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"Example Student"

Participant Information

GSoC 2008 Proposal

XML Editor

It could be practical to have an on/off toggle in the text editor between Wysiwyg and some kind of XML. One click you have the classical way to type text, Another one, formating disappear, XML tags appear like this :

-------------------------------------- <font name="Bistream Vera Sans MS" size="10"> blah blah blahalahb blah blah </font> <justify>blih blih blih blah blah</justify> <style name="paragraph"> ploplpoplpoplploplpo frudubulubruih :) </style> --------------------------------------

notice the difference between the (ugly) formating tags at the beginning, and the descriptive style tags, which then define the look of the text.

The ability to expose the internal XML for text objects might also be rather interesting for the Python interface. (ringerc)

The approaches of Inkscape and InDesign are worth looking at. (C schaefer)

I could choose between two different approaches here:

  1. Write an enhancement to the Story Editor to enable users to edit the XML content of text frames.
  2. Write an XML editor to edit the whole Scribus document (as Inkscape does with SVG)