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Scribus Friendly Printers

Once you have your masterpiece created, sometimes the next step is getting is your file commercially printed.

What defines a "Scribus Friendly Printer" ?

First and foremost the ability to handle PDF directly without conversion to other formats. Conversion for placement into other page layout applications is not recommended and may result in reduced print quality. Ideally, a printer can handle a Scribus file natively, but is not a necessity. The most important is the ability to handle correctly newer versions of PDF without further alteration.

This list is by no means comprehensive, but are printers who have been involved in developing Scribus and or have expressed a willingness to handle Scribus files natively or as PDF:

North America / Canada

Mardigrafe Based in Montreal - Capable of working with native Scribus files. Can work with English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish texts.

North America / USA

Cape Cod Ink based in Massachusetts. Can handle a range of printing needs including short run color print jobs. Can handle native Scribus files on request.

Europe / Germany and accept Scribus PDF natively. Before submitting any work, carefully read the requirements (like the 2mm boarder around the whole document that is required for boderless printing).

If you know of printers who should be added to this list, please mail admin at

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