Versalien
 Hungarian: Verzál
 Polish: Wersaliki
 Dutch: Superieur
 French: Exposant
 German: Hochgestellt, Exponent
 Hungarian: Felsõ index
 Polish: Indeks górny
 Portuguese: Sobre-escrito
  • Swatch
 German: Farbfeld
 Polish: Próbka koloru
 Portuguese: Amostra
  • Swatches
 German: Farb(feld)-Palette
 Polish: Biblioteka próbek kolorów
 Portuguese: Paleta de cor


 Dutch: Tab
 German: Tabulator
 Hungarian: Tabulátor
 French: Tabulation
 Polish: Tabulator
 Portuguese: Tab
 Dutch: Inhoudsopgave
 French: Table des matières
 German: Inhaltsverzeichnis
 Hungarian: Tartalomjegyzék
 Polish: Spis treści
 Portuguese: Tabela de conteúdos
  • Template
 Dutch: Sjabloon
 French: Modèle
 German: Vorlage
 Hungarian: Sablon
 Polish: Szablon
 Portuguese: Modelo
 Spanish: Plantilla
  • Text decoration
 German: Auszeichnungsart
 Hungarian: Szövegdíszítés
 Polish: Wyróżnienie tekstu
 Portuguese: Decoração de texto
 French: Chiffres elzéviriens
 German: Mediävalziffern, Minuskelziffern
 Italian: Numeri minuscoli
 Polish: Cyfry nautyczne
 Spanish: Cifras de estilo antiguo
 Dutch: Kleurenleer
 German: Farbenlehre
 Polish: Teoria koloru
 Portuguese: Teoria das cores
  • Thick space
 Hungarian: Vastag szóköz
 Polish: Trzeciak
  • Thin space
 Hungarian: Vékony szóköz
 Polish: spacja chuda
 French: Vignette
 German: Vorschaubild, Miniaturvorschau
 Hungarian: Bélyegkép
 Polish: Miniatura
 French: Tilde
 German: Tilde
 Hungarian: Hullámvonal
 Polish: Tylda
 Portuguese: Til
  • Top margin
 Dutch: Kopwit
 French: Marge du haut
 German: Kopfsteg
 Hungarian: Felső margó
 Italian: Margina di testa
 Portuguese: Margem superior
 Spanish: Margen de cabeza
 Dutch: Aanspatiëring
 French: Approche de groupe
 German: Spationierung, Laufweite
 Hungarian: Betűköz
 Polish: Odstępy międzyliterowe
 Portuguese: Espaçamento de caracteres
 French: Transparence
 German: Transparenz
 Hungarian: Átlátszóság
 Polish: Przezroczystość
 German: Überfüllung, Trapping
 Hungarian: Alátöltés
 Polish: Zalewka, nadlewka, podlewka, trapping
  • TrimBox
 German: Endformatrahmen, Trimbox
 Polish: Obszar przycięcia
  • Typeface see Font face


 German: Unterfarbenreduktion
 Hungarian: UCR
 Polish: UCR (usuwanie koloru neutralnego) 
 Portuguese: UCR (chamado de RSC no Scribus)
 Dutch: Umlaut
 French: Umlaut
 German: Umlaut
 Hungarian: Umlaut
 Polish: Umlaut
 Portuguese: Trema
  • Unit
 Dutch: Eenheid
 French: Unité
 German: Maßeinheit
 Hungarian: Egység
 Polish: Jednostka
 Portuguese: Unidade

V, W

 German: Webfarben
 Hungarian: Webtűrő színek
 Polish: Kolory dla internetu
 Portuguese: Cores de Internet
 Dutch: Weduwe, hoerenjong
 French: Veuve
 German: Hurenkind, Witwe
 Hungarian: Fattyú (sor)
 Polish: Bękart, wdowa
 Portuguese: Viúva
 Russian: висячая строка
 German: Wortzwischenraum, Ausschluß
 Hungarian: Szavak közötti térköz
  • Workspace
 Hungarian: Munkaterület
  • Wrap
 Dutch: Omloop
 German: Umbruch
 Hungarian: Tördelés
 Polish: Zawijanie (tekstu)
 Portuguese: Transpor ou mover

X, Y, Z

 Dutch: x-hoogte
 German: x-Höhe, Mittellänge
 Hungarian: x-magasság