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This article came about related to a question on Scribus List. The question was about creating a gradient strip that actually represented a series of colored rectangles with a small white space in between. Rather than creating a large number of rectangles, then minutely adjusting the color for each one (not an easy job, even with a script to help), there may be a much easier way, as seen here.

Aside from the ease of making this, it's also easily edited – changing the size of the strip, changing colors. This example was done using a single layer, but if you use two layers, it would be even more easily edited.

This was created by making a frame, creating a color gradient, then superimposing a series of 2-pt width white rectangles, using Multiple Duplicate to space them at 4 pt intervals.

These are screenshots from Scribus, so expect the final PDF to show a much smoother gradient.

First, the color strip:


Now the white rectangles, repeated:


Note: upper limit for Multiple Duplicate is 100 copies, so the process had to be repeated to finish.